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 Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)

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PostSubject: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:57 pm

Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, what innovations/technologies would you introduce/contribute to improve the quality of life. (minimum 2000 words)
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Sheena Joy Lanada


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:34 pm

Quote :
Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, what innovations/technologies would you introduce/contribute to improve the quality of life. (minimum 2000 words)

If I would think of my self as an IT professional, I think first that I am and should be worthy of the title and the situation I am in. If in that case I am, I would introduced of a technology that would make human life mush better but not to the extent that they would become worthless and useless in terms of doing their chores especially in their households. A technology that would lessen to much chores but not totally eradicate all the chores. The technology would be a garbage scanner and segregator. This technology will help the environment because of its eco-friendly goal and applications. The technology would lessen the increasing number of disposal areas so that other people could use the area to be a housing area or an area for farming and other agricultural purposes.

This technology motivates me because of my observations. In our country, we, Filipinos called our disposal areas as ‘smokey-mountains’. A smokey-mountain is a disposal area in a rural location where all the waste and garbage from the city and other nearer towns will be disposed and leveled to the ground with the use of backhoe or bulldozers. They are called-so because when the garbage truck carries the garbage in the area, they will just fill the garbage to the ground until after so many times of refilling, the place would look like hills and mountains of waste, which is such a very terrible site. The terrible site terribly destroys the environment and it’s supposed to be beautiful scenery. It does not only have a terrible site but also with a very terrible smell which obviously come out from the mountainous wastes.

In Davao City, I have heard from a friend that the disposal area was somewhere in Matina Pangi. But I could see trucks fully loaded of waste materials of the hospitals and residential houses in the city going to the Northern part of the third congregation district somewhere in Marahan or in Marilog. I pity the usage of land intended only to be the ‘smokey-mountain’. Sayang talaga ang lupa. It seems that the purpose of the land was not realized. The land is for farming and raising livestock and poultry, and for preserving the environment and the forests. It use for garbage disposal now a days but in the coming years – or in the years to come – the effect of this inconsiderable waste management in our country will happen to the future of our grandchildren. Have you watch and heard the news about Japan’s shipment of wastes and junks of their country to our country? What do you think of that? I think that Japan thought of our country as a garbage disposal country. What a humiliation. Inconsiderable! And because of these real scenarios in our daily life and in our world, I have thought of such idea. The garbage scanner and segregator machine, a household technology good for controlling and managing waste in your household.

The said household technology will improve the human’s way of garbage disposal in a more sophisticated and high-tech way. With this technology, people can just throw garbage in the machine and the machine will take charge of the rest. The person will just wait for an instruction or response from the machine after throwing – or putting and placing – the wastes inside it. It is not only sophisticated but very multitasking technology. While waiting for an instruction or response, the person could do other chores in the house. I thought of this idea because of the fact that even I, myself, do not think of segregating my own garbage at home. Aside from the fact that plastics could not be decompose, it is too timely to separate wastes from each other. So, I only throw all the garbage of the house in a single sack placed in the backyard. I know also that not only me have realized this scenario in waste management but also other persons who are concern with the environment and its preservation. And another fact is we, Filipino are such hard-headed individuals who does not care the possible negative result of our actions. We cannot deny the fact that we are throwing our garbage without caring if the ones we threw can be recycled to a new material for another purpose or can be turn into organic fertilizers that we could use to fertilize plants, crops and trees which could lessen our expenses in buying those costly commercial fertilizers which for sure is composed of chemicals and preservatives. They surely will give you a satisfying crop harvest and money but secretly it suddenly destroys the components of the soil which naturally should be the primary fertilizer provider of the plant. I have experience planting flowers with the use of organic material such as wooden scrap left by carpenters when they make the wood flat and furnish. The scrap provides organic fertilizer for the flowering plant when wet and rotten after. This idea of preserving the wooden scrap into fertilizers can help the environment lessen the waste in our surroundings.

The technology I think about is just located in our home as the above statements have mentioned. The location is in our backyards or inside our kitchen. It depends on your choices and options, and your taste – I think. It is intended for household waste management to lessen the hustle of disposing sacks of garbage to those timely garbage trucks and garbage collectors. This technology could also be placed in fast-food establishments and restaurants. I think so because such establishment is one of the major contributors of plastic and non-biodegradable waste. I say so because they are using plastic materials for their dining wares for easy disposal. But we all know that plastic do not decompose, it only go through a system of procedures before being produced into a new plastic material. In short, it will undergo recycling.

The structure is very sophisticated. The technology will look-like an ordinary cabinet in your household. It has a security access which could only be access by adults through thumb mark identification process. It has a control buttons as an option of task. A remote control would also be available and present in the technology to fulfill the term of technology sophistication. Its surface is of course made of either stainless steel or aluminum inside and out. Imagine a two-way refrigerator which has a water dispenser. It will look-like that. The machine has three parts inside. The first part will be a platform of transparent fiber plastic where the object is place to be scanned and identify. The second part will be the extension of the platform below where the grinding, crushing and separation takes place. The third part will be a group of stainless buckets with plastic bag inside of each, one for the biodegradable entities and the others for the non-biodegradable waste. A person will throw its garbage by putting and/or placing it inside the machine and then the machine will automatically respond after pressing a button of options. The machine will speak as a response like a robot does. It has a small rectangular LED monitor which reflects the task it is doing with the object thrown. What an intelligent technology with all the descriptions and features…

First, it will scan what kind of object is inside. The object will just be in place and the running laser scanner will go through the object. After the laser has passed through, there will be an identification process. It will identify if the object could be recycled or trashed automatically. If the object can be organically recycled, then it will be automatically crushed down into powder like entity before being thrown into a bucket intended for biodegradable in the lower part of the machine. When the thrown object cannot be recycled like plastic, then it will grinded into small pieces before being thrown into another bucket for non-biodegradable. If the object is neither organically recyclable or a plastic such as metal, it will be separately thrown into another bucket in the machine. The machine has a detector once the bucket will be filled. It also has instructions of disposing the waste bag. The bag is securely covered – of course – to protect the air from the terrible smell it could provide. The idea of still disposing the plastic bag full of waste entities is to make humans still worthy of work.

Disposal of organic waste will depend on the house owner, but because I made this idea, I would clearly suggest that there will be a construction of organic waste pit in the backyard. Huh? Why? It is supposed to be a technology right? Its purpose is to totally decompose the organic waste back to the soil and be fertilized on the process. By that initiative, the organic waste produced by the machine could fertilize the soil and reproduced new minerals for the plants. The idea of making human life better but not to the extent that they would become worthless and useless in terms of doing their chores is maintained in the technology because the house owner will still throw the entities inside the stainless steel buckets to the garbage collectors for recycling. The technology will be a new household innovation and additional technology in the kitchen. It would be nice but their will still a big BUT if the idea of doing such technology will come true. Wish ko lang…

Another is a mobile phone that does have to charge it battery for energy restoration. Because I recognize that cellular phones and mobile phones battery are fast to deteriorate its preserve energy so it is really necessary to recharge the battery for how many hours., maybe one or two hours with the use of fast charging battery chargers. To resolve this situation, why not thought of a battery that is kinetically charge. Kinetically charge is the word because it will only be shake or swayed to simulate the energy and restore. Then you can use the mobile phone in a minute of shaking and swaying the battery with your hands. Hmmm, why not! It would only not lessen the usage of electricity and too much waste in energy but it would also motivate to your body to move and exercised through the shaking and swaying way. It could be, because sooner there would be a charger just like this idea. Just look for ZDNet.com and watch the new generation wireless charger. Try! Actually there are so many futuristic technology being invented nowadays but is not yet implemented for censorship and limitations of information. Censorship is applied!

I also though of this technology but I doubt it would be possible to implement in our world today. It would be transportation technology that would make our way of transporting form place to place in a fast and more convenient way. This is no flying car but we can fly. If you think of a jet pack, it is also a big NO. The idea is having a Jet shoes. Fantastic, is not it? Fantastic because we could fly to our destination without any more hustle in waiting for buses or jeepneys or trains for several minutes up to hours in a terminal or bus stop. With this technology, we only need to wear it in our feet, and then we FLY! This technology could also lessen the pollution in our air. Jeepneys and buses as we all know contribute air pollution because of the smoke that came out from them. But I think we cannot afford of such technology because of the fact that we have NO funding and the government have to intentions of supporting any research that would be useful not only in our country but in our lives. Just like the new technology present in Japan today. Water based engines for cars and buses. The idea come from a Filipino scientist and was also proven and tested. But it was neglected by the government when he proposed it to them. Instead, Japan bought his idea and now is implemented and in progress in their country. There are so many technologies we can think about in terms of being eco-friendly, energy-saving, fast-transport, waste managing, etc. the only problem with the implementation of these ideas in technology is the financial assistance and support from the higher authority or the government. We all know that the main purpose of proposing a technology is to help make our life better with no intentions of destroying our environment and our world. But we also know that what we could make could also be the one to destroy us. A reality that we should remind our self about.

What a long blah-blah....

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regina e. abadilla


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PostSubject: comment to ate sheena   Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:50 pm

comment to ate sheena

hehehe hawda nuh.? pareha gd tag gnaicip hahaha.!

aw.! 1600+ words pa man gd ako ncreate na article hehehehe.! kya wla pa nko gpost.!

hehehe.! anyway.! pati pla sa in.u maraming disobedient na citizens sa pgsegregate ng basura even though the government is trusting funds for bins.. jejeje
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regina e. abadilla


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PostSubject: Innovation – a new form of Technology!   Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:31 am

Hmmh., in fact at this point I cant ever imagine my self as an IT professional – my skills are not yet fully developed, my knowledge is not that competitive enough to survive in the outside real world, and my creativity should still be enhanced; one thing I could have is just my imaginative mind and positive outlook in life that technology changes doesn’t lead to overwhelming risks but instead with constructive and creative applications.

Last meeting in our Future technology, the discussion was all about facing the future – the risks it can dealt to us and how it bothers us. I was alarmed by there perspective that in the near future war and negative effects of technology would possibly arise, and honestly it start bothers me. We know the fact that even how many years are we behind from the technology of the other country just as US, sooner or later; the development of technology would affect our lives-Filipino citizens. I’m just a student as of now, and imaging the future to be an IT professional, I know I couldn’t be an expert or an inventor of such terrific technology, I just want to live a simple life, with a stable income and just normal people out there who doesn’t want to ruin our world with the fast contributions in changing the technology- and environment which is associated with it, even we like it or not.

