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 Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)

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PostSubject: Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:00 am

How can USEP integrate Internet applications with existing applications and data?
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Agnes Galinato


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PostSubject: Integrate Internet Application In USEP   Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:15 am

Since the rise of Internet, countless application and software had been developed to assist the needs of people as well as giving business a new definition of processing. Because of its fast growth, its accessibility does not limit only to those who can afford it but even to those. Almost all individuals in the world know what “Internet” means.

Because of these applications, systems today are now very flexible and efficient in doing works in every possible areas. But what makes a system proficient is its ability to integrate beneficial functions into one. When talking about a University, it contains many different tasks and individuals to consider with. This is a proposal of how USEP can integrate application, this is also in connection with the prior topic on USEP having an Intranet and Extranet System.

I am thinking of a complete system that could handle all the processing in the University. From the staff to the students, starting in the pre-enrollment procedure to the current accounts of students.

System Proposal: University Integrated System (UIS)

1. Data Processing :
This part constitute of any data transaction. Showing information about the school and the possible business or contract. Any user can view data about enrollment, curriculum, history, MVO and other issues. It also include the data centralization of departments within the University. With this one general database, errors and delay could be avoided. This unified storage will include the accounting and the finance division, which handles mostly with monetary funds. Students can also view the schedule available for a certain course.

Internet Application:
  • it will include FTP or the File Transport Protocol, Multimedia application (flash and other apps), may also include video streaming for detailed information. E-mails for online submission of data.

2. Inter Department Link:
This will include the updates on every colleges in the University. It will include events, issues and topics that are reviewed or be taken later during the semester or school year.

Internet Application:
  • HTML application that includes images and video (if possible). Data transfer will also be applicable.

3. University Staff:
This will include the initiative of the University members and staff. Their Proposal and Extension Programs, will be posted as well as the reviews on the previous events.

Internet Application:

  • HTML application that includes images and video (if possible). Data transfer will also be applicable. E-mails and comment which is now gaining popularity in the net will be implemented to create dynamic audience within the University.

4. University Professor and Adviser:
Mostly configures the look and content of forums. Incorporated with events, schedule, timeline and news. With this, students will know the course of a certain professor.

Internet Application:
  • HTML application that includes images and video (if possible). Data transfer is also employed. E-mails and chat box will also be helpful. Looks and content is in line with how forums look. To promote the University’s system and Institutional Competency, an organizational e-mail will be one of the ways. Proposed: having the extension of @usepobrero.edu
    all staff and adviser should use this for transaction purposes.

5. Students Forum:
Includes and promote the voice of the students in the University. Contains interactive connection and communication. Links can also be added to personal blogs and other information (regarding schooling). Students can also encourage e-commerce within the university’s site. With this, students will be able to find resources that is available in the school.

Internet Application:
  • blog and a forum environment. E-mails and other communication will be included. File transfer within students will also be prevalent. This page can be group into colleges. Files and documents can also be uploaded and downloaded here.
    HTML application
    Multi media presentation
    just like E-bay processing and amazon.com

6. E- Learning and Online Test:
Contains some of the classes that could not be taken inside the classroom. Also comprise of quizzes and examinations.

Internet Application:
  • real time updates, database and networking
    HTML application
    multi media presentation
    Student conferencing, interactive communication

7. Outputs:
Here is where the students and other users can view important information, just like grades. Online Grading System was being proposed by many students and other staff but could not be fully implemented. Also contains the publication of the school, researches, articles and curriculum. All topics are also included for the articles and researches for better filtering.

Internet Application:
  • HTML application
    file transfer
    multimedia presentation
    communication via email and instant messaging
    search engine optimization

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regina e. abadilla


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Age : 28

PostSubject: Re: Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:52 pm

I guess most of the institution’s systems and transactions were done in the traditional way –manual; and we can’t dent the fact that USeP had been part of that count. However, as time goes by, the technology and organization’s approach changes its face from manual to stand-alone system (offline) to online with the use of internet. Internet had been the center of transaction nowadays, however, it is not that easy to shift or integrate the existing data into an online system. In this way, there would be so called- hybrid (integration of tradition and online system).

