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 Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)

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PostSubject: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:56 pm

Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, how do you see yourself 10 years from now, what are your strategies to get there? (at least 3000 words)
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davemar tabanyag

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PostSubject: partial-1   Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:41 pm

Although I can’t imagine the IT industry ten years from now since changes in the industry occur just right before I haven’t imagine it yet. I could see myself as an IT personnel working for a company where I use my expertise in the research of new hardware technology. Hardware products that are of great demand with revolutionary designs for the fast changing phase of the IT industry. To finish my degree would be the first step towards this great endeavor, although I personally think that I haven’t learned enough from schooling which I could use out there in the real world, my eyes have been opened and I was technically being introduced to the complex ways and means of the IT world. These things are basically the footing of my IT profession knowing the basic concepts of the Tools ( Hardware / Software) and the forces that drive them (Peopleware) is a great advantage. All of those bits and pieces of information I have encountered during schooling are bonuses to prepare me for the great task and responsibility ahead that I will be dealing. Things like programming techniques or even knowing how a certain programming language is used is a factor, although I may not be a hands-on programmer but knowing how to trace a source code is what really matters. Database systems are not new to me since together with my programming abilities I have bee exposed to the different concepts of database systems as well as the use of some database management systems such as MS Access and MySql which is a FOSS counterpart with these tools I have made some software tools that are substantial although not fully equipped with functionalities, I could say that they have given me the ability to be able to make some industry standard tools in the future. Of course these are not the only things that matter out there. There are also techniques that are being used in the industry to make efficient and seamless the software development tasks. Concepts such as Software Engineering and Systems analysis and designs complement each to make sure that software development is as Efficient as possible regarding costs, usability, applicability and such factors that contribute for a certain software product to be called perfect or if not close to.

hmmm ... you were absent last monday ... you missed 3 hours of lectures and my homily ..pls read and understand carefully the insturctions ...


Another thing that I have learned from schooling are the legalities that are involved in software. The course that I went through was the E-commerce Law which prepared me to set a consciousness towards the legality of ‘E’ related scenarios. Although the Philippine government seem to be un-oriented of some concerns of the E-commerce Law. I guess that’s enough of what I’ve had from schooling. So right after I graduate from the institution I plan on to have an entry level job which would be preferably something to do with systems administration. I do not wish to be the chief administrator but only the apprentice guy, this way I can learn more of systems administration which is a very critical field to be in if I am planning to build new systems in the future. With this Job on hand I plan to improve more my systems administration competency by attending seminars such as the LISA or the Linux Systems Administration seminars which are prepared by the Dabawegnu group here in davao these seminars provide walkthroughs to system administration skills which will probably boost up my knowledge in the field. Also being a part of a community of the same interests as mine is an important factor for an IT professional. Therefore by this time I have enough knowledge of the Linux Operating system which is a very versatile operating system that there are even cellphones that are powered by the Linux technology inside it. And that the system can fit in to small programmable chips which are the preferred components of today’s IT hardware manufacturers, the idea of having a miniscule yet robust in functionality hardware is the proffered hardware of the future. And the Linux system together the microchip technology is the way to do it. After this I plan to learn more about the field of programmable chips which is also very critical. I have known that some of the techniques n doing this work is to learn the assembly language which is a low level language made to communicate directly to hardware components such as microchips. Although this might seem obsolete nowadays I think I still have to learn this things to better grasps the concept of hardware programming. Seminars or self research might be the way to do this and also finding a mentor would be the most efficient way to learn quickly the important aspects of the field.

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angel mae brua


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PostSubject: ...worthy to be?!..   Thu Nov 27, 2008 10:16 pm

The greatest dream I want to achieve is to become an IT professional, someday. And I believe that it’s not only me dreaming of becoming one. But then, seeing me of that dream to come true is really a great achievement. More likely, a big satisfaction to myself.

During my pre-school years, as stated in one of my article in my blog, my ambition in life is becoming a nurse. I really don’t know what comes out from my mind that time. Since I’m still six years old that time, idolizing nurses and doctors are really in demand. I’m fond of watching eat bulaga, a noon time show in GMA-5. One of their segments is the “Little Miss Philippines”. And as the cute little girls would answer the question what would you like to be when you grow up? Mostly would answer of becoming a nurse or a doctor someday. Why? It is because they want to help little kids who are poor and can’t afford to go to the doctor for their check-up when they are sick. Isn’t it touching to hear it from a six year old cute little girl? Well, that maybe was my reason why did I want to become a nurse. Then years after, my ambition became a teacher. My grade 1 teacher taught us very well. In reading comprehensively and writing neatly and correctly. She taught us to spell, to count, to make friends with others, and most of all, to discipline ourselves. Every noon, all of us, me and my teacher, go to sleep together. Then in the afternoon, we play together. I really learned a lot from her. And idolizing her makes up my mind of becoming someone like her in the future. Since then, I learned to love teaching too. I’m fond of teaching my nephews and nieces who are younger than me, mostly, Mathematics and Spelling. Well, during those years, I do have higher grades in math. That was my forte. I don’t know what happened now. My dream of becoming a nurse lives through till my high school years. Though, comparing my grade school teachers and my high school teachers, I’ll prefer the grade school ones. But still, I do have a favorite teacher in high school. She was our 4th year physics teacher. She really does love teaching. And like our professor quoted to us last Monday, she lives to teach. We treated her as our adviser though she was not. It is because, she was the one giving us enthusiasm in teaching and encouraging us to graduate at the end of the year with honors. Unlike our adviser who always feels us down and useless. But unfortunately, she died due to her asthma month before our graduation. She did not witness us receiving our diplomas on which we really do think she will be proud of.

What happened? Why I ended up of becoming an IT student? So easy. Joke. During my 4th year in high school, the technology trend is really in demand. Meaning, becoming one of the future technologist is not one of my ambition. I did not even dream of becoming a scientist, technologist pa? But, studying in USeP is one of my dream on which it did came true. So hearing news and intrigues all around our place, I did try to be one of that lucky enrollee to be enrolled in this course. That was fortunately. When I was still freshmen student, those higher years are always threatening us. They always are telling us that we really do pick a wrong choice. Maybe yes. But now, it’s a big no! Dealing with this course is really a challenge for me. Especially during those years who I thought that quitting is the best way. But for me, quitting makes me a loser. And I don’t want to be called a loser on the path I chose. So what now? 4 years in IC and in USEP was a destiny. Maybe, I was destined to be here. Destined of suffering such sufferings. Joke. Now, as a third year, regular IT student, char, I’m decided to go my way. Pursue this tragic course, at first, is one of the greatest achievement a can have. Since, I suffered a lot from this course, what more can me happy? Of course, to see my parents happy as well. At last, their only daughter would graduate. And can pursue the dreams they want to have after being disappointed on my 2 elder brothers who got married at an early age.

So what’s next? After graduation, work. And what work that can be? Since this is still a dream, and there’s no bad thing about that, why not dream big. And that would be seeing me as an IT professional, who works in a prestigious company. The name would not matter as long as it is well known company. Maybe google or Microsoft. That would do. Hahahahaha. Dream big. Isn’t it? 10 years from now, maybe. And how do I see myself 10 years from now? Since my dream is to become an IT professional, maybe I’m working in my dream company. Since I defined myself worthy of it. Maybe, I have eyeglasses, working on a company with working fee enough or big enough for me and my family. Maybe at this moment, I’m doing my other sidelines, doing programs and research for big companies too. Or maybe, I’m at my house, doing those jobs I haven’t finished in work. Or maybe, I’m at overtime right now doing researches, design, presentation for the report the next day, or doing paper works. In other words, I’ll be working the whole through out. And what are my strategies on achieving those big plans on mine? First, I will strive even more on my studies. In my observation about myself for the past years, I really like planning and dreaming big. Actually, that’s not bad, isn’t it? The only bad thing about that is that I’m not doing anything. Like in my programming subjects, I always admire my regular classmate and my other classmates since they are good in programming. And I keep on telling them that programming is hard. Hard, hard, hard, and nothing to do because it’s hard. And I keep on depending on the teacher’s points of view and hand-outs. That’s what I observed to myself, until now. Then I told myself that they are good because they keep on practicing. I always keep depending on our laboratory class, not even practice it before the lab. Or even after lecture class for that case I will know how the programs run that way. And every time we do have machine problems, more likely, I practice and do it on my own, but if I can’t finished it on my first time, what pops out from my mind is that my other classmates already finished it. I’ll just copy it and change the variable names. Even in written quiz. If I’m not on the mood to study, I just tell myself that I’ll just sit beside to those who study the topic. Just finding it out that I’m not learning. Though, at first I am, but at the end, I’ll end up not even remembering what our lesson before. Like last semester, in our database 3. Though I did something, honestly, I still don’t know the other codes for it. Since that time, I promised to myself that I will study hard, even harder, as long as when my brain can function and how long as it can takes. Then I’ll practice more. I will not depend only on my teacher’s points of view. What I also observed is that I can stay longer in internet doing nothing rather than practicing what I have learned during the lesson. Other thing is that I will have time management. Every year, every semester, I always pass assignments on time. But then, before that, there was no enough sleep then cramming takes place. We always are doing that in our programming subjects. We always are doing that every last minute. And finding ourselves haggard the next day. Though, some of those programming subjects really need to be “puyatan” in tagalog. Then, as what I mentioned above, self reliance. We can’t always trust anybody, or somebody. We can always trust ourselves. And I believe in the saying, let man do his job, and God will do the rest. So if I just trust myself, do my best out of everything and in God’s will, I know I can survive anything. Then, do have confident. I do have self esteem at many times, but when pressure and fear comes my way, I’m becoming a negative thinker. I do have fighting spirit as well, but as what I said, fear really does over takes. Next, have focus. I always have hard time on self focus. Since there are lots of other things that enters our mind. That’s one of my main objective in life right now, “first things first!”.

At what I have written her, one thing is for sure, I’ll better change myself. Change for the best or worst. It depends on if I followed what I have written and planned or I just taken it for granted. I remember the homily of our professor last Monday, we planned to fail. Hope not. It’s just a threat to us that if we just keep on planning and not doing those we planned, maybe our professor was right, we just planned to fail. And remembering what he told us that it is not only me who failed, it is also our parents. And I really don’t want to fail my parents. After failing from my elder brothers, I don’t want to fail them for the last hope they have. Though I know that it would not happen just happen that easily, but at least, I didn’t failed them. And I will keep my promise of not failing them.

Dreaming big is like reaching for a distant star. But who knows, nothing is impossible in this world. Even Apollo 11 reaches the moon, who knows, I can also reach that distant star. Not only for me, but also for my family.

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Karren D. Adarna


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PostSubject: assignment 1   Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:02 pm

As a person with a right to have dreams and goals in life, I had already done this. There would be time when I’m alone then I will look myself in the mirror and I would start to wonder what I would be after ten years. Where will I work, what would be my job, who are with me, would I become effective and efficient in doing my job, and most importantly, would the job that I’m going to have connected to the course I studied for more that four years. I’m talking bout IT here. And I would begin to wonder if I will do the same thing with those I knew who finished BSIT and BSCS and worked as call center agents. Well there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, at least they had a job, majority of the graduates nowadays are just staying at their home and can’t find a job at all. My point is, call center and IT are two different things. I remember the word of one of my teachers when he gives a talk during freshmen orientation where he scolded us upon remembering that most of the students enrolled in our college, when asked what they would want to be after ten years, will answer that they want to become a call center agent. He continued his sermon telling us that we don’t need to let ourselves suffer in a four-year course and finish it after five or six years if our goal is just to work in call center. Even high school students can work in call centers if they are just good in communication. He encouraged us to have some bigger goals, to dream bigger and not just big. And now, I had to agree with everything he said.

Going back, when I was still considering what course I’m going to take in college, BSIT was never in the list of my choices. The result of my NSAT exam shows that I’m good in any business related course. But I am one of those many students who don’t know what they want and what they wanted to be. What’s in my mind is just to study in college. And honestly, I am disappointed with myself at that. Most of my friends wanted to take nursing and engineering course, the course I do not really consider for I know it’s expensive. Some wanted to take accountancy I considered it wasn’t bad; it was not a bad course to consider. So I’m beginning to let myself believe that I want to become a Certified Public Accountant someday. But things are not working the way I wanted it to be. Because of lack of money, my parents are not able to send me to private school; I mean a university that offers Bachelor of Science in Accountancy course and I ended up enrolling in USEP, well I’m not really upset with the idea. The problem is, I can’t think of any course that I like except accountancy. If there’s one thing that I know about myself that time, it’s the fact that I never wanted to teach so there’s no way that I will take education course. Well I’m good in reporting, they told me about that. In fact, in my school days, I used to a student-teacher during teacher’s week. What I don’t want is the idea the idea of becoming a teacher all my life. Of course that was before, when I was sill stupid. Now I’m beginning to see things differently. And to make the very long story shorter, I ended up taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. It is the only course available I think I’m going to like. Although I never really had an idea what the course is really all about. I am one of those idiots who took up IT thinking they can work in call centers after graduation and this is the only way to it. So you see, I never really had an idea what’s IT before I think I’m going to like it. But when I failed programming, I’m beginning to hate it. As years passed, I somehow learned to love my course and now I cannot imagine myself and what had I become if I didn’t took BSIT.

That was it. That’s how I ended up in IT. In the world of computers, brilliant minds, exceptional ideas, creativity and analysis. Now what always comes to my mind are the questions I mentioned above, where I’m going to work and would I become effective? As years passed, I can really say that I’ve learned a lot, I realized many things and discovered many new things. I dreamed of becoming CPA before, now I dreamed of becoming a systems analyst. See the change? It’s really funny I mean when you’d think of your life before, how you see things before and those decisions you make and are seemed so right an now you’re just sort of reminiscing it, you’ll really be amazed how things change quickly. Going back, I want to become a systems analyst, or an IT consultant, or software engineer, or any job of IT professional. I will work in a famous and big company, that’s what I really want. Sometimes, while I’m lying in my bed, I’ll begin to imagine myself working in that company, happy and earning money as well. It’s free to dream anyway, everybody has a right and is permitted to have some visions for himself. I also had mine and I will do everything with my power and help of God to attain that goal. There’s no way that I will allow to make it just a dream, I’m going to make it come true no matter what.

The question now is how am I going it to happen? I mean it what way, what will I do, how will I make it there? It’s not enough that I dream, I have to accompany it with a plan, a good plan, and implementation of that plan. I have to put some rules to follow so I won’t get lost. I have to discipline myself. A lot of people end up a failure because they are just good in making plans, in thinking, in dreaming, but is not doing anything to make it possible. And I’m not going to be like them. If God will guide and bless me, I’m going to do everything to make it come true. I have to create strategies, be creative about it and try to do beyond what I can do. I used to read some books that suggest ways on to achieve your dreams and mostly, they just express same thought. Don’t put limit on yourself. Decide. Be motivated. I think among the three, I have to believe that decision is the most important factor. In anything that we are going to do, decision-making is very important. If you are going to decide to attain a certain goal, then you can really have it. It all started with a decision and everything will just follow. That is the reason that from this very moment, I decided to and commit myself to do everything to achieve my goal so I can prove to myself that I am really something and not just nothing, not one of those many who are just good in planning but are failure in implementing. Of course I need the help and the will of God for this because no matter how I tried to do everything, if God is not with me, then I am still nothing.

Now that I made up a decision to attain the goal of working as a systems analyst or as an IT consultant in a big company, I have to set up an approach or steps so I can avail to reach it. First I think, I have to create a motivation for myself, some kind of inspiration, a reason so I will not give up. People who will inspire me and when I will think of them, I will found millions of reasons not to give up and pursue on my goal. And think, the best person who will suit for these criteria is my family. Yes, my family. They were always there for me even from the start. They cheer me up, they guide me, inspire me, support me, advise me, understand my weaknesses, willing to listen when I need someone to talk to. And I would think of them, I will really find millions of reasons to continue, I’m willing to do it for them even not for me. I cannot stand to fail them, I cannot even imagine if they will get disappointed because of me. I love my family so much that when I encounter hardships and trials that seemed unbearable and it’s seemed so good to give up, but when I remember my family and the sacrifices they’ve gone through for me, I will really get strength and find millions of reasons not to give. In my journey towards that goal, my family plays a very important rule. Maybe if not because of the, I had already give up. So my family is really my inspiration, my motivation, my all. When everything seemed going wrong and will cause me to stop, I will just think of my family, and nothing can stop me anymore. So you see, finding someone to motivate me is important and is one of my strategies to be able to attain my goal.

Another factor is my behavior, as what I’ve mention earlier, good planning is not enough if I will not accompany it with action. And for now, that is the very main problem I have seen in myself. I lacked it so much. I don’t know where I get this behavior, I’m not really like this before, and I’m so lazy. I mean, I’m so attached with my bed. I spend most of my time in a day lying in my bed doing nothing. That’s why I can really say that in my three years in college, I haven’t really given up my best. Maybe if I already had, my learning is far from what I have learned at this moment. This is my weakness and I think I have to improve or shall I say totally change myself and my attitude towards this thing. If I want my dreams and goals to come true, I have to get up of my bed and stay away from it as long as I can. It’s time for me to explore and discover the real world and do extraordinary things. Once attended my class in Management Information System and before the class had started; my gorgeous professor gave us some sort of sermon. He talked a lot of things and the words he said just strike me in. Our topic for that session is about strategic planning and he asked a question so simple yet no one is able to answer, he asked how we plan our life and future. All are speechless so he concluded that if that was the case, then we are all failures. And that hit me. I have come to realize that in my life as IT, I haven’t given all my best yet. All the information is available and I’m supposed to excel on my course right now, but I do not. And the reason is simple; as what I mentioned, I spend too much time lying on my bed and is too lazy to read. That’s really the problem that I’m seeing in myself, I am living my life with so much comfort that I ended up learning nothing yet I know that I could have gain more knowledge if I just plan wisely and get out of my bed more often. With the words of my professor, I was able to take a glimpse of my life style and I had to admit that he’s somehow right in my case, (I don’t know with my other classmates). I lacked enough planning of my future. Well I do have plans, let me rephrase it then; I lacked an action to fulfill my plans. Although I have set some goals to attain, I’m not doing my best for it to happen. The exact term used by our professor is “plan to failure”. Another way of saying that plans that are not implemented well bound to fail and there’s no use of planning if we will only fail in the end. The words of my teacher encouraged me to somehow make a little change on my attitude and how I deal my laziness. I decided to read habitually. I am inspired by the very words of Sir and had to agree with everything he said. Everything that I need is just around me and yet I take it for granted and do not utilize it. I hope I can manage to discipline myself and take these things seriously as I go on with my course. I am somehow aware that my knowledge is just a dot to what I should able to find out if I want to become successful. So one of the strategies I have to come up with is to really change my lifestyle.