I had been living with my family in not extravagant life, I learn to save water and electric current-to save bills, and I learn to appreciate living in province with my relatives which is obviously different here in the city. Sometimes I get to ask my self, if I would have a stable life in the future, would I live in the city where full of malls, computers, signal for my cellphone and television, yet with pollution and extreme heat of sunlight.? Or I just want to live like in province with a peaceful and refreshing and greeny environment. But think of it, why cant we have ever imagine to combine the two.? - living with high technology yet without compromising our environment. If many experts are now focusing in AI, and some are in there personal interests, then why cant we also be focusing in saving our environment.? Restoring the good and peaceful life that Father up above given unto us, let’s don’t let ourselves wait the judgment day-with His promise a paradise, if we want to lavish that world, then we could restore it if we are motivated to. That is why I want to introduce a technology that is environment-friendly – nope.! a technology that is focusing in restoring our environment.

Honestly, I like the idea of the group of Abrenica where they want to change the way of farming into vertical. So many advantages it can bring unto us – I don’t clearly know if it had been an existing technology nowadays, but I really like the idea of those who make that such project. Philippines is just a small country, and we are blessed that we’re rich in natural resources. The way of farming is so traditional, and I love it. I had tried to watch my uncle with his carabao, plowing the field, and then there we are under the shade of the tree. Then few months later, harvesting- nice thing to romanticize our tradition. However, its nice thing also to make some development, we here in urban place could contribute also against the crisis in rice and other primary goods with that vertical farming as they refer to.

In fact there so many technology that are environment motivated, I don’t know if this had already invented- and honestly I want to focus on recycling. We Filipino are hard-working as other country refers to however we can’t deny the fact that there is something inside ourselves of being ‘lazy’ even in simple thing- throwing our garbage, specifically segregating it. The government, more specifically here in Davao which I could potentially notice and relate to, have policies in segregating the garbage. That is why they intend a budget fund for the bins. It’s a nice move anyway, it could minimize our problem in terms of garbage disposal, and can avoid high level flood here in the city. Its good on us that papa taught us to leave the biodegradable in our compost pit, and the non-bio at the garbage plastic. However, there is still disobedient Davaoeños, they throw garbage in the bins yet still without segregation – watta sense.! I know it really coz I could observe it every time I throw our plastic bag at the bin. With this point, if I would have an amazing mind and innovative hand to be an expert I want to address this issue.

A garbage separator. Hmmh., just an imagination anyway - if only there would be a machine technology where in have a task or function to segregate the garbage from bio and non-biodegradable. By that, people would just throw the garbage at the storage bin then the machine would work it task- identify the biodegradable and non-bio, then segregate plastics, tin/ aluminum cans, Styrofoam, rubber, glasses, etc. Of course, it could be done because of the feature of the machine to define the substance component of the garbage then segregate it accordingly. Even with the biodegradable things, it could define whether it is a paper or not. If then, it would be segregated, so that papers would still be recycled also. This process would be easy to make a recycle process because it had been segregated already. Wew.! That’s really a nice thing. The biodegradable would be gathered and converted into organic fertilizers or back to the ground. Then the non-bio would be ready for the recycle factories. Imagine the garbage would be recycled all in all. NO MORE SMOKEY MOUNTAIN.! The environment would be clean, no high level floods, and the need of raw materials would be minimized because of the aspect - recycling. Nice thing to imagine that way, no more high pressures for those who are stubborn and disobedient. I know this is not that complicated thing compared with there research of applying emotion to the robots, and I guess someday out there, there would be an expert who could imagine this thing also and make some invention.

Our country in under crisis, we have a big debt in the other country just to provide funds in different sector. I really hate that fact, we are under crisis but there are existing rumors bout corruption in government, anyway I don’t want to make it ruin my day that is why I don’t like to engage in politics ever. By the way, one thing that arises is the issue bout the oil price hike, every time the world price of oil per barrel increases, we are greatly affected because we almost totally dependent with them. We don’t produce oil that is why we tend to depend ourselves in the other country, and the world market. Take a look, most of our transportation is fuel dependent- means oil is the main source of the concept transportation. Sometimes I get jealous in Vigan, I love there tradition that until now is still applied – the calesa, how nice I guess to ride back, not to mention when we get in a hurry coz I know it would make my pressure high. My papa is a taxi driver, and I hate every time he snob when he used too much fuel for the day, more especially last month when the oil price got high. It’s just like killing us; his income was just for fuel. gosh.! With that I always ask myself on the ways to minimize this problem – if there is only technology that would render this issue. Hmmh., As far as I knew there are innovations introduce such as water as an alternative of gas – don’t know why our country doesn’t take this opportunity to research more and so that this discovery would be successfully applied for the betterment of the country, more especially of the environment. Of course, we all know the fact that air pollution was one of the effects of this. There is also a development in the other country that the car or train had been run by electricity – nice development anyway.

Improved solar cars intended for transportation. Solar energy had been use in calculator – I know this coz we have calculator that was sole solar energy dependent. I wonder if this concept would be applied also in car machine’s battery. I had seen the battery of a car, and it was sophisticated than on the normal battery that we have in our house. However, I wonder if there is a chance of applying solar battery to run a car. So that it could at least lessen the consumption of fuel. At night, then that’s the only time we use gas/fuel or still battery – an improvised battery. I don’t know how to merge that concept coz I don’t know even how the calculator works out with the use of solar battery. But then I guess that would be a nice innovation. We are utilizing the raw material for free – the light. I wonder if there would be an effect in speed, if it would slow the speed or any side effects.

I search about solar car, then, I had recognized that it was not practical means for transportation; they have single seat, no cargo capacity, and then it only run during day. I browse some pictures on it. It was not like an ordinary car – the top portion has something a wide board, maybe to catch the sunlight. The car was not made practically for transportation really. They get there fuel at the same place – the sun. The cars use hundreds of photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. Each cell produces about one-half volt of electricity. However, there is a conflict when the weather is cloudy if the energy is focused in driving, if then still a conflict in the speed if the energy is diverted to the battery. No wonder that there are studies about the solar car, coz it is so amazing technology. But I guess this needs some further innovation. I don’t know how to make it. Why not there would be a technology where in it could balance the two. There would be a machine – honestly at this point, don’t really know what’s within that machine hehe– to gather light and convert to necessary means, it would directly converted into electricity if light is sufficient enough and part of it would be diverted to battery, so that it would be used still even the weather is not that good. Of course this machine would be not bulky as today’s used - just a simpler machine that could gather much sunlight even in its small size. In a simpler way to say- a 2-in-1 machine, could generate electricity as car’s fuel for it to run and diverted to battery for future use. It could detect if the energy are low already then It would activate the use of fossil fuel if necessary. I guess if more research would be made then; there would be a solution for any concern. With this technology, I guess Philippines would not be in oil crisis, and many drivers such as my father would benefit a lot. The most exciting part of using solar power as an energy source is that it is pollution free and inexhaustible, such an environment-friendly technology. If research continues, one day solar energy may replace today's combustion engine cars! And ready for transportation purposes. There’s no need for fuel but it could run solely with the aide of solar energy.

Anyway there so many technologies we could imagine, it is just with our creative minds. Hoping so that if we would like to introduce some technology then, it would be for the common good. More especially dealing in environment coz it’s the one mainly affected. Global warming – the most intriguing one to mention. I know my technology were directly concern to my family and community. Yet I know this could really help the other also to improve the way of living. There are so many existing technologies, just an innovation, and synthesizing concepts to create another form of technology that would be helpful for the betterment of our life.

hehehe story telling jud nuh.?
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Michelangelo Macaraeg


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Tue Dec 02, 2008 4:06 pm

Being an Information Technology professional, I may dedicate myself to many things working in a good job with a good pay. But as a person living in this world experiencing how hard it is and knowing that I can help by introducing some innovations or technologies, I can not avoid not being concerned.

First, we need to determine the current condition of the quality of life of the majority of the people nowadays, especially in my own environment where I have lived. We all know that the current conditions of many lives are harsh. Many are striving hard to have a normal life, giving their best effort yet failing even just to eat a healthy 3 meals a day. This is because our world, importantly in my own environment, is suffering from a major economic crisis. Not only that the things needed to live normally are getting very expensive and hard to obtain but also many people do not have jobs plainly because there are no more available jobs or many jobs today can only pay so much that it is not sufficient enough to sustain a single life. There are also cases in which many people can not get proper or decent jobs that would not even pay enough because they lack the qualifications. Qualifications such as proper education are not hard since the fee for learning in a proper school or other institution are very high and can be afforded only by fewer people. There is also the case of unstable residency since most of the living spaces or places that offer temporary habitation for a price are now demanding high payment that fewer jobs can manage to pay for it, not including the expense for meals and other necessary things needed to live normally. With this condition, people tend to lend money from anyone that offers it and usually ends in a debt that can never be paid even he or she would work the rest of his or her life. Some people, being so desperate, will do harm to other people just to get money. Harmful things such as extorting, scamming and racketeering are the most common activities that are being practiced by people who have turned from working decent jobs. Yet these activities are only mild in the extremity of the reality. Worst case possibly happening is that people would turn into real criminals doing dangerous work just to earn enough money like robbing, stealing and killing for a price. Indeed, the realities of this world include the ruthless idea that there will be a time that this world will be unhealthy and unpleasant to live in. Maybe this world will become inhabitable just only because of the unending degradation of the quality of life. And if you are dealing with future, you can definitely imagine a world like this without greatly doubting it from ever happening if the condition of life would only get worse.

Now what is the role of the technology to this ever worsening condition yet truly happening in this world? Although I can mention many explanations or reasons to answer this question, may it be directly or indirectly. It still can not be measured and told directly the total role and significance of the technologies playing in this cruel part.

We all know that technology is made and used in order to improve the quality of life of the many people in many ways. Not only by making tasks or things easy and fast, Technologies can also open up new ways and options to dealing with many different matters. The primary objective of the many innovators in improving and helping in the evolution of many technologies is to bring good to humanity. Yet when there is a thing that can do good things, that thing can also do bad things. Technology brings unemployment. Innovation in manufacturing technology such as robotic equipments and fully automated production means that there will be lesser people needed to maintain and see to the production of goods. Each task that gets automation with the help of technology replaces many workers in many factories. The cost of automating a single manufacturing process can be costly but in contrast to paying hourly wages and inconsistent and/or undependable performance is nothing compared to fast and accurate production of goods with the help of technology. Lesser people employed means bigger competition in the job market; also meaning that many people will be jobless. Automating of tasks also means that the job of the worker that needs to do is also minimized thus the significance of his or her work is also minimized meaning his or her salary will be also cut off. Technology can also bring pollution such as the huge black smoke emerging from nuclear plants and industrial infrastructure that uses machines and equipments. Toxic chemicals spilled from improper drainages of some factories are also one of the major catastrophes that contribute to worsening the places where people live. Not only these things have direct effect to the people, it could also make their area of work more dangerous. Poisoning the farms and waters also leads to destruction of crops and fishes thus cutting down the production of food, making these foods more expensive and fewer in supplies. These machines that produce harmful byproducts are also the product of technology. And these things are but some of the bad effects of technology on people.