Most of the systems proposed and developed by the students utilize the power of networking. However, it is not practical in shifting from the traditional means, we would start from scratch - input all the data online one by one. It is nice idea if the existing files mostly stored as excel would be imported or uploaded online and converted into records into the database. It is good also if reports are not online-driven only, but instead printable to the users and even can be exported back into the usual means (excel).
In fact there is so many applications, such as [1] online administration between administration and faculty and students – online/networked memo dissemination is one of example application; we had tried to do this so before, such a nice concept. [2] Web forums – shifting the traditional way of learning from the 4 corners of the room to a virtual community, most of students call this as virtual learning. Most of the discussions can be done through threads and sharing of ideas would be more effective. [3] Online grade and advising – it is undeniable that enrollment is one of the most complicated system we have, through this system we could have more organize way in enrollment time. [4] Online quiz – this is one of the nice concept but one of its drawbacks is that students are prone to cheat with there colleagues. Online is a nice strategy to back-up files and even do the transactions, it can be access everywhere we are at anytime we want in the access control given to us. No wonder why our system changes its face into online.

In fact I was amazing with the system proposal of the lower years the integration of systems in the university through intranet.

@_agnes// hehehe maulaw man pud ta woie.. ghimuan jud ug diagram.^^ aw.. nice pud jud au xa ug concvept i guess.. mas marami png system that would make our school transactions and activities more efficient and accessible.^^
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Glayra P. Bustamante


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:35 pm

I guess Agnes has stated well a good integrated system proposal… Indeed with existing applications and data, we can integrate internet applications with them from which it can make the processes and information involved more presentable, organized and accessible to the users (employees, professors, students etc.).

Internet applications such as emails, instant messaging, search engine, electronic documents, multimedia and other electronic transactions can be used to incorporate existing applications and data in USeP with them.

- E-Mails, Web Forums, E-Groups
These can be good alternatives to traditional classroom wherein lessons and discussions are documented well and are accessible to any people in the virtual world. Indeed, there is a good number of classes in the university that engage in this kind of learning.

- Instant Messaging
This is the most convenient and quickest way to send messages to anyone when online. In fact, it can aid in rapid dissemination of information. Instead of informing persons manually like personal meeting with them, instant messaging can be a good option.

- Electronic Documents
As we all know, converting bulky paper documents to electronic documents is such a good way to reduce effort and cost. Paperless documents are easier to organized and more accurate.

- Multimedia Applications
These can add to the proper presentation and organization of information and data or documents. Video, audio and images are good supplements for information delivery.

When all of these internet applications are integrated, it can build up a really good system wherein one application is linked to another which contributes to the efficiency and productivity of the system as a whole. All processes and operations in the university will be hastened having these internet applications employed on them. The very good factor of this integration is that anyone can perceive and see the information flow of the system and they can participate well in any group discussions and or any activities wherein their inputs and involvement are greatly needed.

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Charmaine Joy Abrenica


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Age : 29

PostSubject: Assgt 7   Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:18 am

It is obvious that our university do transactions in the usual way which is manual which invites more negative comments by students, faculties and also with outside individuals that could have a business done with the university. There are already existing automated systems or applications being used into some transactions but there is still a negation present with regards to doing each of those processes. Integrating internet application with the existing applications and data being used by the university would totally take the way transactions are usually done a higher step. It would be really good if all of the transactions done inside or maybe outside the university would be applied in such a way like enrollment, paying all kinds of fees, open discussions between students themselves or important meetings by higher officials. We already have virtual forums that are being used by students and professors as one form of e-learning. There is also doing online quiz but it would be good if the university could have one that is really meant for our school only, in that way, doing long tests or exam online is not that far from doing actual ones like face-to-face. With all of this stated applications integrated into one, as an official use by the university, things could be simpler thinking that we could just go use a single application but with multiple purposes.
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Clenemae G. Galgao


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PostSubject: Assignment 7   Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:45 pm

There are numerous software applications that are existing and available nowadays and it is provided in any ways and in any kind of services. Many schools are engaging transaction through the use of existing application they have using the tool internet. Like enrollment transaction and paying of their tuition fees that can be done electronically. As far as we are concern in the society that we belong, our school, have many existing application and data processing which are functioning traditionally. And many transaction are done manually like enrollment from applying to take an examination, advising and registration of a students information. Also, consultation and evaluation of students’ grades. Other is E-learning provided by other instructor which they can reach their students electronically it might be done to not just a specific department but in the whole campus where students, faculty, and staff can easily reach with the used of internet and its application. Also, the online exams and quizzes provided by some of the instructor. All the possible application that can help aid the drawbacks coming from traditional and manual transaction are treated by online transaction that are emerging today by the society. Integration of the available application with the use of internet will make the school transaction easier and using their time with speed and availability.
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Miah Mae C. Bernaldo