Lastly, I should never forget to call on God for my guide. He is the most important above all and everything that is going to happen is in His hands, no matter what I do and how much effort I’m going to exert, even when I have the best plan and strategy the world has ever made, if God is not with me and if God will not allow it to happen, everything is useless. I am just wasting and I’m like a fool who is making self effort when everything will just fail because God will not allow it. Sometimes or most of the time, this is what we always forget, the presence and guide and blessing of God. It’s funny that we take Him for granted when we know that He’s everything we’ve got. Most our works failed because we do not ask and call God to be with us in everything we make, in every decision we make, in every day that we live. If that would be our attitude, then surely, we will never make it. Maybe some will make it through self-effort but still, without God around, things are bound to fail. So, in what way that I can be sure that God will help me and be with me through my journey in attaining my goal? Simple, Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”. Meaning, I have to please God first, do His way, follow His will and obey His commandments so that He will guide me and give me what I want. And I think discussing the things that could please and not please God needs another entry to talk about. What I mentioned are just the basic, it’s far more than that. For now, maybe it’s enough that I will decide to always delight myself in the Lord so that He will give and grant the desires of my heart and so that I will prosper in everything I do and at the same time happy.

It’s not really hard. I just have to decide to attain my goal and make it possible and follow my strategies so I can get there. As a recall, first I have to find an inspiration and motivation that will encourage me not to give when problems comes, and they are my family, my mother, father and one sister. Next I have to change my life style and attitude; I have to avoid my sleeping habit and my laziness. I have to explore and discover new things that reachable. It’s just a matter of changing my way of thinking. After all, I already decided to do this. I know I can make it. I have to believe in myself. And finally, I need God with me. I need His guide, His help, His support, His blessing and His presence so I can make it through. I have to do it now and have to start it now. I should not let a single moment to pass because every minute counts. I hope that as I go on my journey to achieve my goal of becoming a IT professional, God will help me, the people around will help me, my teachers as well will be used as instrument and finally, I hope that I will help myself. I have set some plans and ways how to attain these goals so that this time around, there would be no waste of time; so much time had been wasted. My family is my first inspiration and their presence is enough to encourage me to pursue. I also had to do this to prove my worth, that I can say to myself that I am able to attain these in my own if I just strive hard so I can brag to everyone that I am really something and not just nothing. The college where I enrolled is also a big help. It had helped in a way that I have learned how to acquire knowledge and information on my own and not to become totally dependent to what they will provide and share. The faculty taught us to stand on our own because we can learn a lot with our own. When we will be working with the real world someday, we had nothing to rely on except our own selves. I am sort of proud that I’m privileged.

Everyone has a right to dream. I am just like you and them. I hope that by the help God I will be able to accomplish all these things and the strategies I’ve set will serve its purpose.

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Jonard Laganson


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PostSubject: assignment1   Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:25 am

I see myself 10 years form now as a computer security administrator in a firm or company here in Davao. I will be in charged in the IT Department where my main task is to make sure that the files that the company is keeping will be secured from unwanted access and modifications. I will have my own computer business. Its services are mainly in computer repairs and assistance. My business will also be a retailer for genuine computer parts and software. Ten years from now, I also see myself as an advocate of environmental safety. I believe that it is not only the vital information that is worth securing but our environment as well. I know it is a long way but these goals will be closer to my reach if I consider these points.

“Be a Filipino.”

First of all, I choose not to be overseas like what my brother did. I come to realize from the present situation that our country is into that for once, we must also try to think for the betterment of all and not entirely for our selfish agendas. Our country needs you, she needs me, and she needs you. A lot of opportunities were offered to my brother to work abroad but he opted not to, believing that as our shelter and home, we must do our parting the development of the country that once has given us the stairs that we took to be on top.

“I am Security.”

For almost 4 years in practicing the information technology environment I have encountered a lot of security issues that gave me a lot of headaches. Just yesterday I had a hard time in making some pictures for my blog because a certain Trojan invaded my system and slowed it down. I browsed the internet and found the solution to my problem. I was satisfied in the sense that I got rid of my own problem, but I am worried about the worsening problem in terms of data security. Even skilled IT professionals are also addressing this problem and they are still continuing in building a concrete solution about this. I may not have enough knowledge at this moment to deliver concrete solutions that would eliminate these security errors, but I am learning new strategies to address to the problems everyday. And 10 years from now I see myself skillful enough, bounded with the experiences and boosted by my will to promote secure empowerment through information.

“The Root of All Evil”

The security threats that I am talking about are spreading worldwide even at this very moment. These includes hackers, with all their hacking tools and techniques , virus developers, with all their new and innovative ideas in infiltrating into a private system, key-generators and crack developers, with their unstoppable ways in accessing and using commercial software for free, and all entities that illegally and intentionally access, modify, or delete private information. I know that there is a lot of them and one little me. But sad for them, numbers do not count for me. Either ways we are still up in numbers. If there are millions of entities that do not respect security boundaries, there are up against us, about trillions of men struggling and supporting the move for a secure and safe file keeping and propagation.

“Where are the Stairs?”

I have found the first step and I’m giving my best to clear and satisfy my needs about this first step. And that is education. I have finished my grade school, high school and sooner or later college. Where are the other steps? I myself do not know where they are because in the first place, it is something that we are not supposed to find. It is something that we deserve through the struggle and motivated actions toward a certain goal. Where and what are the stairs going closer to our dreams depends entirely on what we are doing today. If you come to school just for fun and disregarded the real objective of school, you wick definitely find it harder to locate and go on to the steps. But if you will be motivated and inspired by the goal that you have set, the stairs towards it will be very visible and your directions will not take turns. It maybe a reality that there is no such thing as a road where you will never encounter hindrances, but at least from this very moment not only our eyes but also our heart is staring closing to one goal.

“Get to the Goal!”

Our professor shared that one’s goal must be unreachable. Why doe sit need to be unreachable? I come to realize that a goal must only be close to our reach because whether we like it or not, men do not know and practice the word “satisfaction”. We tend to find more and do more upon reaching or having something that we have wanted yesterday to the extent of giving ourselves wrong impressions and effects to the thing that surrounds us. And if the time will come that we reached what we have wanted for so long, we will eventually lose our direction. Where will we go next? What must we do? The point of having something so unreachable gives us all the motivation and inspiration to raise our energies towards the close achievement of that goal. In my part, my goal is to have the best solution in terms of file security problems. It may be in the form of legendary software, a secret book, or some models to illustrate the definite solution that would end every security problem in the Information Technology world.

“How will I Kick the Ball?”

Because of great planning, Hitler almost invade the world together with the Japanese, the twin towers rose so high above the sky and fell for only hours, the computers that once has only has a limit of kilobytes in term of memory is now in the line of creating memories in terabytes, and even our president escapes every impeachment efforts that the opposition is throwing at her because of definite and strict implementation of strategic plans. The point is, strategic planning is the key that opens all the doors, flats high rising mountains and connect vast continents and islands. Through strategic planning what we thought of that was impossible will turn into a reality maybe not as perfect as we all imagined but at least we are sticking to it close. Knowing the benefits of strategic planning, I am motivated to plan for myself as well. As I think of it I found this flow that my plan must follow and consider.

· Analyze and analyze more.

In this stage I will discover what my strengths and weaknesses are. These strengths refer to the things that would guide and help me to the way closer to my goal. These includes the different programming languages that I am already familiar with, the techniques and principles that that I have learned through the sharing of my professor, my classmates and my previous readings, the emotional powers and confidence that I have gained in school and in company visits, the support of my family and friends and other things that would lessen up my burdens upon traveling the road towards my goal. I also mentioned about the weaknesses. These weaknesses refer to the hindrances that I may encounter in getting nearer to my goals. These includes my inner limitations that deprives me in doing my best at any task, the experiences that I lack considering that I am still considered new to the IT environment, the limited facilities and tools that our institute is offering. These also scope the distractions that I may encounter in the road towards close to my goal. And as I realized from our class sharing these factors could be internal or external. The external aspects refer to the environmental hindrances that will come while the internal hindrances point to the things that are concentrated mainly on me.

· Theory fury!

At this point I will develop or give possible solutions to my weaknesses and improvements to maximize my strengths. First, to reply to my personal limitations, I will do my best to improve my social skills by extending my inclination to other classmates and students in the institute. This will not only give me confidence in dealing with others. But ita will also allow me to know myself more and make necessary adjustments through the points and observations that they could observe in me. On the other hand, if we point our attention to my weakness in experience, I know that in due time, I will be able to gather more than enough by inclining myself with IT works and practices. I will also give importance to every talk in seminars and conventions that I will be attending in the future. I will write down notes and keep it for reference purposes. Come to think of it, I have attended a lot of seminars in connection with my desired profession but sad to say I did not get a lot of information that is expected for me to have after the lectures. I can not bring those times back but I can sure broaden up my mind this time and be open to ideas and other inputs from experienced IT professionals. While in connection to the problems concerning with the limited facilities that our institute could offer. I really can not do something that big to address to this problem but then again, our soon to be proposed Information Strategic Plan for the Institute of Computing could give it some improvement and give supported solution to our problems. To address to this situation, I would participate in the development of our strategic plan. On the other hand, distractions will be permanent along the way, but in the end I will be the one to decide whether to be influenced by these distractions. This is a concern in time management. I will exert all the efforts needed to balance my school and other less prioritized activities.

· Be specific.

In any plan, you must be specific. In order to solve the big problem one must break the problems into smaller pieces an solve them one by one. By giving small solutions to the pieces of problems, one can integrate these fragments of solution to form the big answer to the big problem that was addressed. So to make my strategic plan specific and simple, I will divide the things that I must do into time frames and give them specifications. The numbers 1st, 2nd and so on refers to the number of years after the present and the priorities of these activities depend on their order in the listing. Here is the plan structure that I have come up.

1st Year: Things to Accomplish

1) Graduate in the Institute of Computing

· Be able to join in seminars and symposiums that is related to our environment.
· Have enough experience in the Information Technology world
· Increase my confidence and develop my emotional powers and motivations
· Gather notes and learning from the sharing of our professors and classmates

2) Continue with my current business at home where I offer computer services.

3) Find opportunities here in Davao by gathering information through my sources and accessing through the internet.

2nd Year: Things to Accomplish

1) Grab the opportunities that I have found from the past year.

2) Continue in developing my skills through seminars and information gathering.

3) Continue in improving my social skills.
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PostSubject: assignment 1 continuation   Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:26 am

4) Improve my business through the earnings that I could have from my present work.

3rd Year: Things to Accomplish

1) Continue in gathering information and experience from my work and do some researches in improving my skill as an IT professional

2) Continue in communicating with IT friends and co-workers for important input and moral support.

3) Extend by business; cater more services, include purchase of computer parts and software and trading

4th Year: Things to Accomplish

1) Continue gathering experience and information about the IT world and it’s latest trends

· Focus on advance computer security
· Start developing concepts and techniques of my own

2) Continue in interrelating with the IT society

3) Continue in improving my business services

5th Year: Things to Accomplish (Same Accomplishments in the 4th)

10th Year: Things to Accomplish

1) Be a master in computer security and continue in studying new trends in security threats.

· Share my knowledge to beginners and give them inspiration and motivation through my works.
· Write books and documentations about security techniques.

2) Expand my business throughout Davao, employ and train staffs for every branch and help in the improvement of computer hardware availability here in Davao.

3) Develop software that would cater a complete security service and offer it for free. It will be accessible to anyone because all of us have the need for privacy. I also see it, that because of my work, a lot of wasted computer talents will be utilized and be used for the development of the IT world.

· Take the best.

After I got all the possible solution to my problem, I will get the best solution that would fit to it. Why take the best? Why not implement all possible solutions? This situation is entirely related to focus. We need to have the best solution in order to focus ourselves in one solution. In every map, there will always be one last destination. By taking the best out of the possible solutions, I could look and be guided by a single entity, thus giving it a lesser chance that I will be mislead to other paths.

“Kick it now!”

The plan that I have made above may be subjected to changes and other editing because as we all know change is the only thing that is constant in this world. As to when will I implement this plan, the answer would be now. I am still on the point of discovering my strengths and weaknesses and at the same time gathering experience and inputs from sources about the theories and principles that is beneath the Information Technology system. I know that no matter how good a plan maybe, there will be no chance for it to give great results if in the first place it will not be implemented. I will exert every effort that is needed to correspond to the plan that I have made. I will make sure that my milestones in each year will be reached and that failures will be lessen. Or if a milestone will not be accomplished I will make it a habit to ponder on my lapses and the reasons behind my failure in order to make these failures a learning ground. Through bad or good experiences I can mold myself into an adaptive system that is ready for any changes depending on the situation given upon.

“Don’t Just Wait, Anticipate.”

Anticipation is the key factor in defensive basketball. If you have the ability to anticipate and opponent’s move, it will be easy for you to steal the ball and make your way through their tight defenses. The same is true with regards in solving the problems and hindrances that may come in my way as I struggle towards being closer to my goal. I will try to learn to anticipate the things that may arise in the near future. Through anticipation, I could get myself ready in facing future obstacles. I will also have the confidence in every day, knowing that I am ready for anything that would possibly happen in that day, whether good or bad. The key to anticipation is that you must know the enemy. In order to respond to an opponents move, you must discover in the first place, what are his moves? In this situation, what move is he likely to use? This fact is true in anticipating the problems to come. I know that a lot of hindrances will barrage me upon getting closer to my goal. And as I anticipate it, it could be in the form of worldly temptations, viruses and Trojans that are not easy to deal with and others. As I anticipated about them, I am also thinking of great ways to solve these predicted problems to be ready in the future.

“Consider them.”

No one could live alone in this world. Through the bonds that we share among the people around us, we tend to be more confident in dealing with problems and make solutions to address to them. This situation is not only applicable to the people with the same interest like mine. I could also learn important things from others in terms of working habits, values and other emotional and technical skills that is not clearly visible in the Information System Environment. I also would like to emphasize that I am not only considering the people around me but the environment as well. In the process of pursuing my goals, I too have the responsibility to bear in mind that our environment must not be overlooked in the process. And in fact, I am a supporter to the Green Campus Computing campaign that that our institute is promoting. I will share this concept to my friends and spread the news to the people that has little knowledge about the threats of technology in our environment. With regards to my business, I will make sure that if in the near future I will be involved in computer hardware circulation, I will make sure that broken or unwanted hardware will be disposed properly and that in every decision that I may take, a part of the weight will come from helping in the conservation of our nature.

“Ask for Guidance”

For me every plan that is according to His will be a success. There may be a point in time that the plans and strategies that I have made in order to be closer to my goal will fail. Who will I ask for guidance? We’ll, He is the answer. Despite the busy schedule and overflowing activities, in the end, we must ask guidance from Him. Because I believe that no matter how good and properly supported your plans are, if He thinks of it as something that must not be, it will never be. I believe in Him, that if failure is for me today, there is a greater victory that He is planning for me in the near future.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:32 am

Believing that I may be worthy to be called as an IT professional, I can see in the near future that I may be productive and successful in my career. Doing great and achieving satisfying work for myself, it may bring a little impact with the current IT industry today as I plan to improve the state of our IT industry through working in the local government. I can perceive that in the near future as an IT professional, I can provide little help and assistance in improving the IT industry here in our city, or maybe in our country. Initially, my motivation was only to work and satisfy my family through achieving great accomplishments in my job and profession so I can not really say that I can be an important factor in bringing the IT industry to light in the future. I do not have plans to excel above other IT professionals nor produce a breakthrough in the IT world by undergoing researches and developments aimed to improve the current state of IT. I can only say this because my interests lay not in the functionalities and developments of IT itself but the impact and the things it may bring to the people and its environment. I can only perceive a successful IT professional as one who is having great time in his/her profession and providing help, even it is little or big, in improving the IT industry. I think that an IT professional is practicing his/her profession effectively while educating and sharing his/her knowledge and experiences as an IT professional to others with the intention of cultivating better IT professionals in the future. I think that you do not need to produce a huge impact to the IT industry in order to call yourself as an IT professional and devote your life’s work for the good of IT. I believe that being a successful IT professional also means being successful as an individual living in this world while exercising his/her profession as an IT professional.

With my perception of myself being worthy of as an IT professional, I can also perceive that getting to be so worthy and successful to be called as an IT professional is not a walk in the park. It would be a path that even though the end is clearly visible, it would be not visible if not for the many obstacles and hindrances that also make up most of the path. In other words, it is not a vision that can be easily imagined without also thinking that it would be difficult and kind of unreachable as of the moment of my current life. Currently, as a student that already went through some hardships in the almost four (4) years of studying in a university, do not possess the necessary qualification and things that could make the pathway to professionalism a smooth and straight path. Although I am convinced that I am really lacking things in many ways, I am also convinced that I can achieve the end of that path. As with the strategies that I can conjure in my mind at the moment regarding with shaping myself into achieving that ideal, I can only think of simple and basic ones.

They say that you have to work harder even after a fall and that is the only way to achieve a fulfillment of a great accomplishment. To do this, you must have a goal or a dream, which you have fastened in your mind and heart as the motivation before actually going to the stage to play. In reference to me, currently I do not possess this primary requirement, which may be the cause of the many unsatisfactory performance and inevitable failures. With this in mind, the strategy I can come up with is this: in the upcoming time that I am still studying in the university specializing in this industry, I must develop an attitude, moreover shape my character that would be necessary in accomplishing and achieving the ideal of a successful IT professional that I may or may not perceive suitably in the future. Other strategies that are also required to be fulfilled in order to walk in the path I perceived earlier comes after the latter mentioned strategy as it will take the role as the root that would cause branches to reach out and only with the cooperative effort of that branches will only bring the tree to finally produce a fruit.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:31 pm

Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, how do you see yourself 10 years from now, what are your strategies to get there?

Every one of us thinks what would be our career after graduating college. My reason why I study in college is only to have a college diploma to make my parents proud of me, an educational attainment for my future work in order to have greater chances of winning a certain work. I observed nowadays many of college graduates are not into practice their courses. Many IT graduates often work in the call centers but that’s not their course all about. Maybe it is still dealing with IT, because it is working with information, but what they are thinking earning money. Most of people don’t have works in their field, maybe they don’t suit with the career they have, maybe it’s hard to find job or the career they have is not that in demand. But IT, I think the course I have chosen will give me a lot of opportunities to get a better job, maybe this one will make me rich someday. But it takes time, it needs strategies, it needs knowledge. Now I realize, being a successful one in the future cannot be predict or be seen while your still studying. Lot of people does well in their school life, but when they have graduated they don’t have strategies to get a nice job. Like our neighbor who was a Mechanical Engineer and only turn out as a charcoal maker, he did not used his education as his career in life maybe that is what he wants to happen in his life. While there are people that is not that good during their college life but got a very nice job when they have graduated, and I hope I am one of them. So I can say it just depend with your strategies in life, on how you handle things to make a good reflection to you. There are also many accounting graduates often work as cashier in malls and establishments. I don’t know what the reason behind those wrong career choices. But one thing for sure others think that maybe those are their stepping stone to achieve their goals in life. I think education is the basis on how people treat you in the community. People will respect you if you have achieved college and have graduated. During my elementary I have dream to become an engineer because I think people will adore me and be proud since I have reach the profession as an engineer. During my high school years I have dream to become a policewoman why? Because one of my uncle is a policeman, I think police profession will make me a strong woman and being respected by others as I wanted to be respected. This is one of the major careers that come up in my mind, when I am about to graduate high school. But unfortunately I don’t enroll in the courses that I have dream since my elementary and high school days.