Today, most researchers and IT professionals are more concerned of the environment and the effects of the technology to it. There would be nothing good a technology could be if the environment itself would be destroyed or harmed as a result. Most people now are aware of the bad effects of technology and wish it to be solved so that the significance and all the benefits a technology could bring would be felt surely without any second thoughts. Developments of technology with the concern of the causes it might do the environment are now being practiced and followed carefully. As to the loss of jobs because of automation, it can be said that it could not be helped and avoided since automation of menial tasks are most fundamental when talking about using technology for improvement.

Now, as a worthy Information Technology professional, I must set in my mind these concerns about technology. My aim would to develop a technology that would help people economically while not having bad effects to the environment. Innovations in farming and livestock industries are good to develop but not promoting the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Surely there would be a technology suited for getting rid of pest in farms and preventing devastations such as locust swam attacks and flooding. Currently, the only logical solution to that kind of problem would be the deployment of greenhouses in the cultivated areas but since it costs much and can not cover big farming areas, which we mostly see in our provinces, this solution is not usable and effective. So a development of a new technology or innovations in the use of greenhouse is one of technology in my list to be focused upon in the future. The next one is water treatment processes. As we all know, water is the primary source of life. If there is an adequate supply of fresh and clean water, there would be life near to it. Yet many facilities or factories in our current time continue to ruin and destroy water by their improper waste disposal, usually composed of harmful chemicals and mixtures that would quickly poison the waters and spread to bigger water bodies or areas. This water poisoning activity also leads to the poisoning of the fishes and any water life in the area. And these poisoned fish are very harmful to people once eaten. Surely, this would also lead to the destruction of one of the major food sources of people. So a development for a technology that could eradicate of harmful chemicals in the waters of our environment is very necessary and significant. Not only chemicals due to improper chemical waste disposal but also due to oil spills and unprecedented events causing other type of harmful substances to be leaked out to open waters as what happened to a ship that sunk in the ocean. It would be an innovation for our current water treatment facilities or a new water treating structures to be built near factories that produces chemicals that can operate in the middle of the water with an effective output of clearing millions of gallons of water per day.

Next, the quality of life now is decreasing since many harmful substances are produced by people that can harm other people’s health. Harmful substances like poisonous smoke that combines to the air we breathe. The newly emerged types of bacteria and viruses are also one of the products of human development. Diseases like SARS and Aids have never been before more lethal and have struck many people since the innovation and use of many products of technology. So an innovation for Medical technology can be called. Improving the way the sick is treated and how effectively can be related to the improvement of the quality of life. Improvement of human immune systems through the use of genomic technology by implanting important genes while we are still an infant can be also introduced in the future. Innovating robots with the size as small as our red blood cells, or maybe smaller, to be used as the reinforcement in our immune system can be also realized. Performing functions such as destroying unwanted or harmful cells such as cancer, tumor or even the viruses or bacteria itself can be done by these robots. Repairing damaged tissues and helping to recover the cuts and fractures can be one of the primary functions of these products of highly advanced technology.

Improving the state of the environment where people live in can cause major effects in the improvement of the quality of life. Even though innovations in other technologies such as flying cars or artificial intelligence are not included in one of my concerns, I believe that the technologies I have mentioned earlier can contribute and attribute to the innovations to the latter technologies or the other unmentioned technologies as it can also improve the quality of life for the researchers of these technology and improve the environment in which it would be developed.

All of these may sound too difficult and hard for me to introduce and innovate but even with a little help and contribution; these technologies are not really far from realization and discovery. As long as people including me, continue to be concerned and regard the current conditions of the quality of life among the many people suffering from unnecessary causes, there would be a strong and clear chance that innovations of technologies would be recognized and pursued in the future. People still believing to the power of technology to improve the quality of life can be my motivation to answer to their beliefs by sharing and contributing as much as possible to the recognition of these technologies. To me personally, my poor capabilities and insignificant work may be not enough to realize these innovations but it will be enough to introduce and bring awareness to many other people that could lead to the realization of these innovations. We must remember that in every step a part of the ideal is fulfilled and realized until the whole ideal is formed and conceived.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Wed Dec 03, 2008 1:09 pm

If I become an IT professional, I must prove that I’m worthy to be called as an Information Technology Professional. To prove that I’m worthy to be called as IT Professional I will first help the Information Technology Industry. I will help to improve the Information Technology Industry such as in hardware, software, telecommunications, wireless, internet, computer, peripheral and data services. I will improve the usage of the hardware first locally. In our school which is the University of Southeastern Philippines they bought new computer hardware a new central processing unit, motherboard, keyboard, mouse, monitor and Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)-writer which is I think the DVD-writer is not useful in our University and may be it can be a temptation to watch movies inside the laboratory and other prohibited activities in the laboratory. My point is after the all the computers were assembled and arrange inside the laboratory the old computers was not properly set out. They put the old computers in other laboratory which gives to the students inconvenience when they use the other laboratory. The term innovation means a new way of doing something. With this problem from our university, I will propose a new way of disposing the computer hardware which the university can get money from the old hardware. Instead of putting the old computers in a storage rooms or “bodega” the university may put up a surplus store which vends the hardware of the old computer that can still be used. Also the hardware that cannot be use you may make a decoration from it and even you may sell the decoration and earn money. Through this innovation the waste hardware can turn into cash and you can help save our mother nature.

The software of the IT industry is the big problem. Software is a general term used to describe a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that perform some tasks on a computer system. Some examples of the software are the following:
• Application software such as word processors which perform productive tasks for users,
• System software such as operating systems, which interface with hardware to provide the necessary services for application software, and
• Middleware which controls and co-ordinates distributed systems.
Software includes websites, programs, video games etc. that are coded by programming languages like C, C++, etc.
• Firmware which is software programmed resident to electrically programmable memory devices on board mainboards or other types of integrated hardware carriers
• Testware which is an umbrella term or container term for all utilities and application software that serve in combination for testing a software package but not necessarily may optionally contribute to operational purposes. As such, testware is not a standing configuration but merely a working environment for application software or subsets thereof. By: wikipedia

In this generation software are very useful in order to make our task with ease. Software are not free, since it is develop and they use their brains and ideas to build up a software the developer of the software must be credited for his/her work. In the past generations software cannot be copy illegally. The technology was growing and the internet was develop and the piracy of the software begun. Here in Davao City pirated software where spreading, for the reason that some of the people living here can’t afford to buy genuine software. The software that is being copy illegally is being downloaded in the internet. All kinds of software is being plagiarize like the application software, Microsoft Office is an example of a application software that is being reproduce without the permission to the owner of the software. System software is also copy illegally; one of the largest system software of our age group is the Microsoft Windows which is an operating system of a computer. I would like to contribute to the IT industry particularly in software; even though this already exists I would like to push this advocacy which is the Free Open Source Software (FOSS). I would like to encourage the people to use Free Open Sour Software, because when you use pirated software you are considered as a criminal since you are using the ideas of the developer without paying for it. So when you are using FOSS you don’t have to be bothered. Through this promotion it can help to reduce or totally remove the piracy of the software.

Now we go the internet side of the IT industry and help it. Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that interchange data by packet switching using the standardized Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP). Internet is extremely useful. It is functional in making a research, studying, communication, entertainment, gaining information, online buying, business, etc.With all the advantages of the internet it has also a disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of the internet is the pornography. Pornography or porn is the explicit depiction of sexual subject matter with the sole intention of sexually exciting the viewer. For me pornography or watching nude videos or pictures can excite the person when they are viewing the video or pictures. There is possibility that the person who views the nude video or picture may commit a criminal act like rape and child molestation. Another disadvantage of the internet is virus threat, the slows down your computer in processing the task. Virus can affect the files of your computer it can delete your important files. Virus is nothing but a program which disrupts the normal functioning of your computer systems. Computers attached to internet are more prone to virus attacks and they can end up into crashing your whole hard disk, causing you considerable headache. Another one is the theft of personal identity, if you use the Internet, you may be facing grave danger as your personal information such as name, address, credit card number etc. can be accessed by other culprits to make your problems worse. Internet is incredibly powerful and dangerous. For this reason I will build a program that blocks the pornographic sites, blocks virus and make an identity test for the personal identification. All in one program only and it is Free Open Source Software (FOSS). Through this program we can now protect our computer and our personal identity.

Hardware, software and Internet are part of the Information Technology Industry that is currently facing huge problems. With my propose contribution in improving the way of living it can help the all the people especially those who are in the world of computers. With proper disposal and selling the old hardware, it can help us and our environment. We can properly dispose our hardware by selling it to the surplus shop or make it as a decoration in your house, we can save and help our mother nature and we may earn money from our trash. We can also sell or donate our old hardware to any schools so that they can study the actual hardware without buying new one for their study and they can also save their money. If you are the professor of the school and you have an experiment or an actual study of the hardware of the computer, what you want to study the new hardware or the hardware that is not being used? For me the hardware that is being used, since it is just a study or experiment it is very expensive that you will use a new hardware and it is very risky since you are not an expert you may damage the new buy hardware. Software is not like hardware that must have proper disposal and it cannot affect our environment at all. This division of the Information Technology Industry has also extreme problem which is the piracy of the software. Software are develop by the programmers and they are use to make simpler the task. For example programmers develop accounting system for the purpose of making the task of the accountant easier and many more. Software is very functional especially in the business section, offices, schools, video game console, computers and many more electronic devices. Application software and the system software have the biggest number of illegally copied software. The system software has large number of pirated software, since every personal computer or a laptop the system software is the most important part of the computer. Specifically the Operating System (OS). Example of this is the Microsoft Windows while Microsoft word, Microsoft excels, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Access and other Microsoft products that is an application. Piracy is also helpful to the people who has not enough money to purchase a licensed software, but copying the software illegally it is a crime and punishable by law. It is acceptable for the user of the software to have a piracy, but if you are the developer or programmer of software it is extremely not okay for you to pirate your made software. Since the developer or programmer of the software spent large time to build the software and he/she use his/her brilliant idea to come up a product that is very functional. For those who are not inform about our free open source software, we have software that is free and almost the same of the licensed software. Having all the information gathered about software and how they are used and who are using software and where it came from, what do you want to use now the pirated software that is illegally copy and may lead you to the prison or the at no cost Open Source Software that is also very comfortable to use and you are confident to use it without thinking of being a criminal. So make your choice now and think what could be the effects if you use the pirated software and the licensed software. Internet is a gigantic part of the Information Technology Industry, since the internet can give entertainment, communication, electronic commerce, information and can connect all the people around the world. That’s how powerful the internet is and it helps all the citizens in the planet. With the disadvantages and advantages of the internet that we tackled we can now get what is to be improved and what is lacking in the internet and how we can secure our personal identity and our computer. We may use the internet for the different purposes but we must think thoroughly what is not to be done in the internet and what should be the limitation of using the internet so we will not encounter bad things. The hardware, software and the internet of the Information Technology Industry must give more attention so that the industry will not be down and the people around the world must also cooperate. The IT industry must have a program that informs the user on what is good and not good in using the hardware, software and the internet. I’m sure that if I will given a chance to do that certain program it will be successful, because as I observed the people are not properly inform in using the software, hardware and the internet.