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Age : 29
Location : Philippines

PostSubject: Re: Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:10 am

Integrating USeP's existing data with the use internet is i think will be a good way for usep to stand out with outher schools and to reach the universities goals. It's nice to know that the IC students this semester have submitted many different proposals which will integrate the university's procedures that i believe will help the Usep a lot.

From the proposed online systems that i am aware of right now submitted by the 4th year and 3rd year IC students, the systems i think that would really be helpful are the Online submission of grades (proposed by our classmates Regina and Glayra) and our Proposal which is Online Advising( proposed by me and Charmaine). if this applications will be combined, i think this will become more precise(hehhehe.. but don't know how to do it.. 'coz i have heard from the "experts" that this is more complicated.hehe..since we were just amatuer in creating programs like this).

The the proposal of the 3rd year Ic students, the systems that would be helpful i think are "online usep organization update" since this system will updates to the upcoming events in the university and this will also help the faculty and the administration specially when during meetings.

and also the "university eMap directory". this kind of system is an interactive system that the user will not only benefit but also enjoy from using it. I think this will be more helpful to freshmen and transferees who are new in Usep..(hehhe)
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Mark Van M. Buladaco


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Location : davao city

PostSubject: Re: Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Thu Feb 19, 2009 2:27 pm

Our university have still not totally embraces the present technologies with Internet applications. We have existing applications and data that should well be integrated. Instant messaging, emailing, e-groups, downloading and uploading of files, social networking and forums will be a successive application for integrating existing data.

When this applications be integrated for data processing, it can produce a better system whereas every application is being linked to one another. Thus, accessibility is a potent factor for the development of USEP's technological advancements.

In agnes system proposal, it talks about the over all integration for USEP's existing applications and data and I think it is best for the betterment and advancements of USEP's data processing..
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norma galua

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:46 am

Integrating into Internet applications provide a lot of advantages for any organization in terms of speed, accuracy and availability of service they provide to anyone having a transaction or doing business with them. Integrating it in USeP existing applications require a lot of modification and improvements as some of the USeP transaction process are done manually though there are already information system used and implemented with the university, say for instance the enrollment system. Based on observation, USeP information systems are not centralized, thus there are cases of reencoding of data that sometimes caused problems on the integrity of data entered. USeP system is such a big system, that’s why making it centralized really takes time to accomplish and require expertise. Based on Agnes proposal, it could be the way of integrating existing USeP applications into internet technologies. However, if the university requires a lot of modification in making its system centralized even in offline environment how much more in online or integrating it in WWW.

Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
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Anthony E. Catamora


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PostSubject: Assignment 7   Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:58 am

As the widespread of Internet usage sprang all over the world, schools, universities and colleges are engaged with using the Internet as it became an important medium in accessing an important information inside and outside the organization. In regards to this, USEP could be able to develop more its performance in providing education to the studentry and in giving the option to its workers or employess to ease its jobs and become more effective. Internet applications such as instant messaging, electronic mails, electronic documents, virtual forums, online groups, and many more are very important in taking progress to level of education in the university and in the information management.

With the USEP's existing applications and data, Internet applications must be first well organized, studied, and controlled as what it is needed. This proper integration must be headed by IT department and other authorized individuals. Internet applications must confront the needs of the existing applications and data to produce an active IT integration system in the school. This will help the University to become an ICT center in the country.
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julie ann niones


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Location : digos city

PostSubject: Re: Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)   Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:11 am

Between automating and manual-based operation everyone would probably choose the automated systems however, it isn't possible because there are times that manual procedure is needed. But however integrating the existing systems and data that could possibly maximized time and improve things then it would be good. Since we already had an existing enrollment system that contains all information why not utilized the existence of internet and convert it into a web-based system. With this, it would minimize the delays in enrollment and along with this is the online evaluation system. Since all the forms needed for enrollment are already available online and with this students living in a distant place could enroll online without hassle.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)   

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Assignment 7 (Due: before February 13, 2009, 13:00hrs)
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