It was April of the year 2005 when I take my entrance examination in USEP Mintal because USEP Obrero entrance examination was closed that time. The thing that comes in my mind that time is when I did not pass the exam I will no longer studying college. But luckily I have passed the examination the first course I write in the paper is ECE and second choice it the IT. But I have decided to take IT as my course because there is no summer class like in engineering. I have my summer job in order to gain money and that money will be paid in my fees in school. It was the first semester of my year in college when people ask me what is my course I said that I am an Information Technology student. They always say “Good Luck. Mo shift japun ka.” And I answer the with “sige lang ilhan bitaw na kung mo shift. heheheh”. That time I begun to think that I should go with my course or shift? That one question I ask in myself. Many of my classmates have shift into other course. But I have decided that since I choose this career I must graduate with this profession. And I have confidence that I can get a nice job after college, because as I can see almost all of the companies even plants are using advance technology, even the control system of plants are now being controlled by computers so I think its not hard for me to find a better job. And what I have in mind if luckily ill graduate soon ill apply work even it don’t have that big salary, all I want is just I can practice my skills and be ready for the big events that may come to my life. There are many opportunities if you only have the strategies. Strategy is the best key to have a good and profitable job. Strategy, it includes your moral manners, they say, a brain with a heart do nice things. I am not too worried about my grades because I think I can be better in applications than theory. Like what others says, you will learn many things in your work that haven’t teach in college.

I think I can call myself as an IT professional if I already achieve my goals, my aims before choosing this profession. I can call myself as and IT professional if I’m earning money with my career as an Information Technology Analyst, as a Computer Programmer, as a Software Engineer, as a Systems Administrator, as a Web Designer, as a Web Developer, as a Webmaster, as a Maintenance Technician, as a Network Administrator, as a Database Administrator. If I can do works what a professional can do. I can do my works without any help from others like creating unique programs, creating a new programming language. And even say if those other professional that they clap their hand because of the work well done. But as for now it’s hard for me to do all those things since I am still a student. A student needs help from others in order to make my assignments and projects. A student needs advice from superiors like instructors and even in my parents and family. A student needs financially help from my parents too. Without them I cannot even go to school since they gave me money everyday in order to reach the school. But I am not just a student but a student with a course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student doing al my best to finish my course with all the knowledge, with all the leanings and with nice grades, to become a professional IT someday. And I think becoming a professional one takes a lot of challenges, in other courses they take examinations and have to pass a very broad thesis book related to their field. Maybe I can face all that challenges soon if I already have the guts. Also, I can call myself as a professional one if I can already share my learning and knowledge about my course, if I am able to teach other people base on my career, or just simply to say to be an instructor someday, like my instructors, I can call them as a professional one, or they are really professionals, that’s why they are called professors. And who knows? I become one of them someday, but still needs lot of strategies.

Maybe I can be a professional IT 5 or 10 years from now, 10 years from now is a very long term. Lot of things may happen, maybe I have lot of children at that time, but lets talk that as if I am already a professional information technologist at that time, with a happy family, lot of money or just say a millionaire because of my career. Maybe a famous programmer, where I am just sitting in front of my personal computer, no, not a personal computer anymore but a laptop. I’m sure I have a lot of laptops a that time, which I don’t even have one right now, just sitting, waiting for the money as a payment for my work. Maybe I become an analyst, but I prefer myself to work in other countries cause they are more advance in terms of technology. I want to learn more and lot of things related with my profession which I can’t get in staying in our country. As I have said, I also see myself as an IT instructor someday, a terror one, maybe I have a straight hair if that time comes. And ill teach my students very well like what our instructor did to us.But of course before I can take my big step in that wonderful future. I must begin it with a small step this small step makes the big step achievable. I should have my own and personal strategies in order to achieve my goals in life. It started when I think what course and career I should take. As for know my simple strategy are studying , eating nutritious foods, surfing the net and gathered information that are related to my studies, sleeping well and of course practicing my profession. Maybe after graduating college I will find a job and that job will be my stepping stone to achieve what I want to be. Maybe when I graduate, that’s the time where I should make a very wise strategy. I think my first step is finding a wonderful and course related job. I am applying as many companies as I can, of course related to my career. My aim with that is to train myself and to be exposed to the current technology.

So I can say, as a summary to my long story, in order for you to get that word professional stick with your name, you must face all the challenges, the you must face time. And of course the key word, “strategy” you must learn these word, or I must learn more with these word. I must practice myself, practice my skills, all skills, specially English speaking and writing skill, in this profession I should be literate enough to face those they called big boss, because I can’t use my dialect, my bisayan dialect in communicating with the persons within my field. It takes time to be a successful, professional IT so I’ll use that time wisely and rightly.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:04 pm

Being professional 10 years from now is not quite imaginable though I'm still a student and this is my 4th year staying in USeP but I'm still running my one last year in school hoping that I can graduate in my fifth year in studying. To shot in the star is grasping my dream that is like setting my vision in life though I'm not yet aware of what my dream really is, I was inspired one time upon hearing the voice from heavens when the great father of IC in USeP had shared his homilies of sermons. As I was listening in his words I've realize the value of life. PLAN was the one of those words that strongly penetrate to our coconut shell though planning is not my cup of tea, because I live everyday with accordance to what must happened everyday, upon hearing his voice I was stun for a moment and think of the word that was coming in his mouth, suddenly the next item that pops up in his mouth was VISION. It was quite confusing at first to imagine what vision really is, maybe because vision doesn't clear within me. As I look back in the past and think of those things of what made me in this stage as far as I concern I don't know if is it really my plan to study in this campus and being one of those professional IT someday or maybe because I'm up to something, something that is practical and common to other teenage colleagues. Graduating in degree course maybe one of those only reasons that pursue me on this quest. As time runs down I'm wondering why do I keep sitting in this class. Suddenly, it eventually clear to my mind upon hearing his third word, it strongly strikes me back at my feet on the floor and hold my sit down. MISSION, the word that prolongs to my ear for a minute and as I listen it quietly, I look at my professor eyes it was sharp and thin grim, I thought that he can read my mind. I stared blank with his eyes without knowing that I was easily absorbing his lecture to my head like a breath to my nose and life to my lungs. Mission a trail to my dream, it was the time that it clear to my perception that I was denying the fact that even I was 20 years of age here on earth the vision and mission had not plan for my entire existence. I was amaze and get stock with his homilies I was excited to hear his word after word that will pop to his mouth. Trailing his sermons with attentive listening, comes his last word. GOAL, it was now simply arranging the puzzle in my brain like a jigsaw puzzle having completed one by one. The wall of idealism (living my day of what would happened day after day) had collapse like a London bridge that fall. This was the time that I realize that I was fallen in the magnificent lecture of our professor like magician pulls its new trick on his hat. I could not deny that I’m getting interested more on these homilies because it’s like a spoon and fork to my future and dream that cater to my food of existence. The sermons that had said upon our professor were the key to enlightenment for each one of us I think I can’t probably thank enough for the mystery of words that reveal to us. It’s crystal clear now to my coconut shell to have this vision in life with tracks of mission I can set up goals in my plan. This might confusing for readers to depict this paragraph, but reasonably it motivated me a lot of those sermons I had endure. A Hilary Step I could say, that brought me gradient from dark to light the lecture gave me so bright ideas that even I myself cant imagine the future before but now hope its not to late to dream the impossible dream to fight the undefeatable fought of life. To recoil of what I had explain later I remember one time in his homilies he said “why do we need to plan? and who are those people that often used plan?”, he straightly stand up and talk vigorously; MILITARY was the key for the answer of those all questions. It was like a turning point to my consciousness because I realizes why do military need to plan on every operations they operate. The next answer was open when he said, “because in every operations on military they encounter, they're life is always at risk and to eliminate chance's of errors plan must be consider the best solution for every move they'll step”. Upon retrieving the phrase that he mentioned earlier fun and challenge of excitement rush through the veins inside of me. I was challenge over my shadow of pride to try and test this new thing of perspective in life and live with accordance of plan. I reminisce the past of my days in staying in USeP the existence of my college that I was denying over the fact that while I'm sitting down the class listening to our professor that I was studying only for the sake of graduating.

IT professional bold to imagine and the fact that I'm still a student taking Bachelor of Science and Information Technology, someday I'll maybe one of those IT professionals to look it straightly in the future is really a big task for me. Being a professional carries a lot of expectations about who you are, people often see you on a high degree level, some of them might think you can do much better than non-graduate or vocational graduate course. The name that you'll be carrying must be worthy for every work that you strive and it is always a great challenge to every individual who is carrying the name professional. For me being a professional someday is another business where in to that position is a whole lot of different technical angles of transactions and aspect must notice. I'm hoping that I'll be able to work with big companies with powerful people and equip with the right gift of knowledge and be globally competitive as what had USeP mission itself. Also can join the passion of life in genre and be able to live in High-Life yet practical. Dreaming those expectations is so hard to grasp but with right competencies and goals in life this will be a piece of cake that can be achievable in next picture. The world of professionals are quite amazing that imperfection is unacceptable to be specific, but to be more preferable of the path that I had started as being IT student right now and soon will be a IT professional this would take a long drift to road of nowhere because when you speak of IT it would involves everything around the sun 24/7 for information never stop with technology continue to roll itself. Talking as IT professional not only means of pointing a thread on a needle but it is a dynamic world which your skills will be develop according to your decision and the path you have chosen. It only implies a lot of effort being one of those IT professional it must equip a professionalism in work, ethics, environment, and everything. Idealistic, is unethical for IT on me, because it must be dynamic and broad. The root of its crop not only stop in Software Engineering or in System Analysis or a programmer or other specific project system making or a researcher. Life is a long journey and experiencing those unexplored things is challenging for every individual to stand up, because when you push yourself to limitation that is the only thing you can see things act, with accordance to nature.

Strategical Planning will be my bet not only for 10 years but for the series as long as I lived and this will be my main ace in life. Planning everyday is a great challenge for me because you can't expect things to happened in your will. Simply putting aside those things that must not be considerable will be eliminated for time ticks only for once in a lifetime. Decomposing things that must be done in daily, will be prioritize for each task of demand to be done. I know this will be a great challenge for this time but it will be better to start it now when things are still on its ripe cycle. Changing my daily lives with accordance to what must happened appropriately will be a new round on the battle ground, it will challenge my pride as being a stubborn and as a computer game addict today. However, the call of my future and life had demanded more as I heard before the sermons of our professor it was great EMP shock wave to my head, that even I was a hard headed, I was chill over bones that this future lies upon my hand and this might be a couple of days here soon. My plan will refer on every short period of time and my long term goal will be based on the capability I can acquire to improve better and learn more further to reach my limitations and set my another milestone. Strategically in layman's word I'll will used everything resources needed for me to improve, if I will need to go back to school I will tend to retreat my school days if needed. Though information is all around all you do is click the tip of your mouse and wall of knowledge is all yours. If seminars and affiliation on my field is on call I will grasp anything for me to satisfy the hunger in depth within me. Because now I'm starve of information not only because the power it gave but the knowledge it will provide for my vision to be real and mission to accomplish and goal to be started.

Living a life in the world of Information Technology might brought me a big impact in my personal intuition that will change my views to reality because of its bold boarder line and unlimited capabilities. To dream big is like a lottery draw the bigger you dream the more chances of winning it, if your mission is align to your vision and your goal is motivated to work with your plan, then this will not be hindrance to success of your dreams. To thank our professor for the motivational homilies he had share, It enlighten me for many reasons of life and this change a whole new ground entire me from within or without. I can be able more to comprehend much better the vision and trails to my future to see it clearly now within this stage. It is quite hard to imagine yet with taught of words right now to simply be one of the leading IT people who stand under the banner of Davao to promote its IT industry in Davao and be a leading corporate in the Philippines that will represent the nation for global competition in terms on IT skills and research. And I will prove to the whole world that here in Davao is the new Jerusalem in terms of technological competencies. However, in behalf of those technology that exists in this world today, I'll still promote the Green Computing and Green Life which I will pay much more attention on the nature side effect for everything we had borrow to our own mother earth. This ambition is only a part of my mission 10 years from now and this is only a half way to go in my dreams. And those visions are keep growing everyday as what my palm is obtaining right now, and knowledge that is always hunger for information inflame with my dreams of being a IT PROFESSIONAL one day!...cheers

Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:22 pm

Honestly, it’s so hard for me to think on the many possible ways on how will I start my 3000 words in planning or rather be said foreseeing my future career and my future whereabouts ten years from now. Long term planning is not my usual habit. I do most likely short term planning, a day to day planning. Before I go to school I planned on what to wear, what to say, what to act in front of my friends… Hehe (am I supposed to do that? Haha... I don’t think so). I do mostly planned on how and where to allocate my weekly budget… for food, print outs, paperwork and etc. and most likely I do plan on finishing my sweet agony in this university (I don’t mean it that much). But planning where will I be ten years from now? Hmm… it’s quite unusual.

To think of it, it is quite a long journey to take before that year to come and to be honest I can’t imagine how old I am at that point in time, 30? (I don’t think I’m that old enough to be called as grandmother… am I..? hehe) will I still be lucky enough to still be breathing at that time? What could have the world look like in 2018? Will there be flying motorcycle? Will there be flying highways? (so absurd, but still it confuses me a lot) so many questions that are destined to be answered 10 years from now. How about me? Am I flying also? (oh I wish Edward Cullen will be there to let me do the “superwoman” thing.. hehe) . Am I heading to where I must go? Am I taking the rightful initial steps right now to be on that place where I want to be? Am I planning my road getting there? Am I not lost now? Questions on my mind, craving for answers.
“Forever begins now”, a three-word quote yet it marveled my curiosity, will it take forever for me to find the answers to the millions of questions I have in mind? Though I know for a fact that it may take longer for me to figure out what will I be in the future life, I am still confident enough that I have started my long voyage of unending search for answers long time ago. Will I have to tell you the story? I think I should… in here you’ll know how everything started…

Once upon a time…

When I had graduated my secondary education, even before I have planned or rather be said dreamed to become a CPA Lawyer. Well then, I even managed to read and enthusiastically understood everything about the bylaws of this country… Philippines. I love reading books, anything that caught my interest will surely do to me, and nothing in particular is my favorite. But, everything changes when by chance or by luck I happen to pass the entrance examination in the institution where I am now... University Of Southeastern Philippines. It was then at that time that the cursed has started. And suddenly everything that was supposed to happen and was not expected to happen changes everything about me. The detour of my life was unfolded. And without a blink of an eye I was then a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student of this prestigious and well admired school that was when my new life started, a life that I had never imagined nor thought of ever. I don’t know what was on my mind why I took up this course, or rather chose this university (well the very low tuition fee plus the name of the school… its inviting) was it just a dictation of somebody? or maybe I was just some kind of a fool at that time (JOKE!) ? Questions left unanswered not until when I had this chance of reading a school brochure of a school in our place in Digos , place on it the different career opportunities that are offered for the several courses they are offering, and well of course I bumped up browsing what would be the possible career as an IT graduate will I be? Among the several opportunities that were mentioned I was or rather it caught my wild interest on the two words that were laid on that page: Systems Analyst. At that very point in time I then knew at that time it was my calling. I just don’t know but it just happen I then had this not so very ordinary courage of thoughts that somehow I am walking through the right path.
Systems Analyst, before (even until now) sounded so very good to me eventhough I don’t have the slightest idea how will the job look like, how will the work works. It sounded like a career belonging to the elite society a career for great minds. I may have sound so ambitious but I still will shout what my heart really fells and want. As soon to be IT professional I’m focusing unto the light I have built on years ago, the light that will continually be lighted as long as my courage and dedication will not fade away (I’m starting to be so dramatic this time) . How will I get there? Do I have to bring sword and shield with me in fighting the many possible encounters in the future? If I do… is my sword sharpened enough to kill monstrous challenges?

Well, I am so glad right now knowing that I have Systems Analysis and Design subject , it does quite help me a lot in giving me so much courage in opening my mind in delving on the realm of the world of Systems Analyst. As has been discussed in our class and was clearly defined, System Analyst is a business professional who uses analysis and design techniques to solve business problems using Information Technology. Analysis and Design techniques? What is it? Systems analysis is the process of understanding and specifying in detail what the information system should accomplish while systems design is the process of specifying in detail how the many components of the information systems should be physically implemented. So, that’s it!? How about Business Professional? I’m taking Information Technology not any business management course, do I really have or need to become a business professional? Do I have to shift course? (Too late for that!) Yes and No, business professional in a way that somehow the analyst must have to be knowledgeable enough on the many complexities of the business industry and no because one does not need to take a four-year course in order to understand the basics about the business industry. In the business society in today’s era it is very crucial or rather should I say very important to apply information system in order to attain a much more effective system. So what is a system? What is an information system? According to the reference book that we are using in our Systems Analysis and Design subject, a system is a collection of interrelated components that function together to achieve some outcome while information system is the collection of interrelated components that collect, process, store and provide as output the information needed to complete a tasks. The book also enumerates some of the approaches that most of the Systems Analyst in the industry is using in solving those business problems. The analyst must first understand the problem and learn everything possible about it- who is involve, what business processes come into play, and what other systems would be affected by solving the problem. Then the analyst needs to confirm for management that the benefits of solving the problem outweigh the costs. Sometimes it would cost a fortune to solve the problem, so it might not worth solving. If solving the problem is feasible, the analyst defines in detail what is required to solve it- what specific objectives must be satisfied, what data need to be stored and used, what processing must be done to the data, and what outputs must be produced. What needs to be done must be defined first. After detailed requirements are defined, the analyst develops a set of possible solutions. Each possible solution (an alternative) needs to be thought through carefully. Usually an information system alternative is defined as a set of choices about physical components that make up an information system- how it will be done. Many choices must be made involving questions such as these: What are the needed components? What technology to be used to build the different components? Where are the components located? How will components communicate over networks? How are components configured into a system? How will people interact with the system? Which components are custom-made, and which are purchased from vendors? Who should build the custom-made components? Who should assemble and support the components? Many different alternatives must be considered and the challenge is to select the best- that I, the solution with the fewest risks and most benefits. Alternatives for solving the problem must be cost effective, but they also must be consistent with the corporate strategic plan. Does the alternative contribute to the basic goals and objectives of the organization? Will it integrate seamlessly with other planned systems? Does it use technology that fits the strategic direction that management has defined? Will end users be receptive to it? Analyst must consider many factors and make tough decisions. After the systems analyst has determined, in consultation with the management, which alternative to recommend and management has approved the recommendation, the design details must be worked out. Here the analyst is concerned with creating a blueprint (design specifications) for how the new system will work. Systems design specifications cover databases, user interfaces, networks, operating procedures, conversion plans, and of course program modules. After the design specifications are complete, the actual construction of the system can begin, including the programming and testing. So, after defining all of that, what are my possible steps in order for me to be on that pedestal?

I merely know for a fact that reaching my dream is not that easy, especially if I am not that competent enough to hold the job. So what are my preparations? What are my possible alternatives to reach my dream? Hmm… being still a student of this university I am well aware of my responsibility as well as limitations as a student. I’m quite sure that, though not well enough, the university specifically the Institute of Computing faculty and staff are doing their best effort to give us the appropriate education to be competent in the outside world.

We the student of Institute of Computing are very much aware of the shortage of the “ancient” facilities of IC, and I guess that alone is enough reason for us to question ourselves, are we ready to face the IT industry? Is four years, five years, six years in IC enough for us to be worthy enough to be called us IT professionals? The moment I am writing this one I am so tired very, very tired, that I can’t anymore think on what to say next after the next line. But still I keep on moving on. Why? Because I am so afraid that I can’t reach the required number of words. I just keep on thinking that this writing will help me lead to my dreams. How? By merely aiming for those 3000 words I just keep on moving forward. So what’s the point? Here in institute of computing though it is quite very hard to move on and keep moving forward still we are getting so much strength, patience, hard work, perseverance in meeting the bombarded requirements to us and of course as a student we are very much obliged to meet all of that though we are not forced to. It’s very hard to think on how and when will I graduate here in the university, it seems like I’m stuck in here forever. But still I do have plans after if ever possible I will graduate here in this college. So what are those plans?