We can help solve the problems others but we must first help our own self. For me if I will be an Information Technology Professional I must first focus on my industry and find out what are lacking and common problems that occurs in my own industry. Through the problems of the Information Technology Industry particularly in the software, hardware and internet side of the industry we can formulate a solution. I will construct a one of a kind technology which helps the Information Technology Industry especially in the three areas. A technology that helps the software, hardware and the internet. The technology that helps in proper disposal of the hardware, determines the software if it is a pirated or license and I will encourage the software developer to secure their products by not activating their products by means of serial number or license code. In my own experience that most of the software that has been illegally activated the hackers use a serial number or license code. The Internet Service Provider must automatically block the porn sites and must have a multi test in identity verification. With this proposal I can I sure that it is a very huge help to the Information Technology Industry. Through these technologies we can make our life more comfortable in facing the real world and we can help our environment by proper disposal of our old hardware, we can help the people who are doing illegal activities in the internet in renewing their lives. Software can help us to make our lives and work easier and more accurate.
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ashbury franklin alcordo


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Technology is changing as rapid as anyone could think. Things to be done are getting easier and easier. Almost everything is prepared instantly for almost everything is being run by machines. We can really say that almost all transactions now are done without man power-effortless. Anyone can just sit and read a newspaper and wait for the job to end. One press and it is ready. One click and it is done.

Though there many innovations nowadays, still, there are many fields in life that I would like to be improved. Still such improvements that exist have not reached my satisfaction. First, as everyone has different needs and wants so I am seeking for something to fill my needs. Second, as a critic, I always find flaws in every invention that would rise up and think of the possible additional features just to be fully contented. Third, as an Information Technology Professional want to be, I think of some things which can be helpful for the betterment and development of the quality life. Forth, I want to be known. I want to be famous! Fifth, I want to be rich! (Forth and fifth are worldly desires and can be eradicated)


In the field of entertainment, there are many inventions, innovations and development that rise up. They bring so much pleasure and bliss to their customers. In video game console, Microsoft has produced its Xbox 360. In cell phone, Nokia has the 7310 Supernova having lots of new features. And Panasonic has a new TH-50PF11UK 50-inch professional plasma monitor. There are many to count; there many other development and improvement in the community nowadays.

Music and Power Supply (wireless)

Even before I was in my elementary days, I was thinking of creating wireless sound system ( wireless speaker and wireless music player) . I was and still a music lover. Before I long to play my favorite song even when I go outside the house but the problems is that not all places have electricity. Though walkman and cd players did exist at that time, it never satisfied me. The loudness is not too loud to fill my brim- it is limited. I wanted it to be like the way it sounded in our house. LOUD AND CLEAR is my satisfaction in music. Nowadays, wireless speakers do exist but the quality is still unsatisfactory. Also it has range limitation which is still have not fit my needs. In the good side, the invention is done and still developing. Now, I am just thinking of making it more reliable and more expedient. Maybe I could not just make the wireless sound system, all wireless (even the music player). It could be powered by solar and wifi (range unlimited). With such, even the modem is just located in your house which is kilometers away, still the electric current flows. Electric currents would just travel on medium which is the air, maybe, or anything until it would reach the wireless sound system. ( though effects of radiation may really occur yet it is out of my topic)

Maybe, also, with such invention, there will be no need for us to be physically wired. There will be no need for electric post, the undesired and unorganized electric wires that makes the city disarrayed. With such, there will be much more spaces and better looking community. Though in other countries and other places in Philippines electric wires are located below the ground which makes their place tidy and organized in electric wirings, it is will still be better to develop this wireless innovation.


Television is really one of the necessities in the house. Television is a source of entertainment; it gives the news and many more. As many wanted to see TV shows as often as they wanted, I am thinking of a Television that is as small like a cell phone. As small as cell phone it will operate just like a LCD projector. Unlike the projector, this cell phone-sized television screen size is not dependent and not affected by its angle and distance. The size will really vary according to what you prefer it to be. Also features are also added in the television, like built in mini speakers yet does have quality audio system, line in and line out, USB ports, plug-ins for DVD players and etc. With such, homes will have more space for other appliances. Also, it will be good for the people who love to watch television but travel a lot of times. Its features is suitable for the reason that even during his / her travel whether inside the bus or van, he / she may just turn it on and point it to somewhere where there is flat surface then the show can start. To avoid distractions, he / she may use head set. Also, in outdoors or inside the classrooms, halls during mind-numbing moments, you may just turn it on and watch TV shows or movies that are plugged in using files from a flash disk or DVD players. It will recognize and will play formats like swf, avi, wmv, rmvb, mp4, mp3 and other audio and video formats.


Environmental problems are getting bigger than anyone ever thought of. A range of environmental problems now affect our entire world. Earth's natural processes transform local problems into international issues. Today, there are some of the principal problems affecting the world which are Acid Rain, Air Pollution, Global Warming, Hazardous Waste, Ozone Depletion, Water Pollution, Smog, Overpopulation, and Rain Forest Destruction.[1]

To elaborate more about the one of the causes of environmental problems which is the acid rain, it has been said that “the primary causes of acid rain are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These chemicals are released by certain industrial processes, and as a result, the more industrialized nations of Europe as well as the US suffer severely from acid rain. Most sulfur dioxide comes from power plants that use coal as their fuel. These plants emit 100 million tons of sulfur dioxide, 70% of that in the world. Automobiles produce about half of the world's nitrogen oxide. As the number of automobiles in use increases, so does the amount of acid rain. Power plants that burn fossil fuels also contribute significantly to nitrogen oxide emission….Acid rain comes down to the earth in the form of rain, snow, hail, fog, frost, or dew. Once it reaches the ground, the acidity in the substance can harm and even destroy both natural ecosystems and man-made products, such as car finishes”. [2]
With such findings, we can really say that the human development is the major cause of the problem stated. The power plants which are run by industrialized processes and the automobiles as they increase more and more, due to the demand of the community which is also affected by the modernization of technology, our world will be total mess, polluted and suffocating. It is presented in the statistical data that these environmental problems cause many killer diseases. One of these is the Lower respiratory infections which are largely from air pollution, indoor and outdoor. Also , Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease a slowly progressing disease characterized by a gradual loss of lung function largely as a result of exposures to workplace dusts and fumes and other forms of indoor and outdoor air pollution and many other diseases. These diseases are the common. These diseases are the most known. These diseases are the widespread. These diseases are the most lethal. These diseases are the most deadly. But it these are only the two out of the thousand lists of diseases caused by the environmental pollutions. As reported more than a million of people die with these kinds of diseases.

As an Information Technology Professional, I should consider my self involved with the issue. As an Information Technology Professional, my responsibility should not focus only on the modernization of the world with reliance to the invention of the technologies which generates convenience of life but also, as an Information Technology Professional, I should regard such innovation, inventions, and development of technology both having positive and negative effect to the people and environment. As we needed our environment to live, we should not disregard the aid that our environment has given us. We must be very concern with our environment for it one of the main factor that contribute to our survival – the air, the trees and the plants and water. Destruction of our environment may lead us to scarcity. Destruction of our environment may lead us to shortage. Destruction of our environment may lead us to struggle. Destruction of our environment may lead us to famine. So it must be nurtured. It must be conserved. It must be preserved. The study must be done even more before the implementation of the new invented technology. Even, the study should not just about creating new technology but also on prevention of environmental problems, restoration of the damage caused by technological advances and its preservation. There must also be a focus with the problems and giving of solutions.

As these problems continue to rise up, I am thinking of creating a device that will reduce or eliminate the troubles caused by these undesired chemical substances. I am thinking of a device that will convert or transform these unwanted chemicals into oxygen. Like in automobiles, as they emit nitrogen oxide, the muffler must be installed with this device. With the device installed in it, when these unnecessary chemicals is emitted and before it will come out, it will be cleanse or converted into oxygen. And more specifically in the power plants, they may install it in their chimneys. As stated above that above these plants emit 100 million tons of sulfur dioxide, it is really a great hazard for the people and for the environment. So with the help of the device that will be created for the conversion and removal of its unnecessary residue, we may lessen its harmful effect. It is like a plant like device. As we all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. Its function is like what the plants do yet more powerful. Aside from the carbon dioxide, this device captures every chemical that may pass through it. The conversion may happen with the right formula created by the experts (chemist) and the construction of the device by an engineer. As it is needed, as an Information Technology Professional, I must be socially acquainted and collaborated with other professionals and experts to develop such invention. The alliance of the experts or professionals will be a great help with the project. As an Information Technology Professional, I may be responsible for the gathering of needed factors that can help of the development of the device. And the implementation will be collaborated with the other experts to fill in our insufficiency in knowledge and balance and correct the flaws.

With the device, we can produce a friendly environment which has less undesired chemicals which is the cause of the pollution, acid rain and other environmental problems. Also, there will be fewer diseases which are caused by these environmental problems.

As an Information Technology Professional, I should not focus my responsibility on the convenience of the people lives but also to the effects that it may cause to the environment. The task of an Information Technology Professional is not just about technology. The task of an Information Technology Professional is not just about the people. The task of an Information Technology Professional is not just about the environment. Neither the task of an Information Technology Professional is just for himself. But the task of an Information Technology Professional is versatile. As an Information Technology Professional, I must work with flexibility. As an Information Technology Professional, I must work and study all the factors the concerns the subject. If I have to know about the human body like a doctor to produce a new technology, then, I must know it like the doctor or even more than the knowledge of a doctor. Or I need to solve and calculate problems like mathematician do, then, I must do likewise. As an Information Technology Professional, I must be what the world requires me to be.

[1] http://library.thinkquest.org/26026/Environmental_Problems/environmental_problems.html
[2] http://library.thinkquest.org/26026/Environmental_Problems/acid_rain_-_causes.html
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Three to four months from now, I will finally be bringing my title as a BSIT degree holder. That is if…. luck is on my side or if I would be a better student for such a span of time… But anyway, no matter how long it will take for me to take hold of such title, the question would be, am I worthy to be called as an IT professional then? I was weighing this question for the past months until I have joined the review for PHILNITS exam and I, in fact, realized that my knowledge on IT were not yet enough for me to be called a proficient and expert on my field and I was somehow having some doubts on how will people recognize and believe me as a BSIT graduate someday if they would be going to ask me related to my field and I would not be able to answer them.. Such a shame on my part… But maybe, I believe that each of us has a specific field from which we could say that it is that something we can be proud of… Good example is our research topics in CS Research Methods, I believe that these topics we chose are the things we do have lots to contribute and share with. Perhaps, these are the things we could somewhat identify which field we are more capable of. That is why I believe that to be an IT Professional does not have to be perfect and well-knowledge in all subjects our field has identified, it does matter if there is an important or maybe several subjects in that field you are well trained and capable of. There is a contribution of skills and abilities in our field, one can never be good in all subjects in the IT field.