First Step:

I think I already have taken up the first step towards my goal, and that’s when the time I enrolled here in the university. Right now we as IT students in the university are trained to do everything on our own (though not at all but most of the times). They, the faculty are not trying to spoon-feed us with everything that we have to learn about the outside world. We do it on our own. They somehow are training us to be strong enough to face and accept our failures. By not quitting and still holding on to the course they are trying to inculcate in our minds that whenever challenges and failures came don’t ever give up, instead learn from the mistakes and try not to do it again. I know and still believe that though they are not showing it to us; they still wish us the best of everything and probably love us by failing us in our subjects (how sad what love really means... Sad Sad ).

Well, as to evaluate myself this time I’m doing great I could say. At least this time I’m quite sure enough that I have my own path to follow and that I’m accepting failures wholeheartedly thinking of the positive outlook of life… be optimistic!.

Second Step:

On this stage, I’m on the early stage of my celebration that I have pass all those scorching sleepless nights in IC. And most probably this would the years between 2010-2012. And on these possible years I might be working on an IT company as an IT specialist dealing with small projects only. As an early graduate I would expect that. Who would give you big projects if you still don’t have any experience on it? Right? For these years I’m quite sure enough that I have save enough money to proceed to the next step towards my goal.

Third Step:

Well, I am planning to take a masters degree on Information systems outside the country. Why? We all know that advanced technologies and teachings about information systems are well integrated outside the country. I will study hard and concentrate on how to develop and enhance my knowledge about what Information Technology is. And while in there, I will also try to apply my skills on the industries where it could further develop me and make me a great Systems Analyst. It would probably take me five years to the training and transformation of my skills, so that would be between the years of 2012-2017.

Fourth Step:

This time I’m back to the Philippines, the country where I belong. As an experienced IT woman and well profiled individual who has done several studies outside the country dealing with all the different advance technology I could probably be competent and brave enough to work on big companies as a well respected systems analyst. And that would be in the year 2018. A year of my triumphant victory (I hope so!). The year ten years from now.
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PostSubject: sir help   Sat Nov 29, 2008 2:22 am

sir i can't post my article here..

"the posted message is too big"

daw... ana ang error..hehe 3020 words lng man to sir

hmmm sa blog nlng sa tan-awa sir ha.. try nko post usab ugma..hehe


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PostSubject: Assignment 1   Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:06 am

sir, i got the same error as Ymreb.

here's the proof:

i will just post it in my blog, too, sir... is that okay? this is the link: Assignment 1 (MIS 2)
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PostSubject: My sweetest downfall…   Sat Nov 29, 2008 2:40 pm

Last night I was thinking if I really have the skills to be a so called IT professional and if I were given a chance to be one what I can contribute. It makes me sick thinking about it. I spent four years of my life or even five years to be exact in the school to study information technology. It made me upset because until now I am still a little bit confuse if I have the chance to work as an IT professional. Every time people ask me if there is a future waiting for me after the five years of great efforts, hard workings, nose bleedings and bloody attempts to pass. I don’t know how to answer back for I am still in the process of meditating where will I go. I am still hesitant to accept the fact that destiny and reality can also take part in putting my self behind the line. I am still in the route of thinking whether I will be joining the line of competition or just give my self up. That is why if people around me keep on telling that I better stop and end this foolishness, they doesn’t realize that those words makes me more weaker and weaker. That is why since my first year in college, I am already losing my way in the track of life. That is why it makes me difficult to realize that I am already the one who keeps on putting my self down. The fact brought me on the wrong side of the law for I keep on blaming the persons evolving around me in making me lose control. But when the time comes that I already realize everything it is also the time when life seems too unfair to me.
I hate the fact that I am only getting half of the encouragement and words if wisdom I need both from my mom and dad. I can not accept the fact that even my parents are doing these things to me. They make me feel that I am the most worthless individual living in this world. They are against into the career I have chosen and maybe that is the reason why they keep on discouraging me. But I need not to be affected. I can make them proud of me. I will not let anyone stops me from achieving everything I want to be. I pity them for making me believe that there will be a difficult life waiting for me in my way to the top. But as time keep on passing, I am now become conscious to the fact that maybe my parents are right. There was a time when I feel I really need to end my foolishness.

It was just last night when I am totally won over that I was such a useless person. I am no use, and I am a loser. I should have been inspired to what our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal has said about me being one of the world’s future saviors. Well, in the idea of being the superwoman or Spiderwoman, the world’s greatest savior, I need to have a super power like those super heroes in our old time in order for me to save the world. I do not need to go to school to study and wait for so many years before I can contribute something. These thoughts of being one of them strike me a hundred times. I am not really a superhero. I do not have these super powers. I can not transform into someone who will be their knight in shining armor. There is nothing special in me. What Dr. Rizal trying to point out was my ability to do something in my own way. And the only power that I have is the knowledge.

Way back my first years in this college, I just keep on watching my classmates shifting to another course or transferring to another schools. I knew I can’t help them. Maybe they were just weak. But, this scheme and the reality struck me. Many of my co-students who were enrolled IT surrendered by now. Most of them were my friends. I thought of quitting so many times. Perhaps, I need to do what they did. I felt that I do not belong in this institution. It is giving me no air to the point that it makes me hard to breathe. It makes me feel to give up. And like them, it also makes me pathetic.

I never thought that I could go this far. I was already fed up. I have this feeling that I was on a dead end and there is no turning back. What else can I do? It was then I realize that I made a pledge that I won’t let anyone stop me from moving forward. Proceeding is the least option and the last thing on my mind. But here I am, alive and still surviving.

Kidding aside, I still have this dream of working in a place where I can make use of my bachelors’ degree and I know I can do it. Maybe I just need more time to carry it out. How much time do I need to have? I must be kidding my self. They say that a dream without a deadline is a goal. I should be making plans now. But where would I start? I have to accomplish it ten years from now. I have to plan now. I remember last time when I have my report in one of our subjects. I am task to put into details every article that is related to strategic planning. From there I learned that it is a process into which a person tries to answer questions about the future.
So, I asked God for a pause before I proceed. I need to rest my mind and my heart form worrying. I am living a life full of ups and down. Why is it that I need to stand up when I am down and I need to stand up straight again after I am losing my sense and good judgment from falling. I need to take a rest and continue deciding tomorrow.

………… ……………… zzzzzzzz ………… ………… ………… zzzzzzz …… …. zzzzz…… zzzz ….. zzzzz …….. zzzzzzzz ……… zzzzzzzzzzz

At this time, I just get up from my bed. I am done thinking. I have now lots of ideas coming from my mind. It is just a one way process. Perhaps, I should start deciding whether I should take the straight way or go walk on a highway full of detours. If I will walk on a straight way, it is like going to the world with my dreams still remain as a dream. Living forever in a paradise earth is not just a dream. It is our loving creator purpose and what we need to do is just realize it. If I will do some detours it is like I am in the world with the reality, a world where I am making new plans in order for me to make the reality come true. I want to be name as an IT professional. Everybody does. Most failures start from plan failures. This point cannot too often be repeated. Some of would only realize if they had done a biggest mistake is when failure come. Planning for good future seems more likely to survive and prosper if people enter them with relatively full knowledge. Yes, getting to know our inner selves is essential. We need to know our strength and weaknesses and what should be the possible threats we need to face. Yes, drawing up the intentions of the heart of our own self takes effort and discernment. So we must plan a better approach or a line of attack to help us see our inner self.

Day to day of my life, I maybe confronted with terrible experiences, like; act of unkindness, criticism deceit, disloyalty, nastiness and spitefulness…cost against these realities, how would I stand and shape my future. With the many years I spend in this university is more than enough for me to sort it out what to have, so I will become victorious. As I go into the real world, I must always remember the lessons and knowledge and the value that were installed by my professors, the kind of knowledge that would help me in shaping my future in line of business.

And when the moment in time comes that God will not forbid me from being called as an IT professional, I must have a purpose in life. If I have no goal to live, I will find that life is empty. Being an IT professional is like changing to another paradigm, a broader horizon of challenges to test the strength of my desire to pursue higher objective in life. I have to aim high and be confident and have self-reliance in doing it, and couple it with interest and strong determination. In the world of an IT professional, I will be entering into another world of problems, but it is also a world of many challenges and opportunities that makes life worth living.

One of the best ways to win any game is to write the rules. And it should be done one step at a time. Before going to the place where I can put into practice the degree I have, I should know the basics. Basics not in terms of knowledge I did learn from school but in terms of professionalism. I should learn how to be responsible for anything I am planning to do. Peoples have different ways of making decisions. Some delays making a decision in the hope that the situation will resolve itself. But as to become a professional, I should also learn to consider and allow the views and opinions of others before making a decision. On the other hand, since I am still in the process of blooming and boosting my professionalism in the pursue of my career I should look at a decision that must be made, considering the options, choosing a plan of action, and taking responsibility for whatever the outcome. Making decision gives me a greater degree of control over the problem situation being addressed.

I need to know as early as now that in a real scenario making plans and decisions are not just like as if you are flipping a coin, playing a deck of cards that there will just two possible outcomes, either failure or success. If that what life is, it is a no sweat process and there can be no complexities.
Imagining my self in a place where I can practice my skills in information technology, I would rather not breathe for I know that I can’t easily turn back. I should learn how to be professional for in that kind of profession there are always no rooms for mistakes. I am expected to act in the course of the work according to certain rules of conduct and standard of behavior. I will be required to have power over a large body of knowledge from my extensive academic study during my school days specifically my college years. That is why as early as now I am in the process of improving my personality. I know that it will be a hard part for me for I need to have a power to be a cultured human. I usually let my heart rule my mind and that makes me more fragile. But I must change my insights in life. I must not let my heart rule my mind. In narrower sense, I need to be strong.

I have to train my self with the aim of bettering my performance as an individual not just in the field of my expertise but also in the course of life. I also need to enhance my self-consciousness practicality and freedom of expression that will serve as an aid in my independent learning. I am ought not to limit my self in learning.
Removing distractions and improving concentrations can also be one of the most important things I need to enhance. Having the aura of being a cheerful person, I am the one who ought to bring the crowd a joyful atmosphere. Even I am sometimes (defensive???) fanatical or foolish I can never lose control when it comes to learning. Learning is a process you do, not a process that is done to you. Education is an increasingly influential factor in employment. It is a lifelong process. It needs full time attention.
So before going to the place where I can be called as an IT professional, I would rather risk everything I have in order for me to attain what is needed to reach. Go power. Hehehe… Very directly, the need for a purposive transformation is a must for it will be the start to the development of one self.
This is the time of my life that I start to assume adult responsibilities. This is just the beginning to a serious employment and hard work with dedication in order to reach the goal of success. There are countless factors that make one successful, but I feel certain that I have been trained and prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary for involvement in the quest for better life.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Sat Nov 29, 2008 3:33 pm

Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, how do you see yourself 10 years from now, what are your strategies to get there?

The question stated above can be answered in just a few words, a few sentences or phrases perhaps but before that let us try to dissect the question and layout words and experiences of high importance that will make us understand those words above and thus deriving to a conclusion that the question is seeking.

Future. Tomorrow. Two words that evidently differ in the form they are spelled, in the manner they are used and in the degree or length of the period of time that they refer. But amidst such discernible differences both can be said to share the same essence, An essence that translates a period of time after today, after the present. A time often imagined, tried being oversee, a time of uncertainty. A product of yesterday’s dreams and today’s actions, it is what we call as the CONSEQUENCES of the past and present. It makes one wonder, “What would I be?”, “What would my future would be like?”.

Fate. Destiny. Words of different form and character but carries the same trail of thought. Both terms seems to the order of things predetermined or established by some divine decree. Every person has a different fate, a unique destiny, a different path of life that is determined by his decisions. Should one believe in something like fate or destiny? Thou the point being stressed here is not the destiny of falling in love with someone or any other romantic delusions one has but to the academic point of view. Would one be destined for greatness? More specifically, am I destined to be an IT professional, my services being sought with all those large and well known corporations?

Dreams. Goals. Most of the times these words are used interchangeably. If not, then is used to relate the other word from the other. Both are very much in tune to the same idea when defined, thus making most people confused of the manner of using both words but in reality the execution of both words varies largely, distinguishing their differences more clearly. man was created a dreamer sculpted for towering ambitions and colossal aspiration. He is endowed with the conscience and knowledge of good and evil, equipped with the exceptional artistry, dexterity.

Have you ever dreamed of sailing around the world-alone? Or have dreamed of being an Olympic equestrian, a CSI detective, or win a Nobel Prize? How about being an IT professional or simply finishing college as an IT fourth year regular student?

If you have ever dreamed or aspired to accomplish any of these difficult tasks or any of a thousand others the human mind can dream- then you are alive. You are a thinking, feeling human being that is emotionally, spiritually and physically alive, for dreams are the fire that lights up our human spirit.

Every person within her, her own set of dreams and goals in life, but what is a dream? A dream is an idea that develops within a courageous human mind and it is like a seed. If a seed is carefully planted at the appointed time in fertile soil and matured with the proper amount of water and sunlight, it will spring into life and bloom to full maturity. So is it with the dreams of men. It was one said that,” A man who has a dream is a man with a promise. A man pursuit of a dream a man who is alive. A man who has achieved a dream is a man who has experienced life and conversely, a man who has a cold heart or sterile mind or is engulfed in fear to achieve his dreams is a man who is dead.”

All dreams however, like every great and noble aspiration that has passed in one’s mind, are difficult to achieve, because all dreams are attended with risks. I, for one, is thinking that “Would I really finish my studies at the appointed time? Would I fail again? But if I would I shall rise again. Would I really be a competent and globally competitive IT professional in the future? Am I really destined to be one?” In thoughts like those we can see to opposing but mysteriously interrelated human emotions that exist in all of us and that are, fear and courage. Many people don’t realize (or is it only me) that in order to achieve dreams they need to face the risks positively. How many of us have been swept under by fear only to find within ourselves a source of courage beyond our own comprehension? Is it not the fear of the unknown, of the future, of our ability and competence which creates challenge and willingness to say I can? And is it not that ensuing drive to meet the test that generates our courage, which in turn, is our source of strength to conquer fear and meet the challenge? Fear and courage are always present in our dreams and if, however, fear suffocates our courage, we will fail; if courage sterilizes fear, we will die; but if a proper mixture of both permeates our quest, we will succeed. It therefore takes courage to dream, for successful dreamers are neither weak men or are they fools.

But dreaming isn’t enough. A wise men one said, “Do not live in your dreams and forget to live”. It is wonderful to have a dream. It can also be wonderful to have a goal. They can be useful, or a burden, depending on where you are in your personal growth. Today, though, I am looking at something different. Today I am looking at the difference between having a dream and having a goal.
A dream is a goal without legs. It is a wonderful thing to have, can be the guiding passion of your life, but unless you clarify it and give it the legs to move toward you, getting there is going to be very much a matter of luck.

To transform a dream into a reachable goal you must clarify it, provide the details, and make it so clear that you can see it, feel it, know what you will feel like when you get there. This works for you in many ways. It clarifies what you want to the point that you will always be attuned to anything that is relevant. Opportunities will not pass you by unnoticed. It shows you what you need to do to get there, step by action step. It makes false detours and dead ends less likely to distract you. And perhaps the images you carry in your mind and heart will echo out to the universe for manifestation. The clearer and more vivid the image, the more likely are all of these things to happen.
Goals and dreams complement each other. If you only have dreams without any goals to support them, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the enormity of your dream. The shorter-term goals provide achievable intermediate targets that serve as stepping stones toward your dream.
If you only have goals but no dreams, you can easily fall into the trap of focusing so much on the steps that you lose sight of your destination. You run the risk of forgetting "why" you are pursuing these goals in the first place. Specific short-term goals are not terribly motivating by themselves either; their power comes from their connection to a big inspiring dream.

Looking back when I was still in my preschool days, I used to imagine myself carrying a brief case full of folders and legal papers, my hair pulled back in a tight bun and wearing smart looking glasses to intimidate my opponents in the legal battle that I am going to be in. I dreamed of being a lawyer whether it be for criminal law or tax law. For me, in that early stage of my life and young mind, it seemed really cool to be a lawyer. Later on, I changed my mind and decided to be a teacher instead. I was having a lot of hard time going to school and face the scary teachers scowling at us and giving us all these exams and projects and I thought that if I became a country serving, nationalistic teacher I can make other kids suffer the way I did when I was young. Its a kind of a payback for me. But then I fall out of liking that dream of mine because it really seemed silly and childish not to mention a bit diabolical, to a point of stupidity if I might add.

..for the continuation, just click on this URL:lol! fileden.com mis2.doc

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PostSubject: what lies ahead   Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:21 pm

A superb wider picture of what lies ahead. An apparent pleasant view of the forthcoming future. A clear image of a fulfilling and thriving success. I think these are what we everyone envisions to seize and have.

But if you were to be asked, how will you achieve these visualizations? How do you see yourself few years from now?In particular, what do you want be?

What do I want to be?Hmm.Well, this may sound a little disappointing but I have not decided yet of a particular profession related to my course. Frustrating to say but I think I am a bit misled, confused of what my ‘right path’ should be and where it is. A delimma I am so consume about. So I had to give myself time to run through what is it what I really want.

It totally bugs me to keep on thinking about what do I really want to happen in my future, on where will I find myself few years from now, on what are my exact goals in life, how will I achieve them, what will be my steps in making them happen, on what particular field in the degree of information technology I am taking up will I intend to excel, specialize and be an expert of. Duh, practically, it is so soon to put so much attention in considering these questions. I have always believed that one should not worry about what tomorrow will bring rather a person should be more concern of what the present will bring about. What you will carry out today will affect what lies ahead. Isn’t it so absurd to think of it when just getting through a semester can even be such a torment? Grr…People can be so irritating sometimes. Why can’t they shut their mouths and mind their own business? Why should they be so persistent in asking questions and making you decide on your plans? Don’t they know that it can really be of so much pressure sometimes? It actually makes me sick. But what am I to do? One way or another, they have made some points. Planning ahead should be made in order to sort out and systematize how the plans will be made possible. Okay, okay, okay. Got that already!

But can’t it be just as simple as having a stable job which means also having stable income, properties like a house and a lot, and maybe a steady relationship as well. Not! Hehe Just kidding. Who on earth does not want that kind of simple living? Huh? Well, if it is that easy then no one would even be having hard times working, right? Anyway, where am I getting? Tsk. Nowhere I guess. Hmm. My point is that no matter how simple we hoped to live our lives, it is just not that easy. Getting there, getting to where we hoped to be at will take time and effort. That is how life works.

Technology and its wide range capabilities and possibilities applicable in diverse aspects of life. Automation of machines, creation of cyber space, high-speed communication and convenient ways of transportations, computers, PDAs, cellular phones, gadgets, gizmos, iPods, music players, portable players, appliances, advanced animation and movie effects, sophisticated medical equipments. Name it, technology have it.

When we say Information Technology, people always associate it to the ideas of technology that I have just enumerated or worse they tend to misinterpret it to be exactly the same. Well, yes, maybe it is partly true. I would not agree to it that much. But Information Technology is far more than those. It is beyond what people think it is. It is just an external point of what and how Information Technology works.
As an IT student, biased as may they say, hehe but without question, yes it is difficult to study. And people sometimes mistakenly expects us to have knowledge of everything that relates to the layman's view of technology. Whew! But it is really great pressure on us. And we are even expected to become IT professionals. Okay, now that would be acceptable. I think. Hehe

IT Professional? What is an IT Professional? What talents, skills, capabilities does a person needs to possess to be considered as an IT professional? Does IT or CS or any computer related courses will lead anyone into becoming an IT pro?

They say IT professionals have great opportunities that awaits them. I guess that is true. With all the job offerings lined up everywhere, yeah, it must be true. But do you really think it is that easy to be hired as an IT pro? Well, it isn't. It ain't going to be I guess. Going back to the questions earlier, what is an IT professional and what does a person must have to be considered as one? If I were to define it, Hmm, I think it would be somebody who has the knowledge and skills in different fields of information technology like programming, designing, managing information system, developing and maintaining a system and many more. And I guess having taken up a degree of IT or CS will help one person in getting closer to being an IT pro. I believe it will be a great foundation. But I think it would not be enough. I know it won't. There is a need of experience and close interaction with what the real world orientation entails. As the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher”. Through this. The learnings, knowledge and skills will be put to use, be applied, molded and enhanced. I think that the true assessment of capabilities will be measured through performance.

Years ago, when I was in my last year of taking up secondary education, I had myself thinking about the same thoughts I have right now. “Unsa jud kya?!”. Caught up by the idea of the digital era and how technology rapidly grows, thoughts on technology related courses passed through me. I want to be an IT expert. I want to to be able to make use of technology in aiding businesses and organizational operations, to create and develop efficient and effective software and to fully utilize the capability and competence of technology, its functionalities and contributions to society. That’s why I have come to choose to study IT.
But after finishing this degree, what will happen? Of course I am expected to find a job related to the course I have chosen, right? But what is it? What is it gonna be? Thoughts have ran through my mind, as I have mentioned earlier it is actually hard to decide especially with regard to the idea that unfortunately, I am of no way near of being good in the field of education I am studying at the moment. Really, it is no joke. Undoubtedly, I am just the average type, mediocre or whatever you call it. It may seem that I am degrading myself but I am just being true and practical. I wish I just joking but I am not. It is I who know well my capacities and capabilities. And yes, sometimes I have thought of how I have been wrong of choosing the road to take on. But as time goes by, I have realized that maybe I felt I was wrong but I have come to like where I am now and what I am doing now. I have kept in mind that there are really no wrong choices in life, it is you who will decide whether it will be a right or wrong choice. I think it is a matter of how you see things.

Like everyone else, I picture myself be on top and to be known for something. I hope to see myself somewhere wherein I will be able to work at my best and full potential. I want to be of good use in wherever I will work. Well, since it is of no charge to dream, I might as well dream big. Hehe I will be very privilege to work under managements of well-known companies who are involve in information technology development. An institution wherein I will be able to apply and practice what I have come to learn about the degree I am currently taking up. I wish to be one of the best employees having high rate payments and be in demand in the service.

I have thought of taking up another degree, a business related degree in order for me to know more about how businesses are being regulated and how they are run. I want to acquire knowledge in how business problems occur and how they are address. I want to be able to make use of both the degrees I hope to finish. With these, I look forward that I would be able to integrate the ideas and concepts of information technology and business, not only apply automation of systems in the business operations but also develop a more advanced system, and to aid and work out business problems with the use of technology. In one of my subjects this semester, I have learned that when one makes use or utilize information technology in aiding and resolving business problems, a person is considered as a systems analyst. I also want to be a software engineer which involves performing all the systems development life cycle but specializes in maintaining and managing systems.

I have also realized that it is to pass on what I’ve learned, to educate students, to be able to impart to them the learning I’ve come to learn and study is one of what I intend to do in the future. I also have this interest in studying and exploring managing information system. It is of no joke. But first, I have to be well equipped with knowledge about software and physical machines which are the hardware and to be outfitted in leading and managing people.

Since I was little, I have always been fascinated and very fond of cartoons and animes, of how drawn pictures tend to move, how they have come to possess great sense of humor, how they are brought to life and how realistic they have evolved and they have been as time passes by. As I have come to be aware of its processes, operations and how it is done, I have thought of doing the same, to be an animator, to create graphic effects that everyone would admire and appreciate, to be able to make animation more advanced than ever, to be create and develop a trend of graphic design and to be known for it.

I have all these ideas tangled in my mind of which I hoped to see myself 10 years from now. I am not actually certain of where I want to picture myself in the future. One thing is for sure, that all that I have mentioned are the ones I hoped to achieve. Hehe I can do all those things if I want to. I can partition my time just to be able to do all those stuffs I want to do. bleh!

These ideas and plans are quite striking, don’t you think so? It would really be so amazing to be able to attain all of these. But achieving these, getting there can be relatively difficult. Paces toward reaching it should be carefully structured that is where a plan needs to be formulated. A strategic plan to be exact. There are ways and approaches that should be taken into considerations and should be made to accomplish your goals. I think the first thing that should be kept in mind is that priorities should be set. In order for the plans to be attained, important matters should be weigh up on what are the things that should be prioritized and be set aside. Once you have made actions of setting your priorities, I think you will be able to have a clearer picture of your vision. Now having fixed your concerns of your goals in life, I think the next move to be done is that one should make and organize steps or ways to do good in your main concerns. Have strategic schemes and develop approaches in getting closer to reaching what you aim to achieve. Make sure to have and to possess the qualities needed to carry out your goals, to get through and surpass the trials and challenges that will come your way in tracking the road to where you want to go, and one must obtain positive attitudes and outlook on dealing how things work, situations and circumstances happen and chances come and go. One ought to work hard, to be persistent and determined to succeed, to persevere and to have the will to pursue, to be confident and to have high self-esteem, and most of all, I think one should be enjoying what he/she is doing, to have fun and to love what you do. I believe that if one loves his/her work, he/she will be able to survive anything, no matter what he/she will come to encounter. It is a matter of loving what you do and having fun. More importantly, I think it is wiser to take things one step at a time.

If we don’t take actions in reaching our goals, we might as well forget those plans and leave it just as dreams.

To achieve these goals, I must pursue on learning and studying, to focus and keep a clear vision of what I aim to attain. And to always have a logical and realistic course of action to aspire. And to bear in mind that if we lose track of our goals and mislay our attention and focus, our future could be of no more close to be reached. We must keep the boundary between a dream and a reality. Keep dreaming and believing but never cease moving.

Be concern of what lies ahead.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:32 pm

To become an Information Technology Professional is a big goal for me and the Information Technology student. Achieving a goal is not easy and you need to give your time and work hard to attain what you want. Having a goal for you is important to everybody. Individuals can have personal goals. A student may set a goal of a high mark in an exam. An athlete might walk five miles a day. A traveler might try to reach a destination-city within three hours. Achieving complex and difficult goals requires: focus, long-term diligence and effort. Success in any field will require foregoing excuses and justifications for poor performance or lack of adequate planning; in short, success requires emotional maturity. The measure of belief that people in their ability to achieve a personal goal also affects that achievement. If you have an purpose and love of what you are doing you could be a successful person and become a model to everybody. To reach your goal you must have a strategy in life, strategy can lead you to the right path in achieving you purpose in life. With these two factors you have a big chance to attain your goal for your self. Now we will go to my own self and know my personal goal and strategy to reach my good future. My personal goals are to be more globally competitive, to be a leader, good influence, and responsible individual. Having this goal in my life, now I can say that I’m going to the right way in fulfilling my dreams in life. These goals are my inspiration and every single day of my life I will think of it. In order for me to accomplish these goals I must work hard, focus, and determined in everything I do. For me my goals in life must be associated with my individual strategy, because for me I could attain my goals easily having a good decision in life and thinking wisely. A person who has an excellent strategy can win all the fights that he/she will encounter. The company must have their own strategy in order to survive and make the company more competitive with other. Having me my two key factors that can lead me to my dreams in life gains me much more confident that I can make my dreams come true.

For me after ten years I can say that I’m worthy to be called as Information Technology Professional. Ten years is enough time to prove that calling me as an Information Technology Professional is commendable. As an Information Technology Professional, I will help in improving the Information Technology Industry and make our industry as one of the biggest contributor in our society. Being an Information Technology Professional is a great success. I go school every day in five years and study about Information Technology and to become an Information Technology. So if I will become an Information Technology Professional I could be very proud of my self for the reason that I work for to become Information Technology Professional and I will be worthy to be called as an Information Technology Professional. I have also a dream of becoming a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP). When I search on what are the possible works of an Information Technology Professional, I viewed one of the articles of Microsoft which talks about the Information Technology Professional. There are a lot of occupations waiting for an Information Technology Professional in Microsoft alone. Since Microsoft Corporation is one of the biggest companies now in terms of technology, I think if I could work in the company I could be more proud and become more competitive person in the world of technology. When I’m thinking of becoming a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional it gives more strength and inspires me a lot. These are the possible jobs we can work in Microsoft..

Earn the Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) credential so you can highlight your field of expertise. Now you can distinguish yourself as an IT professional with the current skills and proven job-role capabilities to work effectively with a comprehensive set of Microsoft technologies. By: Microsoft
-> MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer
-> MCITP: Consumer Support Technician
-> MCITP: Database Developer
-> MCITP: Database Administrator
-> MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator
-> MCITP: Enterprise Project Management with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
-> MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician
-> MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
-> MCITP: Server Administrator

The job the attracts me most is the MCITP Database Administrator and MCITP Business Intelligence Developer. Database administrators install or configure Microsoft SQL Server and manage or maintain databases or multidimensional databases, user accounts, database availability, recovery, and reporting. They also design or implement security or server automation and monitor and troubleshoot SQL Server activity. Database administrators are typically employed by mid-sized to large organizations. For me to be a Database Administrator of Microsoft I must pass three examinations. It’s hard to imagine but nothings is impossible if you want it to happen. Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Business Intelligence Developer certification demonstrates that you can design analysis solutions, data transformations, and reports. Business intelligence developers design and implement multi-dimensional database models (logical and physical), data marts, data warehousing, data transforms, data analytics, and reporting solutions. This includes programming and customizing servers that use Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), customer transforms, and custom reporting solutions. Business intelligence developers are typically employed by medium-sized to large organizations. Also for me to reach this dream I must take the two examination required by Microsoft. After ten years I could be an Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional.
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PostSubject: Assignment 1   Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:59 pm

Hello Sir!
Same thing happened to me sir.

"The posted message is too big" so same as Kate and Ymreb I will just also post my assignment in my blog sir.

Below is the link sir:
Management Information Systems 2 :: Assignment 1
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PostSubject: Assignment 1   Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:26 pm

rsgamboa wrote:
Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, how do you see yourself 10 years from now, what are your strategies to get there? (at least 3000 words)

Being engage in Information Technology i am having fun with it. I know a lot of things and I know i'm advance with other people regarding our technology since it is a part of my profession. 10 years from now I think it is a lot of time for me to be called a IT professional my strategies to get there is to make a goal and to live with it. Having a goal in your life only shows that you have a dream in your life and it is a good challenge for us to have one. Align with it is my vision and mission of course you must have a mission and vision in order to achieve your goal. Lots of hard work and consistency in every job that was given to me. Being a student in this age i have lots of things to be learn and i believe that i can learn this things not only in school but engaging my self in the real world.

How will I see myself 10 years? That is a hard question, predicting my own future? hahaha.. But to tell you honestly, I envision myself to become a Database Administrator, as the saying says I live to teach, i don't teach to live. For me being a DBA is fun in my part, i really want to have some fun regarding my job that will suit me and i don't want to be trap inside a rat race that i think about 90% was being stuck up and doesn't know how to get their. For me, experience is learning and that is the biggest thing that you can learn in your life but i don't want to work hard to the point that im not enjoying what i am doing.. I really try to abide rules, since i know that obedience is the key to success.

What will be my steps? Ahm, first of all i will drink plenty of water, take my vitamins and rest so that i will be energized in making decisions. I must know my limitations and skills in order for me to have boundaries in my subject. to have a positive outlook in a give project is also a step
for me to consider. I must also make some strategic plans or some strategic moves in order to be there and fulfill it, it is very important to make a plan in order for you to be guided in the right direction thus, you will be sure that you are not fading away with your goal. When I was a kid i use to play with my dad and he really gives me some advice and tips in order for me to compete in this fast changing environment. I really don't know what to say regarding this topic since my "foolosphy" hahaha is not that wide enough to express myself and i dont want to explain much about my life but, as the rules says you must abide in the flow of this world. hehehe..

Be serious? Im not a serious type of person because i don't want to take myself too seriously..
If you ask me what will be the initial step to be there certainly i will answer that I will first graduate in this university then after graduating I will start to lead because I am a leader and everybody can be a leader, and that is a one way in getting closer to my goal.
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PostSubject: assignment number 1 (part 1)   Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:51 am

Hello everyone!

It’s about 06:53 in the morning!

This topic is really tough knowing that it deals with my future; I had to come up with 3000 words (sir peace!).When I was about to write my reflections on this topic, the song “impossible dream” was in the air (what a coincidence!). The lines were “to dream the impossible dream……..” (hayz, is this for real?)

Let me talk about my experiences on how I land as an information technology student here in usep. (In every future, there is always a past… hehehe, sir peace! )

When I was still in high school, I was really unsure of what course I am going to take in college, I must admit that computing was really not my strong point or one of my strengths. I was undecided. I had my sleepless nights and all I did was thinking about what course I am going to take knowing that I am the one who will make or break my future. It all depends on me. In short, it is I who will be making my own life.

Honestly speaking, it is my classmates in high school brought me to Info Tech. they said, in usep, info tech is good (good? hehehe). I took the risk, not knowing what awaits me there. during the interview (actually it was sir val quimno who interviewed me) in IC, sir val asked me “why usep?”,”why info tech?” Why usep? I answered simply that usep produce quality and globally competitive graduates and I want to be one of those, my parents also have graduated in this university, they adviced me to enroll here, the tuition fee is also cheap. then why information technology? again, i answered, info tech will bring out the best in me.

Gladly I passed; I was really shocked and surprised on what info tech really is. When I looked at the prospectus of my course, I really do not know or I do not have any idea on those major subjects in my chose course! (tagam!)

Many mind-boggling questions filled my mind, whether I am sure with the course or am I willing to risk my future in this course and so on. So, I have decided to pursue Info Tech, whatever it takes, I have started it already, there’s no turning back (bantay bitaw!).

During my first year in this course, it went well, until the end of that semester, a tragic incident came into my life. I failed in one subject (that’s algebra!), that was a big slap on my face. It was the first time that I failed in a subject. I was so down that time that I was able to punch the wall of the engineering building without even feeling the hurt in my hand. I have been crying all night, that I kneeled down and I asked God what’s the purpose of my failure, asked Him to give me the strength and courage to overcome my failure. So I did overcome it, as they say “you can not go on well in life until you let go of your past failures”. I was able to pass algebra without taking the removal examination of Mam Maui (ONE of my favorite teachers in IC, yes! Really! We’re friends in friendster!)

In my programming subjects, I failed once (courtesy of Sir Ariel, Sir Peace again!)
But I conquer it (I have no choice but I have to pass the subject in order for me to still stay with IC), I passed Programming 1 with again Mam Maui around, she was also my teacher in Programming 2, I passed again (Mam Maui na gud!). But in my Programming III, at that time I got tired with what’s going on with my life. I was so frustrated with the subject, I almost failed, for the reasons that I am so tired with the subject, my classmates have no hopes if they can still pass it, they planned to shift to other course or some of them planned to transfer to other schools. And with that, my project in midterm failed, that Mam Teng (my instructor that time) told me about it without hesitation. I was so sensitive, very down that time but I refused to give up; I’ll give it one more shot, so, during our final project, I was able to finish my project on time and presented it to Mam Teng and Sir Michael. Gladly I passed. What else do I have to tell?
Honestly, I am really happy that I never failed for 4 consecutive semesters, so right now (though I’m one year behind) I’m a 3rd year regular Info Tech student in IC.

Last semester, during our Accounting subject, we were grouped by 4, we were tasked to do a simple accounting system. We are all girls in the group (Sheryl Caguimbaga, Cherry Ann Montejo, Mary Rossini Diamante and yours truly). That time I felt that our teacher (without mentioning the name) underestimated my group knowing that all the other groups are really good in making and developing a system (most of them are boys who are really good! No doubt about it!). I was challenged by the way our teacher treated us and the situation itself. So I talked to my team members about it, I assigned them to do the design and the documents in MIS and Accounting, and I will do the rest. I took the challenge, I expect the unexpected to happen, after the analysis, documents and design had already been done, it’s my turn to work. I must admit that I really had a difficult time doing the system knowing that the deadline is fast-approaching. For me, nothing can hinder me to do what I have to do. So, before the deadline, I was able to finish it and actually prepared for the presentation. Again the quote “expect the unexpected” prevailed. I was then shocked that our instructor admired what we have done with our system. Some of my classmates were not able to finish the system. At that time, my confidence boost to the highest level. If the boys can do it, the girls can do it also.
my classmates would always tell me stuffs like “you’re good!”, ”you have a good future in IT!”. It’s a really a humbling feeling (and also a pressure to me, hehehe) that other people would tell me these things. But what really matters to me is that I have tried and have given my best in everything I do.
And on my part, if my fellow ICEAN students (most especially to those students who underestimate their selves) will give their best and tried in everything they do, they will also succeed and conquer their fears in their respective subjects. As they say, “not everything is meant to be but everything is worth a try”.

Now, after the long story of my life in IC, I will lay my plans on who am I 10 years from now, and worthy of being called an IT professional. Frankly speaking, I really wanted to work in Hollywood not as an Actress or a Singer (though I also know how to sing), but I want to collaborate with the best people who work for movies making great special effects and animations (I think Universal Studios is the place to be). I am great fan of James Bond, and the special effects are really great! Plus the action moves of the actors in the movie or what I mean is the exciting fight scenes. Just yesterday I watched DIE ANOTHER DAY (a James Bond movie), I really love the car of Mr. Bond (which it was given to Him), why? One of its feature is it has the camouflage effect (we all know what camouflage is, right?). The tire of the car has spikes, meaning, it can crawl and stick in the walls like Spiderman do. Someday, I could have that one (hopefully! If I’ll study well and stick with my plans). Why do I want to collaborate with those people in Universal Studios? Personally, I really want to learn from them, I may have creative things on my mind but nothing compares to them, with their years of experiences with their chosen career. But being a member in Universal Studios means that I am receiving big salary (but with the economic crisis happening in the US, big pa rin kaya?) Anyway, most Filipinos dreamed of becoming rich (with the crisis we are in nowadays, who the hell are those people who don’t want to be rich? Right?). On my part, nothing compares of earning money in my own way, my own efforts and as the tagalong quote “sariling pawis”. I myself is in indulge in business right now, I had experienced in doing computer services, tutorials in computer or even in Math subjects. Also, I would like to share to my fellow officemates in US (Universal Studios) one of the things that I have learned here that will truly make a great impact to them, the Green Campus Computing. Knowing that we are the great contributors on the Global Warming (or the energy we use) and also the usage of Free and Open Source Software.