Now, IT professionalism deals with specializing certain branches in IT field. There are lots of IT professionals out there inventing all sorts of technology to ensure convenience, and making our lives a lot easier. Maybe, if I had such great ability to invent new technology, my concern would most likely focus on our environment. I mean, I must be likely inventing technologies that are environment-friendly.
The first thing that came to my mind is a technology that would replace air conditioners. Aircon has lots of negative effects in our environment and I would like to replace them with a technology that do the same thing as them but in better ways, in other words, they do not harm our environment. Secondly, I would be more focus on developing the use of solar energies. Solar energies for cars, to home, to everything that is controlled or powered by any energy sources which actually, could be replaced by solar energies as alternative. Thirdly, the use of plants as materials and resources for creating technology tools or gadgets. Indeed, there are lots of information available in the internet about certain plants as alternatives for some parts in gadgets that could not be recycled anymore. Guyule, a kind of plant that could be easily raised, can be used as biofuel source, corn to replace plastics, algae as a good replacement for fuels too, and lotus to be used in creating touch screen devices. Amazing isn’t it, these plants can indeed replace non-biodegradable products and what is really good about these facts are that they can easily be raised and found anywhere.

In terms of communication, for now, I am fully satisfied with innovations created in this field. Indeed to compare today’s way of communication from before, there has been a great difference and advancement from past to present. But for me, it would be better that the “earth is flat” idea must be given more emphasis, communication technologies must be developed more to conform to this statement. I know there are still awaiting technologies to prove this statement. On the other hand, one technology that I really want to be available to each of us is the person tracker. In this technology, I believe it would be much of help when we will realize that tracking a person is a lot helpful just like when cellphones were invented, I was many times thankful with technology that the process between several things has been done quicker and effortless. Like for some instances, calling all members in a group to meet in a place, talking with important persons in long distances, etc. I know that someday tracking a person is definitely needed. This system might also make people grateful that this sort of technology has been invented.

Another technology that I would like to be developed someday is the mood switcher or a technology that could change negative moods into lighter ones. This seems funny but this thing could certainly make people less downbeat… Everything would seem to be more enthusiastic and optimistic. Which would mean a better world. But I somehow know that there must be a balance of good and evil to perceive a real world. But anyway, going back to the said technology, actually, at home we have this ionized energy saving bulb that works the similar functions of which I imagined. This bulb is plugged electrically and has really very bright light. This light, believe it or not, emits negative ion atom with electrical charges. This means that people that would somehow see and feel the light would also feel better… It is because such ions, in fact, has a refreshing energy effect in human. It works in 5 major functions: cleanses the blood, rejuvenates the cells, enhances our immune system, normalizes the nervous system and it has the ability to control free radicals, these radicals are the pollutants in the air. This makes your surrounding a lot active than that it seemed to be. My family used whenever we are tired.

One good technology too, that I would like to be developed is actually, some sort of a program. It is a system that helps a decision maker creates good and effective decisions as to arrive certain good outputs. This will mainly work on business establishments and companies, a sort of simulation of company’s structure and events if a decision has been made. I know there are lots of these technologies developed already but I would want to see more developments from this field, more accurate and more effective results that must be outputted after a decision has been made.

By the way, in terms of business, securities regarding business transactions are which I would want to see from with more developments too. These include better and more idealistic business transactions like we can transact anytime and anywhere. I would love to feel someday like paying bills will only be done through the tips of our fingers and in just a matter of few clicks. No hassles and everything is being processed flawlessly.

On the other hand, technologies in the field of education are also likely to be more developed in the future. Maybe a more realistic class environment in virtual learning is better developed so that, the feeling to be in a real classroom setting is still present even if it is done through the cyberspace. I know, virtual learning is ideal for individuals from far distances.

Anyway, I would also love to develop technologies in relative to caring for our nature. Garbage segregator is definitely a good idea. Garbage cans must be technologically developed. When a garbage is thrown to them, the cans will automatically segregate them into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable wastes are used to create organic fertilizers maybe, and non-biodegradable wastes will be recycled if possible. Also, a garbage-thrower detector technology along the streets must also be developed. Those people throwing their garbage anywhere, in wrong places are detected by this sort of technology detector and so letting the authorities arrest them.

Technology also like what my classmates had presented last Saturday, the vertical farming is actually a very good technology. It is a technology with sense. I hope more developments from this technology must be discovered especially that for now, concerns about the plants’ health are not really the same with plants grown in fields. Along with this, plant cloning is also another good technology.

Well, even if I had imagined all these technologies, I am still not certain if this would make our lives safer and better. Technologies remain tools and it is up to us on how to use them. It is up to us then on how these will affect our lives. They just operate according to how we operate them. I know that humans have never-ending needs and wants in life, when one is discovered another innovation is yet to be created and discovered. Discovery after discoveries. As an IT professional, he does not need to create a technological and advanced tool for him to be called worthy of his title. Professionalism deals with great handling and responsibility. It is still the attitude that defines one’s professionalism just like any other jobs and professions. All of them requires single and important factor in order to be called professional. The attitude that defines them. The attitude that mold their personality. Even if one is good and very skilled and expert in that particular field, and he is lacking that one significant factor, how he acts, he does not deserved to be called professional in his field. Firstly, professionalism requires great and firm discipline. Discipline is a developing attitude.

I know in time that even if I graduate, I will be still questioning myself worth to be called IT professional but I know anyhow that it is my attitude, the positive attitude that would help me to be more confident as an IT professional. I will be just responsible with my actions both technically and non-technologically. It is from that it matters most.

Everyone of us in the IT field must be dreaming and yearning to become one of the top and competent IT professionals in the big arena. But personally, we do not have to aim an almost unimaginable goal since I know that there are lots better than me out there. Maybe to become a great IT professional within myself is already enough for as long as I will be greatly positive and confident that I am. At least in my own self, I will be already proud since I will be the first IT professional in my whole family clan since from my great grand fathers… (I hope so…As far as I know…)

Lastly, as I dreamed to become an IT professional someday, the pressures are getting much heavier as each moment passes by. It is like any moments from now, my proofs for being one is destroyed. Months to go and I certainly have lots of things to do in order to substantiate that I could be one. I still have lots to prove with myself. I still have lots of steps before the middle-line… pressures and stresses are everywhere… Perhaps, strong motivation and pure determination will guide me throughout the whole journey to IT professionalism. Though anyway, I have been so thankful that I have received enough emotional, parental, social and financial support. My family has always been more than enough good motivation for me, my parents are so very proud of me, especially my mama who is so very supportive and ever proud mother to tell everyone that I might soon be an IT professional. She does even bother to explain what does it mean. With that, it has driven me enough motivation to let her statements be real someday.

For the whole past four years, being a regular student has been one of the greatest prices I have received through my entire college life. I have been very focus on the track that I was treading... But this time I am yearning for a greater cost, for a greater and better outcome, I am yearning to graduate, to take hold of a title, a title that would also call me similar to it, a BSIT degree holder and maybe an IT professional.


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PostSubject: Assgt2   Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:59 pm

If finally I could see myself as an IT Professional, that is the probability is really unknown, I would want to dwell in busying myself with the innovations or technologies about the biotechnology specifically on medicine. Technologies that are more focused on saving or extending lives of every human. Like creating something that is a sure breakthrough in the word of medicine and IT both. Death shouldn’t be feared as they say because it is inevitable. But I think it is really good to be developing something innovative in taking care of every human’s health. I am not a doctor or an expert of this field as I hadn’t chosen the Nursing course, but it kind of interests me when I came across technologies that deal with curing severe diseases, detecting a disorder that would usually take days to conclude and other stuffs like that.
Biotechnology, as defined in Wikipedia, any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use. Biotechnology has applications in four major industrial areas, including health care (medical), crop production and agriculture, non food (industrial) uses of crops and other products (e.g. biodegradable plastics, vegetable oil, biofuels), and environmental uses. It is practically used before in plant cultivation, such as in food processing and agriculture that is specifically conducted to suit human needs and is still present today and now it has already many other areas for innovations and which also includes genetic engineering, bioengineering, hybridization and artificial selection. Under biotechnology have several applications or branches that have been conceived as experts’ brains are always taking its shape and also were coined to define the very broad scope of biotechnology. There’s Bioinformatics which is interdisciplinary field which addresses biological problems using computational techniques, and makes the rapid organization and analysis of biological data possible. I think this is where you use fingerprints to ensure identification and for greater security falls. Next is the blue biotechnology that describes the marine and aquatic applications of the biotechnology but it is stated that it is rarely used. Also included is the Green biotechnology which refers to agricultural processes, the Red Biotechnology for the medical applications or processes and last but not the least is the White Biotechnology which is also known as industrial biotechnology or referring to the industrial processes.

I think the area I’m most likely describing is on the Red technology which is applied to medical stuffs like genetic engineering and producing antibiotics and the like. Another one was what Sir RSG told us about a chip that once inserted to your body, would help detect any kind of sickness or disorder that is present inside your body. There are really many new inventions posted in the internet already and sure they were really amazing and interesting though difficult to understand myself since again I’m not that expertly inclined with the sort. Hopefully, I want to craft something that would give humans to have less possibility of getting diseases and something that hasn’t been thought of yet, of course. As for my side, hopefully, I can also make a device, a capsule or anything that when I take it in, would grow me up to 5 feet or so in less than a week maybe to cut the whole anticipation stage if you would really gain height. But seriously, I’m more concerned on curing existent diseases, and prevent or totally eradicate the existence of these diseases, if that could be possible, though I would really want to make something that I just mentioned awhile. I am interested with this sort because, I’m not that really afraid to die, but I’m afraid of losing someone. So if saving lives would be a very good calling for me in the future, and I’m currently in the field of IT, hopefully I could integrate all of these and make a technology so great. But to always set my foot on the ground, it wouldn’t be oblivious to me that no one can defy death.
Other examples of cool biotechnologies I browsed over the Internet were Immune System back – up. It is something done to back-up or make another copy of our immune system and save it for later use, like when in times of epidemic, or when uncontrollable diseases spread and you get affected, they’ll just have to use the back-up to revive your body again. Another is the PET Scan, a technology where where imaging is used to detect tumors and for clinical diagnosis for brain diseases and also a tool to map brain and heart functions. I wonder I if I could also make a device, that when inserted in your body, particularly in the head, would make your thoughts readable. I know, this is actually a very big privacy deprivation, but we could use it on criminals so having a hard time, deciphering them to dig out the truth if they were really the suspect, so why not use this technology then. The most important is it is available to everyone. I don’t want to deprive anyone to stay healthy or cure their diseases just because they don’t have the imeans or the money. Technology, especially those that concern the society’s health or welfare should and always be available to them or us. I know latest technology really costs a lot and only few could avail them, such as those who are always eating with a silver or even a platinum plate. But hopefully, I could generate something out of somewhere that hones down to a technology that doesn’t need to be really expensive and very hurtful to our pockets, most significantly that our health is at stake. I just hope, that in the coming future, I will never get to see deprived people, beggars along the street, and the sick that are just waiting to die and had lost hope to get any medication.