Anyway going back on the topic (where did I go?), after being known in the Hollywood as one of the most brilliant ones (hehehehe) and after giving pride and honor to our country, one of my plans is to go back to my country, here in the Philippines. I (10 years from now), armed with the knowledge learned from Universal Studios and experiences outside the country, I’d like to bring Universal Studios here in the Philippines by planning to put up a company (same as Universal Studios but not to compete with them, maybe a friendly competition, hehehe) that will give opportunities to my fellow Filipino people express and show their talents. The company will collaborate with the Television Networks here in the Philippines (The Kapuso and the Kapamilya etc.) and we as Filipino people will show to the world that we Filipinos can do what the other countries can do in the field of special effects and animations. After that, since nowadays, outsourcing is the new trend here in the Philippines; when we say Outsourcing, it is the process of contracting computer center operations, telecommunications, networks or application development to external vendors. My company would also be called as a solution center, where we provide the clients with repeatable or reusable processes, models, and architectures for solving common information system problems. Our works can be outsourced. Probably with my connections in other countries, or maybe Kate Mariel who is in Japan and working as an IT consultant there(based on here blog) would suggest to her company if they can outsource their system (malay ba natin,diba?).

Also one of my plans (since I have a lot of experiences and I am a certified expert on this field) is to share my knowledge with other people (not chitchats or whatever). First on my list, I want to share it with the USEP community, not just with my co-ICEANS but also to other students that are really interested in my field of work. Share to them my
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mariechelle alcoriza


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PostSubject: assignment 1 (part 2)   Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:52 am

knowledge in Green Campus Computing and Free and Open Source Software which I have learned during my college years (assuming that I have graduated already!)
And I want also to train them (with my whole commitment) in my own company, so, USEP, be ready! And as long as there are people who are interested with my field of work, I will be there, providing them training and opportunity (based on my experience in applying in a call center….hmmp! I have learned my lesson! I won’t do what they did to me! That sucks! ), it is still up to them (people who are interested) if they’ll grab the opportunity or not. In addition, I would want to train teachers in public schools on how to use technology with the way they’ll be teaching. In other words, I’ll suggest to them, incorporating technology with education to enhance their ability to teach and be able to encourage their students to study or simply to listen and learn from their lessons in different way. Because based on my observations nowadays, children are into technology and children can understand and retain new lessons more quickly if it is attached or anchored to a material which is exciting to them or visually attractive to them. The teachers can explain lessons using Animes or Cartoons (of course, the Animations are done by my company, ahaha). My idea would be my company can collaborate with the Philippine Government right? My visions may not be as the same as the others but what I have in mind right now is to help other people, in that way, I am able to provide the opportunities or I will be opening the doors to reach their dreams and also on my part I am able to reach my dreams also (not just rich in money but also in the sociological and emotional aspect of myself). This may sound funny, but this is what I want to be.

Now that I have laid my visions in life or who am I going to be 10 years from now, the next question would be “how am I going to do that?”

As what I have remembered, Sir Randy (during his homily last November 24) brings in the idea of SWOT (an acronym that means STRENGTH, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, THREATS). The acronym above will lead me on how am I going to achieve.

Well then, let’s start with the letter S-Strength. When we say strength, it is where we are good at, attitude, ability or skills. My strengths (hmmm..) first, I am optimistic. Optimism
Or being positive all through out is what I have. I am a type of person that never gives up on anything, just like my team in PBA (the fact that I really love watching and even playing basketball) the “walang kamatayang” Brgy. Ginebra Gin Kings, they have this motto “never say die”. Even if there star player a.k.a Mark Caguioa is not around, they still battle out with all their best. Just like in my life, I’ve gone through a lot, ever since during my grade school years up to now. These were really tough problems (not to mention it, I’ll post it on my blog,hehehehe) and I never thought I’d be encountering those. Nowadays, it takes a lot of patience and courage to look or find for a job, but if you give up that easily, then you’re a loser. I do not want to be called a loser. I believe that life is accompanied with problems, challenges whether it may be small or big rocks but for me, those rocks will make strong and tough, it has its own purpose and will be my climbing tool to reach my goals in life. And that’s on my first strength! Next would be, I am willing to know and learn new things or venturing in to something new or I am open to something new. Of course, in this fast pace digital world, everything is changing, from diskettes to USB or CD, from desktops to laptops and even viruses in our PC’s. They say nothing is constant except change, right? On my personal side, I love listening to other people because when you listen you will be able to learn something new from them or learn something from their experiences. Also, I love to venture in to something new. Actually, I am into business right now. I am into direct selling, this type of selling is not my specialty, but I just want to try it, conquer my shyness and some other insecurities.
Of course with the guidance of my parents who are also in to business.
I just have to enumerate the rest. I am a risk-taker, knowing that life is also a matter of risks. It is just an issue of guts and how do you look at your problems. And lastly, I love to conquer my fears just like in Pinoy Fear Factor. Actually, there are lots of what if’s on my mind, but I simply ask myself, how am I going to solve those what if’s if I won’t try to work on it or even deal with it? Finally, one attitude I am truly proud of, I know how to “makisama” with other people.

Anyway, let me point out my weakness. As of this time,My shyness is the primary factor. Right now, I am going out of my shell, taking one step at a time (though there are times that I am shy at first but as time goes by there goes the confident Mariechelle, ahahahah). Then

Let me go now to the opportunities, well, there are lots of opportunities when it comes to IT, specifically in other countries, as what the news said, Australia needs IT professionals. Even here in the Philippines, there are also opportunities. As what I have remembered, during our company visit with MyndTech Management Services, they do outsourcing and they emphasized that people do not need to be away from their families to earn or go to abroad. But here goes the threats, because of the in demand of IT, there will be competition among individuals just like in nursing, they were overpopulated and other countries does not need nurses anymore and lastly, as what Sir Randy said, CHED did not expect that outsourcing will boom in our country, I think the threat here is the UNEXPERIENCE of the individuals. I myself am agreeing with this.

On my part, I still have lots of things to improve on myself, not just in academic view but also in my personality and attitude. On the academic side, as of this time, I want to give my best in all of my subjects. Since I am a frustrated animator, I would not give up and will take the initiative to explore the softwares available in the internet (just like blender, and it is an open-source software), join forums that discusses those topics, be indulged in seminars, ask questions to my classmates who knows about it and lastly never stop learning. And many more!

To end this, I just want to make a statement: “our future will always depend on our decisions today, so plan and prepare ahead of time, of course be prepared for the consequences or the problems that you will be encountering. Dream what you have to dream; be what you want to be, because you only have one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do! life is what you make it” God Bless Everyone!
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ashbury franklin alcordo


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PostSubject: what i need   Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:33 am

To be an IT professional is an achievement. Studies for years require you be one. There is really a need in intellectual skills to perform such task. In one of my search in the job requirements for IT, this profession must need to possess Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology, Art/Design/Creative Multimedia, Advertising/Media and etc. Indeed, this job necessitates skills and abilities. And seeing myself being qualified in the field of the profession gives me without confidence. Such requirements are not yet achieved in my current status; even some are not genetically possessed. This incapability of mine brought up into a question which really alarms me.

10 years from now, my future is uncertain. My years are unclear. My life is ambiguous. I see myself moving on with no direction. I do not have any dream in my career as an IT professional. All I wish to have is the diploma and nothing else more. I have not planned that much for myself. Though the course is exciting, enthusiasm have not strike my heart with its hardest blow. Maybe, I just remained to think as a little boy who thinks only for himself and nothing else. Maybe I am too immature to see my life as water flowing quietly in a river, even softly. But for now, I want change. I want it to run in a different way- a more defined and planned future

I set mottos to achieve qualities of an IT Professional


Honesty is the best policy. Honesty makes you trustworthy. Honesty encloses a reward. These statements make it clear that honesty is in need to be successful. Even cheating is prohibited in the Bible; even, it is included in the Ten Commandments- thou shall not steal. Cheating is definitely a form of stealing. It is absolutely a sin and the wages of sin is death. For such is true! Death does not only mean physical death, an end of breathing process, but it is an emotional, intellectual, social and psychological incapability. Being pitiable intellectually is a form of death, unnoticed and undetected. Your social life, being financially instable is death. For such situations lead you to an unmoving life which comprise and leads oneself to pity. Self pity would be a consequence for a dishonest lifestyle (cheating). Being used to such actions invests nothing, no learning! You should be honest in whatever you do. Learning something or studying means being honest because you don’t want to get the answer in an exam or test by cheating but by your own understanding and knowledge. DISHONESTY makes a person dull while honesty makes a genius.


Planning is disarming for a battle. Life is a battle where you are the one who takes the lead. Leading is knowing what to do and where to go. It is guiding oneself to a desired destination; these points and guidelines to achieve success. Planning is very crucial. The progress and the failure of ones vision is dependent to the plan you have prepared. Planning ahead is like overlooking for a place through a telescope. It seems like you have been there to the place but have not for you see it before you have reached it, so its easy to decide if the place is good or not. Planning ahead makes you see your future.

For me, Planning also needs to 3R’s:


Revision of the plan is in need if the plan achieves not more than 50 percent of the goals. Revision is needed to accomplish more than 50 percent and attain to what is expected. Revision means changing some part of the plans that is not functional. Every areas of the plan should function. Every areas of the plan should contribute to the achievement of the goal. Else it should be revised.


As soon as the plan fails to be achieving my goals with an almost less than ten percent chance of accomplishment within two months, removal of my plan I shall require. Pursuing with the plan guide will be a total mistake.


After the removal, rebuilding follows. Rebuilding or reconstruction of the plan is advised to allow my status as one hoping to be an achiever. This also means a change of plan to avoid a total failure. It is like from the west going to the east, left to right, from failure to success.


I will always remember my mother’s statement to me, “Focus, son”. I am a busy person. My schedule is always occupied with my Studies, work and service (not preferred to mention) - appointment here and appointment there. Almost more than three schedules per day at different places. Unfortunately, there is no proper time management thus everything is done with rush which would sometimes result to an overlapping of the activities. There is no focus to one thing; my mind is always at run, thinking for the next step to take and another decision to make. My mind is screwed up. My mind is unfixed. My mind is pre occupied. My mind is unsettled. For such, make me a messed up person.

There is really a need to stay focused. Focus means to put your heart and mind on something. It is highlighting the plan you made and making it happen with out time to be wasted.


Being happy means being satisfied. Satisfaction comes from your need for something. But that need must not be very high. Also, achieving ones dream must not be the basis of satisfaction but is should begin from every little thing, that’s being happy. Even with the undesired moment of your life, you should remain calm. Calmness is essential. You still have to see that flaw as something good. Especially in a professional lifestyle, you will always need to see yourself as someone pleasing. The way you see yourself is the way others would see the same. So keep the happiness within you first. The state of your inner self helps a lot in setting up ones mood. Then everything will flow smoothly.

As the IT profession is coming of age and its function is changing rapidly. Then I also must change. But this change does not mean complete eradication of oneself, ones knowledge. It is not about forgetting the things you know but it is supplying yourself with other things. I must know the changes. It is information. Yes, information changes so fast. It flows so fast. Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second and even in every millisecond new information would exist. And it should be the part of us especially as being an Information Technology Professional. Professionalism means being well-mannered and worthy enough to be called one with regards to your career. Professionalism requires us to put away the childish things in yourself. It is being dependent. It is being matured. It is being active. It is being prepared. It is being sensitive. Sensitivity towards the change is a requirement to be a worthy IT professional.
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ashbury franklin alcordo


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:11 pm

10 years from now, Information Technology will be very massive. 10 years from now, it will be TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN (2018)! Wow! A big wow! As I am 20 years old at this moment, ten years from now I will be 30 years old. Philosophically, there is no need for me to worry, for life begins at 40! But this is not the case. If I will wait for 20 years which is at my 40th year for me to learn things then I will be like BONJING! Too old and too big yet to thinks like a child. Its like feeding myself with only a MILK and nothing else. It is like knowing no other food other than milk. As for an IT professional, it is just like knowing how to code turbo C and knows no other thinking it would enough to be a professional. It is a total mistake for it is like never growing! Turbo C was introduced at the year 1987 and that was 21 years ago, today we have a lot of languages, C#, PHP n etc. In the field of Information Technology, you will be drinking and eating a lot of drinks and food every day! It is like a feast everyday with different meals being served and you have to taste as much as you can to full for every meal taste differently. It is the world of Information Technology.

We are different from the other professions. A doctor studies the human body. After 20 years, the human body is still the same. Unlike IT Professionals, at this moment, we study the kind of computer, a Pentium 4 but after 20 years, the computer is not Pentium 4 anymore. A doctor gives a Paracetamol to an ill person which suffer fever, even after many years, same medicine will be given to same virus in the body. A computer, if attacked by a virus, you will heal it by this method, by this code. But as virus is created every minute, same as the treatment will never be the same. Our work may be in demand at this moment but it may be not after many years. It will not last forever for technology changes so fast.

There is no red light for you to stop. There is no break for you step in. Information Technology runs all the way even without direction for the mind of the people is unpredictable. Today he thinks something like this, tomorrow he thinks different and that way of thinking does not happen in just one person but almost everyone. There are billions of billions of people in the world so we may think that there are also billion of billions of ideas that exist in the world. And what if all of the idea is done everyday? Amazing, isn’t it? That is the way a people think and information technology is dependent to what people thinks. If he thinks unpredictability then the future is unpredictable.

I have researched about the life of an IT Professional and I found such article by Colin Thompson states which states:

“As IT professionals we live in exciting times. The IT profession is coming of age and the role of the IT professional is changing rapidly. The traditional IT Department, as a support function dedicated to providing technical solutions to problems defined by ‘the business’, is set to disappear. The reality today is that IT doesn’t just support business, it powers business and the future for the IT profession is all about the development of business-focused professionals with a much wider range of skills and capabilities than in the past. Information technology can, and in many instances does, deliver very substantial business and social benefits. It enables organizations to make dramatic leaps in productivity and governments to deliver greatly enhanced service levels that their citizens now expect. But successful IT enabled business change often remains elusive. If we are to realize the full potential of IT the function must move from being viewed as a technical solution provider to be seen as a full transformation partner.”[2]

To reflect, the good thing about being an Information Technology Professional is that it really exciting. It is a challenge. It is an unending challenge as change is unending too. Your brain will never be like metals having rust. For this set of information is like oil that make your brain always working and will not be filled up with rust. Information Technology Professionals are unique. Information Technology Professionals are distinct. Information Technology Professionals are genius. But this will happen if they will work it out. Working it out means doing a lot of readings and going into IT seminars and trainings for we should be flexible. Information Technology Professionals should be well rounded enough to cater to whatever the world needs. Every business has different strategy or style in running their business and so we, as an IT should be very accommodating to their needs.

Reading is very important. Sir Francis Bacon quotes “Reading makes a full man”. My older brother who did not graduate in college (one of the IT student in USEP) defends himself “I can learn things by reading in the internet more than the school can give me in one year”. He stated this statement when my mother asked him to go and finish his study. My brother is earning much now as a programmer. He is intellectually. With such words, I concluded how important reading is. It will make me a full man. It teaches me more than a school can teach. Another professor always state whenever we ask questions in our programming class, he always say press F1. F1 features the help file and this requires reading. Now, I realize when one of our professor once said “I will just teach you .01 percent and the remaining percent will be gain by yourself “.These are also one of the reason why there are some classes done virtually. These classes require reading of articles, journals and news events and giving reflection like what I am doing now. I can not include in my reflection that turbo C is introduced in year 1987 or find the statement of Sir Francis Bacon if I did not use the power of internet or and of reading. Reading is essential in mental growth!

To have dream or vision is necessary. “You’ve got to have a dream, to make a dream come true” says Walt Disney A dream is something you wanted to aim either possible or not. To dream big is one proof of wanting to be successful. The desire to gain something out of nothing or out of your efforts is a dream. Mary Tyler Moore states, “Having a dream is what keeps you alive”, as for me, to reach a dream is to reach ones fulfillment in life. Our dreams must be from our heart. Our dreams must be made by ourselves not others. Our dreams must be motivational. Our dreams must keep us working. With out a dream or a vision is like walking in the darkness. Having no vision is like walking with out direction. Our outlook towards life must not be a “COME WHAT MAY” basis. It is once said by my classmate but having this perspective will lead you to an undesired direction. It is like going to a place with no plans. It is like working with no choice. It is like buying a product with no purpose. It is like doing something with out explanation. It is defending oneself with out justification. In this case, your foundation is weak! Your life is no value. It is like playing just to lose. It is like putting up a business to be bankrupt. It is like living just to die. A dream must be something inspiring and exciting. Your life must be as inspiring and exciting as your dream. Your dream must keep you moving all the way. Your dream must keep your heart thrilled on every step you take towards that dream. Again, Our dream must be our reason to live.

CLAIM IT! It’s yours! Just simply claim it and you will have it. There are a thousand reasons why we can’t reach our dreams; and it is challenge for us to find even one reason why we can. Laziness is one of the reasons why our dreams fail. We fail because we don’t work for it. We fail because we are not motivated. We fail because of our attitudes. We fail because of ourselves and not because of other factors. Success is not a great battle between you and others, not 1 versus 100 but 1 versus 1, you and yourself. It is the greatest battle. Yourself is your greatest enemy. You need to overcome yourself first for you to overcome the world. Overcome yourself. Control yourself. Lead yourself. So you can and will work for the things that are needed to be done. Work and work and work Then you will win the battle. Then you will win the reach your dream.

Reaching ones dream means being successful. So the working for my dream needs to start now. Being an IT professional requires so much o knowledge and skills. Being an IT professional requires so much of my ability. Being an IT professional requires my whole being. My want of being an IT professional must have to start now. I must begin to do what is needed to be done. NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO ACT. Action is needed. I should act not like Juan Tamad. No one can eat the guava by just waiting it to fall into its mouth. Success: It is not hidden and she will not find us if you will not look for her. She is not too far but not as near for your arms just to be stretched to get it. You need to work for it as hard as you can. Yes, as hard as I can. As the maturity of a person is measured by how he spends his free time, then I should be mature enough to use my vacant time as productive as it should be. I must learn how to read a lot of articles, news, journals and may more. I must learn how to be diligent enough to work hard to attain what my heart desires me to be. I must learn how to be train myself to be a professional-like person even in my college years for this is my heart desires me to be. Practice makes perfect. Practice makes me one.

As an Information Technology Professional, I must be worthy so I must prepare myself. I must equip my self like a soldier going for a battle. I must be worthy to be called a professional so I must act like one. I must be well mannered. I must be decent. I must live a life systematically. . I must live a life which everyone may appreciate. I must live a life which does not showcase only of competitiveness in my intellectual capability. I must live a life which does not contain only of minds and brains. But I must live a life which is full of respect to other people. . I must live a life which showcases concern for other people. I must live a life also with a heart.

I must live as an Information Technology Professional not with brains only but also with heart.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:58 am

Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, how do you see yourself 10 years from now, what are your strategies to get there?

Wow this assignment is a tough one, I will have to write down at least 3000 words… quite a hard one ^_^ Anyway I should be keep going… and I should have waste at most 500 words for my introduction. But as introduction I can’t even find the right words to say…

While reading this question, it made me think about my past life where I have to choose the right course for me. During my high school life I’m actually planning to be an engineer someday. In my previous test on entrance exams in different schools I filled up Electronics and Communication Engineer (ECE) as my primary course. The second in my list is to become a Computer Engineer, and lastly to become a teacher. As I recall I did not filled up an application that states that I was going to choose Information Technology (IT) as my course. Not until heard a rumor that IT infrastructure in the future is going strong and needs more IT professionals to manage the rising technology. And with that small flick of a rumor my goal of becoming an Electronics and Communication Engineer changes to become an Information Technology professional. That time I gathered information about IT though when I became one I never have a chance to know the true meaning of IT especially when I compare it to Computer Science (CS). When we have a freshmen orientation well I do not remember who our speaker is that time but he differentiates IT from CS. As what I have remembered he said that IT professional deals with the spreading and distributing of information of softwares and systems which CS made. As meet my new classmates, I ask them questions like why they have taken IT as their course and what their goals are. Many have answers that they have taken IT because it’s in demand, others says nothing special about their course, other response that they really don’t want the course but they have no choice while other wants to be a programmer. Although I can say that I’m more fortunate than some of my classmates because during my secondary level I have learned the basics of computers like turning it on and off, creating new folder as well as deleting it, even exploring the disk and other stuff, I learned to use MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel even using Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver like making my personal offline webpage. Well, not to boast but during my 3rd year and 4th year in high school I join a regional contest named STEP though I forgot the meaning of that the event I join in is a Webpage making contest using notepad, MS FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver sadly all I can get is a 3rd runner up… well too much for that… although I can see and say that I have more expertise than some of my classmates I ask myself the same question I have given to them during that time. I ask myself about these particular questions:

• What is the real reason why I choose this course?
The reason why I take up this course is that I really want to know more about technology. They said that technology is rising very fast that almost a month or three new inventions will introduced. To take a part of this world I don’t want to be passive to these things, I want new learning about this changing technology. And when I fully understand the flow of technology I really, really want to contribute to the world to make something unique, something irreplaceable softwares that will help the people on this planet. That’s why I taken up this course as my baseline in fulfilling my dreams. Right now I can’t say it’s accidental but it’s really a choice that I made and I will never regret it.
• What are the risks in taking up this course?

Every course have many risks, some have miss lead to other directions. The main risk that I’m afraid of when taking up this course is that the department contains terror teachers that are ready to give five point zero grade. Well that’s a hell of a risk… right now instead of graduating I extend one year but I learned my lessons… Being an IT there are lot of risk in the future, although IT students are in demand there are lot of students who lost their trail and end up being an taxi driver or a waitress… they end up like that because they don’t really now the true meaning of their course… in order to overcome those risks I should be ready to handle it and just understand the real meaning of an IT professional.

• What are my goals?
Our teacher said that if my goal is only to graduate from this course, I should have plan to failed… he said when you think about goal… it is something bigger something you have to achieve in order to succeed in this world. Right now my goal is to get the desire job I want and I should have many objectives to follow… it’s like a quest in game… you cannot complete it without following the right directions and instructions… you should read, listen and investigate in order to finish and proceed to the next level.

• What job do I want and get after finishing this course?
Actually at first, until now I really wonder what job I can have after graduating in this course. I ask my self can a have a stable job after this? Well as of now my part time job is fixing others PC like a technician or what so ever… implementing a illegal copies of OS and Softwares being paid by 500 pesos and above… Well is this the only price I could get after studying? I ask some of my classmates about the job they can get after graduating… many answers they will become a programmer someday but then I ask again my self and them… programmer of what? Well they certain have hard time thinking of the right answer… ^_^ few said they want to become a call center agent as a temporary job… some said they want to become a system analyst and other IT stuff… I ask my self again… actually I was planning to have a part time as an instructor to some school who needs IT professionals as their guide the reason is for that as time goes by while searching for the right job I can have my knowledge become further improve because when you teach you should study more to share more. As my dream is to become a Game System Analyst and Designer in order to create a game that mankind should always search for… I should have my stepping stone in teaching and sharing…

• How do I see my self ten years from now?
Actually I really don’t believe in predictions or guess regarding the future, because I believe that only God can see the future ahead. But I believe that everything that will happen today can affect the flow of the future, every actions and doings can affect the life of other… every mistakes can cause distraction to the future. And I believe that based on what I’m doing right now in making this assignment will make me a better person in the future… because it makes me think of the things that I forgot to think in present… it makes me answer the questions I forgot to answer and makes me realize that planning is really important to achieve your goal. As of now my dream is to become a Game System Analyst and Designer as what I mention earlier because I want to create a game that mankind should always search for whether a men, women, children and so on. In order to achieve this almost impossible goal well nothing’s impossible I should consider and do some of my parents teaching, to have these abilities:

o Patience – the capacity for waiting for something to come up. I should not make things especially decisions to be done rashly. I should wait for the right time and place to avoid certain mistakes.
o Peace of mind – in times of troubles and uncertainty I should think clearly in order to make things right. Just smile and think something precious, something important to have a peace of mind. If I have peace of mind I can easily understand the flow of my work and the essence of it.
o Courage – the quality of being brave, being brave to the less expected situations, to be brave in anything that will occur in my life, and I should have the courage to face the world especially my employer ^_^. To face all the challenges that the lord will give me.
o Dignity – I should have proper sense of pride and self-respect. I should know when to admit defeat and surrender. I should not have more pride or no pride at all… in any case I should satisfy myself in simple but great things.
o Humble – I should have modest and unassuming in attitude and behavior. I should not boast in what I’m doing or contribute in order for me to have a close relationship with my teammates and co-workers.
o Respect – I should have respect to others work, I should respect my teammates to have a good relationship and to be a good citizen also. I should respect my self by having a good diet and caring it… because it’s my foundation.
o Time management – I should always have my time scheduled. I should divide it properly that I can have a time for my family and myself.
o Inspired – I should be inspired on what I’m doing; I should see the benefits that will come up with my work to be inspired in finishing it. I should be inspired by my parents teaching and preaching form the very beginning, I should be inspired by some of the most successful persons who started from nothing, I should be inspired from the girl I love… ^_^
o Faith – I should believe to my self and everything around me, I should trust in my abilities for me to work well. I should have faith in God for he is the only one who can help and raise me when I’m dying form emptiness… I should believe in him that everything that happens to me has a purpose and will come up a great output and I will wait for that time 10 years from now…

I’m glad I have concerned parents who always remind me of the right things that I should do. They are the one who motivates me in pursuing my dreams in life. They are the one who keeps telling me about those good things I should consider in order for me to be a good successful IT professional. They are also the one who keeps reminding me about the bad things I should avoid and correct.
o Lack of self control – they always tell me that I have a short temper…in short a high blood since I was a kid… I always have an enemy to fight because of my attitude. I should always control my self to avoid further distraction ^_^. Also spending too much money is also lack of self control and I should avoid that.
o Waste of time – right now I could tell that I always waste my time doing stuff that doesn’t have any sense… I always submit my home works late, I always do my projects one or three days before deadlines that causes exhaustion. I should always do thing on time to avoid further delay.
o Self Abuse – by not managing my time properly I always end up making my projects over time 24 hours in two to three days which is not right… at the end of the project I end up exhausted and worst sick for three days… becoming a worthy IT professional is not all about work but including proper manage of health…
o Girls Temptations – they always remind me to give them diploma not a baby so I should focus on my studies. Anyway I have a girlfriend now an IT student also in the same school and my parents is sooo afraid… I always tell them that they should trust me for I know what the right things to do… but who knows? ^_^
Well I always have these things in my mind in order to succeed… and I should avoid and control it… anyway I can also tell that there are times that you can’t avoid it but instead you just have to correct it and control it in order to manage.

• What are my strategies to become a worthy IT professional?
My strategies are very simple… I should become a good person with a good heart to have more friends to lean on. I should follow what my heart lean on and think it right. I should be aware of what I’m doing. I should study more and research more to become aware of the changing technology. I should consider some good advises from concern people like my family, teachers and others. I should follow those good things listed above and avoid the bad ones. I should have my own strategic planning to help not just my self but everything that surrounds me. I should have goals and objectives to motivate me. Lastly I should believe in my self and pray to God that everything will be just fine ^_^.

Thank you for this assignment sir although its so mind boggling making out 3000 words, I have just recalled my past. I have answered those questions again and improve it, and still it amazes me the way I think about my course… I think everyone does about their own ideas… for me I think I can be a worthy IT professional someday and my baseline starts here…
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Lorena R. Gonzales


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PostSubject: Assignment 1   Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:42 pm

Looking back from the time when I was still in high school, I never imagined myself reaching this point of wanting so much to become an IT professional. Where did the desire come from? I mean, it was not really the way I planned back then. From the very start, being inclined to information technology was never a part of my choices.

It was either I wanted to be a physicist or to pursue mass communications. I had always loved physics and my interest for it was enough to drive me to where I would like to be. Mass communications, it was my one ancient want. My passion for media-related activities was burning hot and I felt safe and happy to be in that zone. I wanted to be a newscaster and I dreamed of myself getting a solo show of social relevance. I often pictured myself being a film director and a scriptwriter. I sometimes put a little television program in front of the mirror. The latter seemed so crazy and bizarre. That just proved how I was so into that dream.

However, some things were just meant to remain fantasies. The end of my first story was so obvious. I was not able to feel and see those dreams transforming into reality. It ended up nothing. And so during the last months in high school when everyone was deliberating for their degree courses, I had nothing to hold on to. What would I want to be? Confusions and doubts were in my thoughts every time I formulated that question. It was a very simple question though but in my case, it was the hardest to be answered. I could not find answers and even career guidance orientations were never a help for me to figure things out.

High school graduation was getting nearer and I still could not decide as to what I would be in college. My parents, as well as my siblings, and I often argued about this matter. My brother would say that it was best for me to take up BS Nursing but in the first place, the idea of being a nurse was the least I would consider. Trying to visualize myself holding a syringe, taking blood examples and witnessing medical surgeries just could not urge me. It made me sick. Besides, my parents could not afford the above average expenses of a nursing student. My parents were not that rich to give me a huge pool of degree courses to choose from. That was one great reason why I did not even bother them to let me try mass communications. I knew for a fact that being in that course would mean a serious amount of money. I had to put myself in a position wherein I had to utilize and be satisfied with what were bestowed on me and with what were deprived of me. For apparent reasons, with encouragement from my parents, I decided to get a glimpse of USeP (University of Southeastern Philippines). From that, I was able to pick three courses which were AB English, BS Electronics and Communications Engineering and BS Information Technology. Again, another family conversation took place. AB English? A big NO NO. BS ECE? Five years in college and another intensive board exam. Not again. BS IT? Well, sounded great and new. Four years and it was attainable.

Hello Bachelor of Science in Information Technology! I found it weird during our first classes when every professor was asking this same question: “Why did you choose BSIT?” I would suddenly struggle in a search for a technical but impressive answer because honestly, I could not give any except for the fact that I was merely influenced by my family and by my own lame reasons. That was it, a blank. Good enough I did not become the unlucky one to be asked in front of a bunch of freshmen. Somehow, I chose to give justice to what I had decided to do – to embrace the reality of being a BSIT student.

What would be the things that were ought to happen in pursuance of my chosen degree? Of course I had to endure four years of an absolute mixture of misery, happiness, excitements, challenges and humiliation. The latter sentence was I thought the best general description of what was it like to be in my college life.

Misery. If I do a quick math calculation, I would conclude that approximately 40% of my collegiate existence will be given to this big M. It might appeal strange but whenever I set foot on my school’s entrance, there were moments that I smelled the unbearable scent of misery. That seldom made me not wanting to attend classes anymore. I could feel the inevitable pressure that surrounded me at school. The thought of seeing our professors, the upcoming stressful and strength-sucking projects, mind-breaking examinations and scary reports all made me feel very unwelcome. With every failure that I took, with every moment of being left behind by other people, and with every task that was unfulfilled, I nearly threw myself into hopelessness. I was almost on the verge of giving up and I even considered having a detour. That was to shift and try other options available. I was already willing turn my back away from the responsibilities I was supposed to be dealing with at school. I wanted to start, play safe and never to mess my life again. In short, I wanted to call it quits. But then again, that was how things were. It was just a matter of acceptance and getting used to. What’s life without misery?

Happiness. I would be a hypocrite if I came to say that within those days of spending college never had I tasted the fun and joy of being a new person every time I had been through a lot of struggles. Misery was not after all my sole partner. Thinking that I was not able to give in to losing the battle, I could not help but be happy in spite of whatever it cost me. My friends were there, same fate as me, but we were still enjoying. We were always so happy to learn something new at school. It was so fulfilling every time we acquired knowledge from our subjects, especially if we were able to apply it outside and even in our daily informal conversation. The fun of making our projects, whether it was programming or technical papers, the sleepless nights we were able to bear in brainstorming and those times when we could do nothing but laugh at our unluckiness in submitting requirements were all sometimes frustrating however miraculously amusing. It was so hard not to remember when we were able to jam with our teachers and to joke around them, still at the same time having fruitful discussion in all things about information technology – its technicality, political issues and even environmental issues.

Being in an institute encircled by intelligent people who were ready to impart what they had learned from experiences and years of education was a privilege enough for me to say that it had never been a regret to go this path. I had known a lot about information technology and they made me see that there was more to being an IT professional than what was commonly heard of it. It was just not about being a call center agent, being a programmer and etcetera. The truth was a huge responsibility waits for those who were planning to commit their lives being an IT professional. Upon knowing this, it made my own perspectives wider and more realistic as compared to what I had before. It was time for me to redirect my goals and to have a clearer vision of what I wanted to be in the next few years. Since I had chosen BSIT, I had to keep going and do whatever it takes to leap every milestone leading me to where I was irrevocably wanting to achieve from the very beginning.

----- continuation below------
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Lorena R. Gonzales


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PostSubject: Assignment 1   Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:43 pm


It may sound ambitious but ever since I had known of Bill Gates, there had never been a day that I stopped dreaming of following his legacy. I wanted to be as brilliant as him and of course, becoming enormously rich as he was. It may seem ridiculous but I sometimes thought of hitting bigger, more than what he had accomplished. In this computer age, he will always be the person that I look up to regardless of what other competitors throw at him. I had never lost interest in what he could do and I would forever admire him for bringing ease to the common end-users of the computing industry.

What did it cost Bill Gates to have come to this unimaginable success? How did he do it? Was it just pure luck? Was this because of his enthusiasm and brilliance? Could that be for the reason of hard work and help from friends? Was it because of his education? Or simply it was his destiny. Perhaps, I would never stop wondering. Well, just like me, we are both human and everyone can do what he is capable of doing. It was not as if he had those extraordinary possessions such as the genie and a magic wand. He is just plainly like everyone else. Yet the difference was that he had everything that every person in the world would be dying to have: power, success, wealth, brilliance and he could afford all stuffs. He did not even have to enter into politics to conquer those. What was really his secret?

When I thought of Bill Gates, I thought of my future. What would it be like to live a life like his? How would it feel to be as successful as him? Would it be that easy? Of course, it would never be that easy. Would I be ready for the journey toward that future? That was why I had all the means lingering in my brain. Maybe, in my case it should start by being worthy to be called an IT professional since I had no plans of wasting my education by not using it. Why not make it the key? What would be my strategies? Would ten years be enough? How would I spend ten years meaningfully?

Let me think of the ways. My number one will surely be to take care of my health because first and foremost among all it’s the most important. Health is wealth, as what people would primarily quote. Obviously, I will not reach ten years if I die too soon or logically, I will not be able to achieve what I had put into my mind when my body would never be capable of doing jobs. Getting a healthy body starts from getting enough sleep. That would mean I have to sleep as early as 10 pm and wake up eight hours after. I will also do regular exercise in the morning to strengthen my muscles so that I may able to cope up with physical pressures and stress. A glass of milk at breakfast and at night will surely strengthen my bones. I should practice a balance diet, less monosodium glutamate, less pork, preservatives and sweets. Drinking a lot of water will also be a big help as it would detoxify my inner body. Physically, taking a bath twice everyday will wipe away all the harmful bacteria leaving me clean and fresh. Loosening up sometimes will surely free me from mental stress so get-together with friends and family and little nature escapades will do. I have to enhance my immune system in defense from any kinds of illness by taking plenty of Vitamin C. To protect myself from getting cancer, I have to eat pineapples at least thrice a week. An apple a day takes the doctor away. One thing important, I have to be 100 % free from all kinds of harmful habits specifically smoking, alcoholism and illegal drugs intake.

In this present world wherein doing one job at a time is not any more acceptable for most organizations, people tend to make haste. Multitasking nowadays is a serious lifestyle for any one who wants to survive with more than enough at hand. If I thought of the future, probably it would be more than just multitasking. By that time, people will double or even triple their hard works as to make out for a living. Another more demanding and more rapid lifestyle will certainly be the new trend. If that would be the case then as early as now, I should get used to doing multiple jobs with different range of difficulties. I should start by organizing my to-do list and make the greatest effort to follow what has been planned. Planning ahead to succeed and utilizing time wisely will be my darkest weapons in the long run so why not practice it beforehand.

Learning is a continuous process. Being a professional in information technology is not acquired from a four-year degree alone but also from keeping track of the latest knowledge that evolves from day to day. In a technological aspect, methods and techniques are constantly developed in a way that the latest is always better than the previous. Therefore getting updated will be one thing that I am going to take notice of and I am going to live out for it. Particularly, it will be learning by doing for all time. Earning a doctorate degree in Information Technology will be my very first move. It will be the commencement of who I will be in ten years time. Getting involved in IT conventions and seminars will be the means for me to gain knowledge of the fresh technical methodologies. An internet browsing for a routine will provide me the means to get in pace of the different global IT strategies and to be familiar with newborn standards. The World Wide Web will also give me the chance to expose my pieces and ideas. It will also open my world to the different experts in the IT industry and perhaps Bill Gates, and they will help me widen my creativity, resourcefulness and intellect.

Interaction is an essential factor of being successful. True that one could never claim that being triumphant will be solely for the reason of self-reliance. No man is an island. This is such a cliché yet it still applies to the truth. Success is attained through a team effort. It is something not one person can work for independently. Hence, I should have to improve my socialization abilities so that I may able to extend my connection. When in times of inconvenience, resource constraints and discoveries, I have a bunch of friends and acquaintances to request from. But surely, it will not be a host-parasite relationship. I will not intend to merely ask help from them but also in return, I could offer them my help at all times. It will definitely begin with a friendly attitude. Then, I will make use of electronic social networking because that is one best way to achieve millions of sociable friends. I will explore my own social allies. I have to be well-versed at anything interesting and significant and I have to be physically presentable for me to get in a circle of intellectual and famous giants. To cut it short, I have to be fully aware of my interpersonal skills.

There is nothing more effective than to key in the theories in the real scenario of experimentation. Having been equipped with self-confidence, positive attitude, values, mental alertness and capacity, constantly-developed skills: combination of people-related, technical and business skills, wide ranging levels of global IT exposures, unremarkable degree of education and not to mention a healthy body and of course; an unbreakable and clearer vision in my mind, it will be the good components that I possess for me to take an entrance in Microsoft Corporation.