There are lots of accumulated issues involved in this field, that is, its advantages and for every benefit is also a presence of a disadvantage. As biotechnology progresses and continues to create more breakthroughs, we cannot deny the obvious fact that is has really helped elevate the way we humans live our daily lives and we are indeed the direct stakeholders to any of these innovations since we are the primary living ones. Just like the increased nutritional quantity and quality of food crops and also the improved taste, texture or appearance of food after modern biotechnology has done its part that made a lot of farmers and people worldwide, maybe, happy or satisfied. As I have said, every actions has its equal opposite reaction, an issue about increased herbicide usage and resultant herbicide resistance, “super weeds”, residues on and in food crops, genetic contamination of non-GM crops which hurt organic and conventional farmers, damage to wildlife. And that is a quite example of the effects of modern technology in global destruction. Another is the absence of cure, it is said that there is still a lack of effective treatment or preventive measures for many diseases and conditions using testing of genes and this cause revealing of information about a potential disease in the future that has no absolute cure and that is one big dilemma for medical practitioners and for all of us. The Human Genome project becomes now an international effort where all human genes are subject for discovery and available for future biological studies. So that means, every genes are needed since these geners or our genes are significant or essential to biotech studies drive. The issue stated in wikipedia.com about gene ownership states that, Who will own and control genetic information, or information about genes, gene products, or inherited characteristics derived from an individual or a group of people like indigenous communities? At the macro level, there is a possibility of a genetic divide, with developing countries that do not have access to medical applications of biotechnology being deprived of benefits accruing from products derived from genes obtained from their own people. Moreover, genetic information can pose a risk for minority population groups as it can lead to group stigmatization. All these issues will always be existing because I believe that there will always be a bad effect to every technology developed.

Working in a field like biotechnology, is not really an easy thing to do just as doing a hobby when you are at home. Since working in this field, usually deals with “life”, several set of precautions must be considered to ensure proper balance and cautiously not alter the biological life on earth. If I would be likely living in this field in the future, then I should be starting to know more about the outside issues that could relatively affected by biotechnology, and that is the management, economic and legal issues. It seems that introducing a new technology is not that easy, not just in the part of actually conceiving it, but also to the part where you actually have to consider thousands of things to make sure that it is beneficial to everyone, nothing gets compromised and hopefully, it has a minute amount of negative effect eventually.
As I’m in my fourth paragraph right now, there are really lots of things running in my thoughts that are of course related to this topic. Since, I want to develop a technology that could be as close as in defying death, the issue of Bible and Science came up to me. Or the morals of the human passed on through generations. According to bNet.com, “Biotechnology is set to dominate the questions facing global culture, as our new powers over our own selves are increasingly liberated by technology from the realm of sci-fi and confront the human community with the most fateful decisions of our long history. At the same time, it holds the seeds of extraordinary powers of healing. The extent to which we shall be able to draw a line between therapy and enhancement/control will determine the future of Homo sapiens. Nothing less is at stake.” For example, the movies that I have seen about cloning humans and its eventual effects. All those movies seem to deliver a message that cloning, as replacing the original humans and creating ‘life’ and defying death, is somehow not a ‘good’ thing. If I ever get to be a professional with this field someday, I don’t think I would opt to do some cloning on humans. Though it may have its million of reasons why it should be done, like preventing death so you won’t have to lose someone or wait to grieve for someone, there would still be a millions of reasons fighting back. That is the norms which I think will still be carried by some of us though maybe in the future, most of us will not have anymore. As long as counter measures to everything shall be employed, hopefully everything will be in order and all are in accordance.

I may not be as what I want to be, as professional as others in the near future, but I want to contribute something that may be of use to the world and to every one of us in my own not-really-professional sort of ways. I’m not really certain what ‘something’ might that be but I think I’ll figure it out for the next years to come. Approaching the future and the future approaching you is such an interesting matter to be anticipating, hopefully the innovations that we will get to inclined with and introduced with would be clearly planned and thought of, not just for the sake of making a ‘high-tech’ or cool device, but also that would benefit all facets of mankind concerned. For now, as an IT student, all I could do is to continue learning about all these technologies, because a little of everything would likely help me understand everything, about how things really work with these technologies. A silent observation around my environment, I think will do.
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John Wilson Lee


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:04 pm

Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, what innovations/technologies would you introduce/contribute to improve the quality of life.
There are many things that a man should do in order become the man he wants to be. When we talk of the future matters, there came a chance that we reflect with what are the plans we have for it. We all know that future it self is a very infinite concept of time. No one really knows what or how the future of a person can be molded or build. For that reason we came to schools, we learn, we plan and eventually we arrived to the fulfillments of our plans, and in that moment we’ve also molded the future we used to plan. But that case doesn’t always come, sometimes trials and failures go along the way and we choose to defy our own plans. And instead of going to that way, we go on the other. If the time will really come that I am an IT professional that will be one of the happiest days of my life, for the reason that I took this course in order to be one. When I will reflect with the future, especially with regards to what will be the things that I can offer to the community in order to help them and make other people’s lives improve, I can have so many things to think of but then some of them are still very blur or should I say that they are still some kind of an impossible things. But I know that it is just for the mean time. For my contribution in this community, I can think of the most basic and somewhat possible three things that I can introduce or contribute in terms of innovations or technology.
The first innovation or technology that I will introduce or contribute to the community is related to my current topic on my research paper. Since my research topic is in line with Disaster Management, I believe that it is one of the major fields that IT should belong. Since there are so many things that disaster management deals with a crucial entity in the world which is life, it is enough reason to say that it is one field that IT should have attached into. Here in our country, there is a small amount of interest on using the field of IT in the field of disaster management. I do say so for the reason that most of the ICT related projects in the field of disaster management that we are using are almost from other countries. In fact we have all the resources that we will need here in our own community. The main reason or the objective of this innovation is to strengthen the foundation of our disaster management by the use of the technologies that we, the Filipinos can develop. Either in the area of mitigation processes where in it is the activity that reduces either the chance of a hazard taking place or a hazard that will turn into a disaster or maybe in the risk reduction in order to anticipate measures or actions that aims to avoid the future risk that maybe resulted from a disaster. Or perhaps in the area of prevention, preparedness, response like the local 911 or maybe in the recovery matters when there come a disaster. When we just look into the deeper parts of some of the vital or important systems we have here, we can say that there are so many fields that we can put IT into where it can improve the quality of life we have in the sense of readiness and in safety in terms of disaster.
In order to achieve these innovations/technologies there should be an integration of the government and the some of the private sectors to acquire the much needed support for the developments. The government can also ask some help from the other organizations with regards to the budget and other supports. By means of these innovations/technologies that will be developed, it can generate job opportunities for the IT practitioners which will be involved with this. For the benefit of other people, they will acquire some sense of safety and preparedness in cases of disasters and any other similar situations. In developing these innovations or technologies, the government or the country itself have can somewhat utilize its human resource in the field of IT. Eventhough not all IT practitioners will have the chance to participate, there is still that some percent of utilization in that sense. With the integration of the government and some private sectors, it can be rest assured that the funding for the projects or developments are in the good hands. Instead of letting the officiator is only the government.
The second innovation or technology is related to the open information concept of the field of computing and also for the other organization. This is in line with the government information of our country. If the government would allow this innovation, there is a great possibility that the problem in corruption will be lessen. The innovation will address the information of our government. The objective of this innovation is to let the public acquire the current information from the government which is related to health, wealth and other vital information that the government should or must not keep from the public. This innovation will be called or referred to as Government Information Portal which is help on the web. It is put on line to enable a wider access point for the portal.
With this portal, there will be a job opportunities for IT people. The public will now be able to maintain a track on what is happening to the government with regards to projects, plans, budget, and any other information related to the wellness of the people. With this innovation, there will be more eyes to check and recheck the information of the government in order for the public to receive the better services that they deserve. The government officials will also be affected with this innovation. They will be affected in a way that there will always be eyes that will be observe them through this portal. There will be many advantages this innovation can give to the people and also to the government.
But there are also some disadvantages. Among the disadvantages I can think of for this innovation or technology is that the system will be vulnerable for intruders. But it will only happen if and only if the involved teams that will be dealing with this system are somewhat short in terms of security matters. But we all know that there will always be a way to protect things like this innovation. Another problem is the work that is needed to be done I terms of encoding the current available information that the government have. Well, since the government has so many employees, that problem will eventually be saved. Another problem also with this innovation is that the way the government sees this kind of innovation. The government may perceive it as a bad thing so they will eventually not support. Thus, the innovation will really not be implemented. We all know that the government here in our country really has the capability to kill something that is useful when they feel that it’s a threat for there own reasons.
The next or the final innovation or technology that I will introduce to the community in order to make our life better is a two in one innovation or technology. This innovation or technology will be dealing with the problems of waste management and energy. The main trust of the technology or innovation is in the filed of waste management and the buy product or the output of this technology or innovation is to be used in the problems of energy. The said innovation or technology will also bridge many fields and sciences in order to be successfully developed and implemented. The innovation or technology I will introduce is a “garbage refinery”. I called it as a garbage refinery for it is like an oil refinery but then, instead of using oil, we use garbage. Thus, the waste problem of our community will be addressed. It is also called as refinery for instead of refined oil is its output; we can have other forms of fuel that will come from the “refined” garbage. With the materialization of this technology or innovation, there will be so many good side effects it can deliver to the community. The waste problem, energy problem and even the problems of the nature will also be covered with this technology or innovation. And because of these numerous positive effects to the community, this innovation or technology can really be considered as something that can improve our way of life.
Now, we may ask how such very productive and environmental innovation or technology would be developed. It will all start with the building of facilities that will house such technology or innovation. The facilities will be responsible for the manifestation of the good effects of the innovation or technology. First thing is a place where the collected garbage is to be put in. The place must be contained and well sanitized. The next facility is a machine which can identify the different kinds of wastes that the garbage collectors will deliver to the garbage depot. The machine will segregate the waste from metals to organic materials. The organic materials will also be segregated in terms of the product it can produce when processed. Te metallic materials are also segregated like the organic, those materials that can be recycled will be put in one side, and others will then be sent to the land fields. Even though there are still waste products that will be sent to the land fields, it can be rest assured that it will be minimal. The next step is to process the organic materials in order to convert it from waste to fuel products. For say the vegetables and other organic materials that will undergo fermentation, those materials can be used as an input for making methane out of organic fermenting products. The other materials like the recyclable materials will then be sold out or in the case of fermented waste products; it can be used as an organic fertilizers for the future vertical farms.
By means of the “garbage refinery”, the problem with waste management is addressed and some other natural or environmental problems will also be covered. With the aid of this technology and innovation, the bigger problem on the energy will be addressed too. We will be able to mine fuel from our garbage if these technology or innovation will materialize.
But even if this technology is very positive, there will also be hindrances like the budget which will be very big for sure. If the government will be able to fund budget for it, it will be good for the community.
These innovations and technologies that are enumerated above are formed by future reflection, thus there is a great possibility that these will not happen eventually. But for me, if time comes and I’ll be given a chance to do something that will be supported properly by the government and other sectors, these innovations maybe possible to manifest. I know some of the innovations I introduced are some what feasible, but there is a great cost in pursuing them.
In the near future, if the time will really come when I will become an IT professional, and I will have the chance to pursue one of these innovations I mentioned above, I will really not hesitate to pursue and initiate it. For I know that the innovation that I will introduce to the community will make the life of the community improve. But as we all know, again, there can nothing be done when there will be lack of support from other organization. One aspect of support from the organization is the government, for with the support of the government, there can be an assurance that the innovation will be widely implemented.
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Angelo F. Matildo


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:10 pm

Each of us in this world has its own mental capacities that are so very vital part in out everyday lives, and this is very important in the field of technologies, thus knowing all about this it attempts to understand our intelligent entities because we merely know about ourselves. And because of this, several products are being developed or created, just like the development of such computers in many a sequence periods of time.

As what I have noticed for me especially today, that our technologies have gone so far especially through the development of those technologies with the help of the artificial intelligence. For me, I want to contribute several innovations with regards to Artificial Intelligence, since in this aspect it has contributed several dimensions of functionality and these are human thinking, activities such as decision-making, problem solving, learning so it is the reason why that the computers act run that way and it’s because of the effort of our artificial intelligence, just like for example the computational models that the computer can do, so because of all the so called artificial intelligence, we have encountered the product. I want to contribute and develop several innovations that would really trigger to the development of many products that would offer several purposes like:

To determine the actions of human, we have the so called the turing test approach, in this approach we may to know the behaviors as the ability to achieve human level performance in several cognitive tasks. It is a test in which a programming to a computer would need to possess the following capabilities:

1.natural language processing to enable it to communicate successfully in English (or some other human language), for me a concrete example for this can be the several programming languages that we human usually used.

2.automated reasoning to use the stored information to answer questions and to draw new conclusions;

3. Machines learning to adapt to new circumstances and to detect and develop patterns. Maybe with the help of the compiler of the different programming languages. I can develop like this, especially just like us that would offer this kind of products, just like different technical machines that manage and that can detect or even troubleshoot the errors, especially in several business machines.

4. computer vision to perceive objects, and robotics to move them about, example for this are the computerized objects and example for those are the robots that are manipulated by the computers.

As we all know that there are several programs that thinks also as human. I want to develop a theory that would really help. In the theory of human and AI technologies. Since, once we have a sufficiently precise theory of the mind, it becomes possible to express the theory as a computer program. If the program's input/output and timing behavior matches human behavior, that is evidence that some of the program's mechanisms may also be operating in humans, so example for this are the applications such as anti virus the device managers and so on. The difference is that AI and its
cognitive purposes continue to develop especially in the area of learning, because there are some aspects that also programs can have several developments especially that a nowadays there are many changes especially pertaining to modern technologies.
I want to use this kind of concept like artificial intelligence. So that I may perhaps develop or improve more especially in the area of speech technology and the related field of handwritten character recognition are that already making the transition to widespread industrial and consumer applications, that through this it improves the quality of life.
Another area that seems to have benefited from formalization is planning. I want to develop a technology that somewhat artificial intelligence has the one performs and operates to have a resulted outcomes in an elegant synthesis of existing planning programs into a simple framework. There have been a number of advances that built upon each other rather than starting from scratch each time. The result is that planning systems that were being controlled now by artificial intelligence, which are now generally often used for scheduling of factory work and space missions, and several other things.
I want to contribute also military put AI based hardware to the test of war during Desert Storm. AI-based technologies were used in missile systems, heads-up-displays, and other advancements. Since, this artificial intelligence has also made the transition to the home. With the popularity of this king of technology, the computers are growing, the interest of the public has also grown. And even several applications for the people, will be very great help and make them compatible to computers, such as voice and character recognition have become available.

Agents are the ones which perceive/observe its environment through the use of its sensors or any measuring device and consequently, providing actions through the so-called effectors that would in a way satisfy its goals and purpose based from what is perceived. For instance, as human persons we do have the senses of smell, taste, sight, etc. which act as sensors and further, we do have the various glands as well as hands, and legs which act as effectors. To provide for a more concrete exemplification, whenever we are in a room which is very hot/humid environment which our senses could certainly feel it, of course, the immediate response (using hands and legs, and other action-motors) that we normally do is to switch on a fan/air con to dissipate the heat that is occupying inside the room. As a second example, in a refinery/industrial plant, they do have the temperature and pressure sensors which are called thermostats (complex version of thermometer) and barometer respectively, whenever the temperature and pressure readings are not in conjunction with the desired temperature and pressure input, an inside controllers such as heater, coolers and heat-exchangers(temperature) and compressors and turbines(for pressure) are used as effectors so as to adjust and optimize what is really desired for optimum and good quality of products. However, the actions and effects do not end here; there is this so-called performance measure which determines how successful an agent is in satisfying or providing actions for its goals and purpose based from the perceived variables from the environment.
The above explanation has not been fully understood unless it is put in insides work. The job of AI is to design the agent program: a function that implements the agent mapping from percepts to actions. The program will run on some sort of device, which is so-called architecture. Generally, the architecture makes the observations from the sensors available to the program, runs the program and feeds the program’s actions to the effectors. To relate the terms agents, architectures, and programs

All intelligent agents have the same structure or skeleton, that is, accepting the percepts from an environment through its sensors and subsequently generating actions through its effectors. However, a simple version of agent programs use an internal data structure that will be updated or varied as new percepts are introduced, these data structures are operated on by the agent’s procedures to make an action choice, which is further passed to the architecture to be executed. However, there are things to be noted: though the skeleton program starts from percept sequences and then followed by actions, the agent program receives only one and single percept as its input and it is the choice of the agent as to store the complete percept sequence in memory or not.
The general environment program shows the relationship between agents and environments. The simulator takes one or more agents as input and arranges to repeatedly give each agent the correct and right percepts and receive back an action. The simulator then updates the environment based on the actions, and other dynamic processes in the environment that are not considered to be agents. The environment is therefore defined by the initial state and the update function.

The performance measure will depend on the complete sequence of environment states made during the operation of the program. Usually, the performance measure works by simple accumulation using either summation, averaging, or taking a maximum.

Run-Evaluate-Environment program returns the performance measure for single environment, defined by a single initial state and a particular update function. Here, an agent is designed to work in an environment class, a whole set of different environments. And in order to measure the performance of an agent, we need to have an environment generator that chooses particular environments in which to run the agent. This is subtly straightforward to implement for a simulated environment because it takes through the entire development of an environment and the associated measurement process.

Also this artificial intelligence technology has made steadying camcorders simple using this kind logic and concepts. With a greater demand for AI-related technology, new advancements are becoming available. Inevitably Artificial Intelligence has, and will continue to affecting our lives.

Another area of technology that I want to innovate assuming as I belong to an IT Professional, is in the area of civil engineering, architecture. Actually what arose me in this area, is that I want to correlate my computer knowledge in the area of architecture especially in the field of buildings, railways and etc. Since then, I want to develop a technology that will help in times of some weather problems like raining or even storms and to any weather catastrophes in life. I want that during this kind of sample situation. I want that there will be an area on which it will not be affected to any catastrophes affected above, which I mention earlier. Of course in this state I want them to them to be in convenient and some sort that they will no longer experience as bad as those natural bad weather. It just like making a Portal on which, you will be transfer to any region on which you will be living the same as convenient as before or even to some point of time, that you are even now living as in the happiest life ever experienced. Maybe through this I may help a lot of people if they have this kind of product, availing this kind of product make them feel and living a very enjoying life. Since then, it comprehends to their needs and in their daily living in this world.
All I want to develop is a development that is much related to artificial intelligence technology and architecture. Since I want to face the technology in a very futuristic manner, especially that I have learned the concept or the idea about the cyberpunk, I have learned things that classify its usefulness and being a futuristic developer someday, and according to my own understanding the idea we have now might be the experience we will have in the future. And those principles which actually covers all the idea, isn’t it??. And by having these sets of technologies we will have in the future marking the importance of it especially to our lives, I guess it really gives us a great advantage especially with regards to the materials, the privilege or the opportunity for the majority that anybody can participate with this so called AI-based and architectural technologies , since it is highly very compatible for us, therefore, it can really help us much, that with respect to the some materials we needed we have these benefits of having those, and these technologies are very helpful for us in our living.
These technologies we have today is also the futuristic idea in the past. So that is why all I can say is that anything that has been being imagined today for the future are very important for us, since without the existence of these sets of technologies I guess for me, we have all lots of problem that we will always encounter in our everyday’s life. And besides these made our living in this world more conveniently, especially in the field of Information technology and with regards to these aspects, I guess all things in these worlds relate with each other specifically in the area of our technology today, that as far as by now, and we are developing, moreover we are doing these things in order for the convenient of the majority. Thus acquiring our capability on knowing these things or shall I say these much known technologies give us a great help for us in our lives, and more especially in our industry also. So that is it, and as far as we know, these things are also being highly developed every step of the way, as time passed by.
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Robert Marvin E. Lee


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PostSubject: Asignment 2   Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:11 pm