I will be working there as the head of a huge software engineering team and I am going to exert a lot of energy in my job. I am going to be an excellent leader, brave and wise in producing a decision and I will use every ounce of learned methods and techniques I acquired since college. I will be the best systems analyst and no one could ever dare say that I am nothing. I am going to spend four years of my career in Microsoft and as soon as I am strategically prepared to go higher, I will be stepping out of the organization. On the tenth year, I will go back to my own country and pursue interesting IT investors to put up my own software development corporation. I will hire the best Filipino IT specialists in town and in a team effort; we will extend our market worldwide, make it big. We will make the Philippines the new IT capital not just in Asia but throughout the world. For our fellowmen, we will localize all common software so that even non-English speaking Pinoys will have the fun of learning the computing technology. We will also be considerate with environmental issues in relation to IT. We will be devoted to the concept of Green Campus Computing and we will also be in consensus with Free Open Source Software (FOSS). In the succeeding years, our company will be as gigantic and invincible as other international corporations.

Who now says that ordinary people do not have an inch of opportunity to dream this big? Small things lead to great things and there is a huge selection of future to choose from. Promising futures are waiting for those who are willing to dream and to make it real. For now, I may not be the person that I had described in those ten years of a lifetime but who knows? Once the opportunity comes knocking, I will use every element of my senses to come seize it.

Go for the goal!
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abellana, maria teresa g.


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PostSubject: assignment 1   Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:31 am

Thinking about the future is common to everyone. In fact, it’s not a rare thing to do. As they say, “To dream is free… sky is the limit…”

In a youth conference, a speaker once said, “The world belongs for those who dream…” This statement has made me realize that dreaming in a deeper sense is definitely essential if an individual wants to survive in this world. It triggers the ability of a person to pursue whatever he has dreamed of. But nevertheless, sometimes dreaming makes one being hindered to achieve their goals in life. Dreams will stay dreams if there is no action being put to it. Dreams connote of the desirable future we want to attain. It’s a vision dwelling in us…
I may say that one cannot focus if there is no vision. Without vision, one can get caught with life’s complexity; being distracted with the negative issues in the environment and as well as the issues of the person itself. As being quoted by Dave Branon, he said that, “Life will never look fair. But when we trust God, we always know that He is faithful.” This quote reminded me of a Scripture that assures that God has a plan in my life. It is in Jeremiah 29:11, which says that, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Looking ten years ahead, what will I be? Can I be successful as God has assured?
There are factors that should be considered in order to achieve the SUCCESS in life. Primarily, a person should know how to motivate himself. As the captains of our own lives, we have the responsibility to have our own forecasting for the years to come. Setting goals, planning ahead, formulating strategies--- these all play a big role for a triumphant future. They are the major ingredients so that one will be flying high with colors.
Any activity requires planning in order to achieve a desired goal. It would be crucial for any endeavor in life without any established plan. These plans could either make or break an individual. That is why plans should be thoroughly analyzed. This thorough analysis will lead to strategies that will eventually play a big role for the success of any person.
This strategic plan will enable any individual to succeed and survive, depending on the plan that has been made. As said earlier, plans could either make or break them.

I, an Information Technology student as of now will be soon entering the real business world and be called as an IT professional. But the big question is how will I get there? What are my strategies so that I could land successfully to the field that I have chosen?
Success needs determination; determination to follow the dreams and vision inhabiting in the mind and heart, determination to pursue whatever goal that has been set. Determination also speaks of discipline. We need to discipline our thought, life, emotion, and event the way we think. Disciplining our thought means that we need to see things as complimenting with one another; that even things never turned out as we expect them to be, we will put in mind that everything happens for a special purpose, and we need to see things in a very nice view --- in a positive outlook. Disciplining our life means we need to take control of our time. Valuing our time is one way of exercising professionalism. Time discipline is important especially for worthwhile things. To cite, rather than going to malls and spending time on shopping, its more preferable to lay our time in reading knowledgeable books, journals, magazines, surfing the World Wide Web --- all sorts of exploring and unraveling the vastness of Information Technology knowing that it does advance as day passes by. We spend our time according to our maximum priority. And that priority is our future--- our Success. When we deal with our emotions, discipline can be applied in a way that we have to manage the stresses that we get around us; from the people we meet daily, family issues, national or local concerns and everything that affects our emotions. It should be that we know how to handle our stresses and the situations that we encounter. It is inevitable to face such things but when we know how to balance our emotions, it will not be difficult for us to deal with them. And lastly, the way of how we discipline our thinking --- this entails focus to our vision. We should focus on the positive side of life; we should pursue optimistic thinking. We should focus on the dreams we have envisioned. Success needs people who know how to dream. It needs people who are being unchained with their paralyzed minds. Paralyzed with the current status they have, the failures they have gone, the discouragements they have been through and they get from the people and surroundings and from what they perceive --- all the contaminants that is being trashed in their minds. It weakens their hope, lessens their confidence to follow their dreams and hinders them to achieve what they desire in their lives. They are being immobilized with all these negativities.
Success requires Change. Change of mindset. I may say that, “If I change, everything changes!” There is no wonder that I will be victorious in the end. Mindset matters in all aspects of life. It’s the mindset that neutralizes the disparity one possesses. It is mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it won’t matter. So it is necessary that we weigh and evaluate things first before we let them matter o us. If we allow them to hurt or affect us in a not-so-good way, it’s our fault then, we allowed them so. If we stay where were at, we won’t change. If a person wants to pursue their plans in life, it’s a must that he or she undergoes change --- change for the better. He or she should bring and let him or herself enter a new level in life. Change is a requirement for Success. If one desires to become prosperous, a shifting of mindset is needed. Mindset really counts.
Douglas Thornton said, “I find that the constant inspiration gained by looking at the goal is the chief thing that helps me to persevere.” Honestly, I was deeply moved with his statement. Planning ahead and setting goals, the vision and dreams, helps motivate to proceed and run after the reward that lies ahead. Focusing on the goal produces perseverance. Despite of the undertakings and peculiarity of the events around, the goal pushes us to go through. If on chooses to stay focused, he or she would not allow anything, be it the events, people, or the emotions, to get him be distracted. He would formulate strategies instead to overrun them. A person who wants to become successful in the end would live a STRATEGIC lifestyle --- a balanced life. A Strategic lifestyle would mean:
1. BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE A PERSON OF WORTH. Believing equates trusting --- trusting in our own abilities to become triumphant in the future, and confidence to attain whatever goal that has been already set. This would imply of NO “SELF-DEGRADATION” rule in spite of the weaknesses and flaws one have.
2. STARTING THE DAY WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Being optimistic helps an individual to stay right on the track. A positive attitude each day drives all worries away! The attitude maintains the focus and also, the focus upholds the attitude.
3. DEFINING OUR DREAMS. Like any other projects that we have or had taken, we need to know them for us to accomplish them excellently. We need to define our dreams to have a concrete plan on how to achieve them in the most efficient way. If we fail to define them, then it’s our loss.
4. NOT DWELLING IN OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. Most of the people get trapped particularly when it does let them be in the state of anxiousness. These would refer to the problems, challenges, and obstacles they have never anticipated to come their way. These are all spices of life and all spices make life more tasteful. Even though when there is fear blocking along the way, let us keep on advancing! There is no such thing as hopeless. Nothing is hopeless until you give up hope. When we focus on the goal, we will see hope unless we choose to stay, be overwhelmed and consumed with life’s intricacy.
5. START THINKING RIGHT. It’s how we perceive and receive things. It would be much easier to get into our goal if we practice thinking appropriately. Thinking too much of the garbages or the pointless thoughts in our mind would weigh us down. Thinking right demands the right perspectives in life. It speaks of our mindset, again. The way we think determines who we are and what we will become. The way we think influences how we act to make things happen. As a Proverb says, “As a man thinks, so he is.” But we should not also forget that it is the plan of Him that will prevail. No matter how much effort, how much we struggle and how big our plan are, His’ will reign.
6. KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR DREAM. We should not let our eyes get blurred or else there would be a division in our focus. We have many priorities in life but it should also be that “First things first.”

Life is unpredictable. It is full of surprises. You don’t know what it may bring. But as the captains of our own boat, we are liable on how are we going to make things run in a smooth flow. We are the forecasters of our own future. We make things happen in our lives. What we believe is what we become; and what we believe for should be accompanied with our actions in order for them to be fulfilled.
As of now, I am still a student who is continually learning the fundamentals of the Information and Communications Technology industry; exploring its vastness and hoping too that I will be entering, engaging, and working with the real ICT world. As a student as of now, I allow myself to discover more of the field that I have chosen. To experience challenges in my student years is essential for the development of my knowledge and skills that soon will be vital in my future career.
But as what I have mentioned earlier, “What we believe is what we become”… What I believe then, I will become. This suggests that we should possess the proper mindset for us to arrive at our individual goals--- that we should believe in our own abilities and potentials and really allow ourselves to be exposed with the unending learning around us; to never stop learning. With this motivation, I could envision myself as a professional IT person in a well-known company acquiring the competitive skills and adequate knowledge about my profession. I could visualize that I am working in a software development team. I could also envision myself as occupying a top rank and being well-compensated by the company. Ten years from now, I could see myself as a successful IT professional mentoring other people; helping them to carry out their objectives.
With all of these futuristic ideas and plans I have, it will just be fulfilled if it is the perfect will of Him. As what the Scripture says: “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is His’ that will prevail”… Nevertheless, He has also promised that He has the perfect plans in our lives; not to harm but to prosper us. This means there is hope for everything. As long as we do our part, believe in ourselves, and most importantly, trusting Him in all our ways, we will succeed.
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Melgar John Gascal


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:14 pm

Why Information Technology? It started just to have a course in college, an unreasonable decision to take-up this course. My parents decided to choose University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) as my school in college. They chose USeP, of course the top reason why most students chose this school, because of a low cost tuition fee and also to avail a scholarship of Congressman Prospero “Boy” Nograles. The next problem is, the school was decided but the course was not decided yet. I thought to take accountancy as my course because I excelled in Mathematics in my high school years but unfortunately accountancy is not offered in USeP. Next option is to take-up an engineering course, I’m good in Math but I’m not good in drawing. So finally, my eldest sister, who was currently studying at USeP, advised to take-up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT). My sister defined BSIT is a computer-related course. The first reason why I chose BSIT is I want to explore the world of computer, the world of technology. It is a risk taking-up this course without any background of it. As time goes by, I failed a subject, the first and only subject I failed, hope that will be the last, computer programming 1, a C++ language. I was challenged by this subject, creating programs by using analysis and learning the basic syntax of a language. This is the second reason why I continued this course because I enjoyed this called computer programming.

With just this two reason, can makes me a worthy Information Technology professional 10 years from now? Maybe yes, it is because of the passion and the enjoyment to do something will lead me to a success. But like on my failure, without preparing on your passion will also lead to failure. Pursuing your passion with enjoyment is not enough, it also need proper planning, a strategic planning.
Someday I want to be an IT Specialist. I really want to be an expert on this field, to be updated on the technology and especially to develop a technology, maybe a software or hardware that can help an organization that results to the improvement of our country.

To achieve my goal as an IT Specialist, I’ll start it within myself. I need to overcome my weaknesses, to enhance and make it better. Changing my personality from the shy-type to an expressive-type. It helps me as a professional, to boost my confidence in interacting with people, my co-workers. Also in speaking with other people, I need talk fluently. In other words, I need to know how to “business talk”. I should know on how I can convince my clients or boss in my projects to be done.
Be updated on technology. Being an IT Specialist, as the word specialist means, I need to know every corner on this field, not only the past technologies but also the present and the technologies to be developed. Being updated helps me to make strategies and techniques how to deal with the new technologies and differentiating with the past. In this changing world, technology keeps evolving that I need to adopt, change management in short.

Be optimistic and open in criticism. In working something, think that it will be done perfectly and finish it at the due time. And if there will be faults and errors, be open in criticism. Work on the flaws and it will improve and enhance the projects that will be made.

Continue with my passion. As what I’ve stated my reason why I continue on this carrier, my passion is in the technology. I wanted to deepen my knowledge in technology. This also inspires me to pursue in course. With this enthusiasm and follow this plans, someday, I can be called as a worthy IT professional.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:21 pm

10 years from now, I am …

When I was in high school I always dreamed of becoming the next Bill Gates. I wanted to do more than what he has done in the IT world. I wanted to create an operating system more powerful and more flexible than Microsoft Windows that would run only on my own line of computers. I dreamed of being the first one to develop a fully functional computer system that combines virtual reality and hologram providing the user a 360 degrees 3D screen as monitor and uses nerve pulses from your brain for navigation. The computer system is controlled by your mind and your hand. I’m sure you guys have seen such computer systems in sci-fi movies. This dream started when I and two of my classmates in high school were talking about what course we should take up and what career we should go for. We were also talking about what are those stuffs that we want to create and would be the first to do it. At first I wanted to create a chemical substance that would create an absolute 0 degrees temperature. But, as the discussion went on we came up of a big dream that needs each and everyone’s cooperation. That time I was already confused on which course I should take up. I am choosing between BS in Nursing and BS in Multimedia Arts. To end my confusion I talked with my guidance councilor and ask her for advice. Guess what she told me?, that exact words she said was “ Mag BSIT ka nalang if you don’t want to leave Davao City. USP is offering that course; I know you would do well if you go for that course and that school”. Hmmm, she was wrong when she said that I would do well in usep. I learned a lot but I did not do well.

After those discussions and planning, we came up of a plan on how we can make our dreams happen. To make our dreams happen we decide to go take up different course. One took up Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering and the other one took up Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts in dela Salle University. As for me I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology here in University of Southeastern Philippines. We named our team TRIPOD, when one will fail, the others will fail too. That is why we need to support each other to maintain our balance. That is why one must take a different course from the other. We carefully planned this dream and slowly it is becoming a reality. Let me explain to you why choose those courses. First I will explain why one took up Bachelor of Science in electronics and communications engineering. BSECE man is responsible for the design and the development of the technology that our operating system will use. He will design and develop a computer system that can cater the need hardware needs of our operating system. He is also tasked to develop a new way of communication, more reliable and secured than the current means of communication existing today. Next I will explain why the other took up Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts. BSMMA man is responsible in designing the user interface of the Operating System. He is also tasked to create 3d models of Mr. BSECE’s designs. Mr. BSMMA is also responsible in creating presentations and other multimedia stuffs for promoting our Operating System. online or in real life. Last, but not the least, I will explain why I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I think you already know why we need to have an IT graduate in our team. Who would develop the operating system if we wouldn’t have an IT graduate in our team. Is it becoming clear to you now?. I was assigned as the programmer in the team because ever since we were in 1st year high school, programming is my passion. I love to program and when we have a programming competition in our school I would always be the programmer and they are the designers.

When I graduated from high school I followed my guidance counselor’s advice and took up BS in Information Technology in USEP. By following my guidance counselor’s advice I am a step closer in achieving my dreams. Seeing me 10 years from now is a very hard thing to do. Technology is rapidly evolving into more sophisticated one. Everyday new technologies com out of the market which makes the one you bought a month ago obsolete. So much for the introductory speech, here goes my vision of what I will become 10 years from now. 10 years from now I will have own IT Company which develops operating systems more powerful than Microsoft Windows. These operating systems will only run on my own brand of computers.

“The Graduation”

We all know that the first step in attaining my dream is to graduate from college. So this would be my first step. I need to surpass all challenges that I may encounter as I journey the path to success. I am expected to graduated next year 2009-2010.

“Reviewing and having the time of my life”

This is the second step that I must take. I need to review those stuffs that I have learned when I was in first year. I need to review C++ programming, Java Programming, Programming theories, concepts and strategies. These are the basic knowledge that an IT graduate must have. But due to the long term education we have, we surely have forgotten this stuff or we may have taken this things for granted, totally un-aware that this simple things are the most important things we need to be knowledgeable of when we look for work in IT companies. I would give myself one year to review and to enjoy my self while I am single and while I still don’t have work.

“Gaining Experience”

The third step is to gain experience by working for different companies. In this step my target company would be those small – medium IT companies that develop software. I would gain 2 years experience in different IT fields while taking note of those stuffs that an operating system must not have and those stuffs that an operating system must have.

“Gaining knowledge from the IT Gods”

After gaining knowledge and experience from small – medium scale IT companies. I will now target the 3 giant companies in developing Operating Systems. I will work for Microsoft, Macintosh and Linux an gain knowledge about their operating systems. How it is programmed, how it works and how I can combine those 3 operating systems to make a powerful operating system.

“Building an Empire”

On the 10th year I will open my very own IT company and at the same time introduce to the world the Operating System that will bring Microsoft, Linux and Macintosh down. I will also introduce to the world the only brand of computer that is capable of running my operating system.
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PostSubject: Assignment 1   Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:42 am

When I first heard the question, first thing that comes on my mind was also a question. Why should we always keep on answering about our future career or shall I say my life in the future? Until a split of seconds i answered my own question right away. Well, so that I have my own inspiration while studying to achieve the height of my career, a successful life.

This task is different from the previous assignments that I answered from my previous post. This time I should have to answer on how my profession can help our school specifically the Institute of Computing.

Everything we do has its own purpose, like life. Every life is like chapter within the book for which there is a good and tragic chapter. Life is a journey and we are all travelers. A traveler that sees from his left and right, various places as we moves on. Each place creates different experiences. They say that past is the product of your future. What happen in the future will rely on what we did in the past. If we mold by our parents with love and care, I’m pretty much sure that in the future you would an everlasting happiness. Let us see how my dream can achieve eternity.

System analyst, legal and medical transcriptionist. That was the future job that I foreseen when I finish my study here in the University of Southeastern Philippines. Being an IT student in Institute of Computing is really a big challenge that came in my entire life I didn’t even know if I can push through this course because I was failed for the fourth time around. But still, life goes on I know frustrations in my life can largely contribute in my well being and as a student. I need to learn from my mistakes.
Well my vision in life right now is that being an IT professional that worked in the government for several year. I would like to serve first my country before getting a private job if I could pass this course. I would pay tribute first to our country. If I could pass this course I can now a certified from a public student. From elementary, secondary and the present college I’m in right now
Well I really don’t know how I ended to become an IT student in the University of Southeastern Philippines here in our school. Going back to my secondary schooling I really dream to become a teacher someday. It can be in any field. I seen a teacher before as a respected and full of information citizen . As the time goes by another profession pop up to my mind. To become an engineer. Well it just came out in my mind because they said that being an engineer can earn a lot of money. I also dreamed to become a Certified Public Accountant

When I am in my fourth year in high school, all that I dreamed from the past I realized that I don’t want them anymore. There is a lot of teacher in the Philippines and I realized that I will just add up to the extent population growth of teacher today. Some of them are not worth to be called as a teacher. First reason why I don’t pursue to study in engineering is that it will took 5 years for me learn everything and as they said it is too expensive course from the materials up to the board exam so, Engineering is out of my list.

It was in the graduation day in high school when I decided to study in the University of Southeastern Philippines and decided to take up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology not knowing the background of the course I entered all I know is about this course is that it deals with computer and you should have a great background in mathematics (LOGIC) as your weapon in understanding the said course.

That’s how I end up being n IT student in the University of Southeastern Philippines and 10 years from now with the help of our Almighty God I will now become an IT consultant. I really want to earn a lot of money I want to go overseas but still my heart belongs to where my family is.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)   

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Assignment 1 (Due: before November 28, 2008, 13:00hrs)
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