To start it all over again it’s really amazing to retreat over our self about how past evolve into this new generation, were everything starts from nothing. So wonderful to reminisce on what we had on those late days, upon recalling it its so sad that Mother Nature need to sacrifice for all our ambitious desires. Thus, these unknown plagues of diseases and calamities had spread across the world and human must repay for all of this consequences. Technologies arises and era's had surpasses the new trend of life had change from east to west and north to south, everything is changing and controlling this phenomena takes a miracle to stop. Information is infinity around the screen and if you want to travel around the world takes a second only for you to see. Transition of changing is on fast phase now a day that revolts to humankind and even technology itself. To start the genesis of my story I will start first by reflecting our one self to our environment now days and this will in depth more our innate consciousness within us. To return from nothing will open us the reality to the real picture of our world today because these new lifestyle trend had forget us the responsibility of man kind to nature. Here in Davao, the sanctuary of nature is still preserve in midst of mountains hope the evolution of humankind won’t affect the area. To straight on the point of what the question is discoursing I will start to innovate this paragraph of statement of my future plan about this technology. To look it directly of what my discussion is going through you will notice how I treasure most the environment effect on this tremendous technology today, because global warming is a great issue today and this calamity will past down from our offspring to offspring. We mankind are the cause for all of this and being as a part of this generation and will be the hope for the future, I would contribute more on my skills on the nature and health issues to humankind. To stop this unending contribution support about the nature lets go to the introduction of the reality of this question. Looking as an IT professional must be worthy enough to explore my knowledge in dealing with our new era. At the best of my knowledge technology is the primary source of the new lifestyle today that motivates me to expand my ideas concerning the present problem in our society, industry, environment, and science. This technology is designed to be our pathway of life.
My top list for my contribution I had plan is the first thing I had discuss in the first paragraph no other than the nature and environment. It inspired me lot to do things specially regarding to mother nature because technology is accelerating fast and nature is rewinding backward. But what is my innovation?, I'm planning to make a design that would surely hit two birds in one stone, and one of my hilarious vision of idea is planning to interact is water conservation and purification over the rain. Though many several study had contributed about water purification it sound so traditional, but I would try to fit in my best and hoping to squeeze all the minerals on every rain drop that lands on ground, so every drop will not be wasted. It inspired me because we have the most abundant fresh water here in Davao and one of the best drinking water on the faucet in the nation. I know many government agent and private sectors had planned over this conservation of water, however as time will click we cant predict how things will work on its way. So technology must be involved as being IT professional someday I will contribute a lot and pay tribute for this research in water though environment is a part of my plan water conservation, I think is the best starting point for my dream before I will in depth more on myself to the other fields. But I will also outreach my idea to the other sectors to improve the quality of life and my agenda will be and environmentally friendly technology. I know rain will give way to improve the condition regarding to water conservation here in our city because if only buildings and houses will try to instantiate something innovation for every rain drops of water this would be the best solution for water conservation. I'm planning to focus on water therapy for every rain drop so it will be able to drink and if you will pile some stock of water you can contribute to stop the flood here in the city. And if technology will be able to synthesize it my plan will be a drinking water while contributing a drop for the reservoir. This technology will need a high plan to implement for the reasons of some factor though my imagination go far beyond my expectation but I'm trying to stick of what my plan for future technology and that must be close to futuristic.
As I had introduce it this plan would merely surely cause a big lot of expense though this is only a plan of my dream and listing it as my assignment, this would focus me more later on as years will past that will remind me about the things that should I do when I would become an IT professional. As my introduction had focused over the nature I would be inflicting more on my time to our natural resources here in Davao because only Dabawenyos will only be the beneficiary for our resources and we will the only one who will suffer if this will not be used properly so as my water conservation is my one of my proposal to mother nature. To look on the other side of life and cycle we could see things how it evolves from itself and we human are the living proof of it. We wouldn't notice even ourselves if we don't look back to the past and those things from the past is also part of my inspiration, life is too short and life must lived to the fullest to start it all over again from the what we had from the past I was thinking also the resources we have here in Davao that would innovate me to come up with this technology. As my mind was running again I think and look to over the street and see how polluted was Davao right now many vehicle had dominated across the street and some of those cars is contributing the green house effect that we are now experiencing. To propose another round of futuristic technology I would suggest the Vacuum Detoxifyer Solar Power this would vacuum a large amount of carbon dioxide that mostly vehicle is emitting. The carbon dioxide that has been vacuum is being stock or pass directly to any nursery of plant and trees, computer system will allow to control the amount of dioxide that will pass for each designation nursery or any location were plants and trees will consume the given amount of dioxide needed and will be able to transform those air from carbon dioxide to oxygen. This would lessen the amount of green gas emission that we exert in the atmosphere though vehicular emission is one of the cause for these effect that we are now experiencing these would be a very beneficiary to everyone not only here but for the whole world. This would focus my research regarding also in protecting the atmosphere and the weather change we are now experiencing. My idea for this innovation was inspired over the islands you can see in the roads of Davao specially on the highway and this would be the best location for this plan. It is also a solar power which does not need anymore a battery or any electrical power consumption for this technology because now a days the hot of the sun can compare over the oven toaster, so solar power will be provided for this technology though it cost a minimal power consumption that would only limit only for storing its energy and supply needed. This proposal research of innovation today would hopefully be the motivation for the readers for this topic and will know the importants of nature to our society but also to our world. Hopefully will not be able to wired over our self as what we had discuss over the last Saturday on our laboratory on the discussion about future technology. This would surely be a great lesson for all of us to love of what we have right now specially those things that belongs to mother earth because we only have these things today but to be able to preserve it and to let our future grand children to experience this it takes a stop and a minute to think of what things must done right at this time. Though enough for all of these drama lets back to future and this technology trend we are now facing today lets see how things work on this era and this passion of material had overcome some people. Lastly on Saturday we had discuss over information technology of the future and its politics side. I would jump some of this information of sharing regarding with this topic we had our own discourse, I know this would be out of the topic for this question but it would be a factor also for the answer of my opinion to share my idea of what I had understood to come up some solution to the problem that will be facing also in the near future. This would also be my innovation of my study as being a professional IT someday, to phase it fast step to our discussion of being wired over our self to this trend of technology, is slowly down dominating over ourselves without knowing that this thing is manipulating us and its fast arising to our generation and making a big role to the society today this would somehow a big problem to the humankind. A factor which may not be forsaken because of its threat that is on rolling right now. Like computer addiction we don't realize how this thing work as far beyond ourselves this things takes control to our human perception without knowing that we fall over to addiction some of these now a days are teenage, and adults. To see this problem is facing on our direction we can make a new shift of direction and make this thing stop before we experience it, as things right now is experiencing a synthesizing over the technology and human also is a part of that transition because we are the big cause for this evolution. To make this thing possible to stop we shall starts from within ourselves because even I couldn't stop if this technology would overcome dominate every single human and our mother nature, because its every individual to start this from to locate the inner peace and go back to natural. Because this technology are only a tool for our needs not a tool to manipulate over us.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:47 pm

Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, what innovations/technologies would you introduce/contribute to improve the quality of life. (minimum 2000 words)

Since we are in the womb of our mother many expectation they what to achieve by their baby to become like this and like that. They planned ahead what are the career paths they want to their child. But as the child grows up they have their own mind and decision they can even think what they want to be in the future.

Every one of us thinks what would be our career after graduating college. My reason why I study in college is only to have a college diploma to make my parents proud of me, an educational attainment for my future work in order to have greater chances of winning a certain work. I observed nowadays many of college graduates are not into practice their courses. Many IT graduates often work in the call centers but that’s not their course all about. Maybe it is still dealing with IT, because it is working with information, but what they are thinking earning money. Most of people don’t have works in their field, maybe they don’t suit with the career they have, maybe it’s hard to find job or the career they have is not that in demand. But IT, I think the course I have chosen will give me a lot of opportunities to get a better job, maybe this one will make me rich someday. But it takes time, it needs strategies, it needs knowledge. Now I realize, being a successful one in the future cannot be predicted or be seen while you’re still studying. Lot of people does well in their school life, but when they have graduated they don’t have strategies to get a nice job. Like our neighbor who was a Mechanical Engineer and only turn out as a charcoal maker, he did not used his education as his career in life maybe that is what he wants to happen in his life. While there are people that is not that good during their college life but got a very nice job when they have graduated, and I hope I am one of them. So I can say it just depend with your strategies in life, on how you handle things to make a good reflection to you. There are also many accounting graduates often work as cashier in malls and establishments. I don’t know what the reason behind those wrong career choices. But one thing for sure others think that maybe those are their stepping stone to achieve their goals in life. I think education is the basis on how people treat you in the community. People will respect you if you have achieved college and have graduated. During my elementary I have dream to become an engineer because I think people will adore me and be proud since I have reach the profession as an engineer. During my high school years I have dream to become a policewoman why? Because one of my uncle is a policeman, I think police profession will make me a strong woman and being respected by others as I wanted to be respected. This is one of the major careers that come up in my mind, when I am about to graduate high school. But unfortunately I don’t enroll in the courses that I have dream since my elementary and high school days.

It was April of the year 2005 when I take my entrance examination in USEP Mintal because USEP Obrero entrance examination was closed that time. The thing that comes in my mind that time is when I did not pass the exam I will no longer studying college. But luckily I have passed the examination the first course I write in the paper is ECE and second choice it the IT. But I have decided to take IT as my course because there is no summer class like in engineering. I have my summer job in order to gain money and that money will be paid in my fees in school. It was the first semester of my year in college when people ask me what is my course I said that I am an Information Technology student. They always say “Good Luck. Mo shift japun ka.” And I answer the with “sige lang ilhan bitaw na kung mo shift. heheheh”. That time I begun to think that I should go with my course or shift? That one question I ask in myself. Many of my classmates have shift into other course. But I have decided that since I choose this career I must graduate with this profession. And I have confidence that I can get a nice job after college, because as I can see almost all of the companies even plants are using advance technology, even the control system of plants are now being controlled by computers so I think its not hard for me to find a better job. And what I have in mind if luckily ill graduate soon ill apply work even it don’t have that big salary, all I want is just I can practice my skills and be ready for the big events that may come to my life. There are many opportunities if you only have the strategies. Strategy is the best key to have a good and profitable job. Strategy, it includes your moral manners, they say, a brain with a heart do nice things. I am not too worried about my grades because I think I can be better in applications than theory. Like what others say, you will learn many things in your work that haven’t taught in college.

I think I can call myself as an IT professional if I already achieve my goals, my aims before choosing this profession. I can call myself as and IT professional if I’m earning money with my career as an Information Technology Analyst, as a Computer Programmer, as a Software Engineer, as a Systems Administrator, as a Web Designer, as a Web Developer, as a Webmaster, as a Maintenance Technician, as a Network Administrator, as a Database Administrator. If I can do works what a professional can do. I can do my works without any help from others like creating unique programs, creating a new programming language. And even say if those other professional that they clap their hand because of the work well done. But as for now it’s hard for me to do all those things since I am still a student. A student needs help from others in order to make my assignments and projects. A student needs advice from superiors like instructors and even in my parents and family. A student needs financially help from my parents too. Without them I cannot even go to school since they gave me money everyday in order to reach the school. But I am not just a student but a student with a course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student doing al my best to finish my course with all the knowledge, with all the leanings and with nice grades, to become a professional IT someday. And I think becoming a professional one takes a lot of challenges, in other courses they take examinations and have to pass a very broad thesis book related to their field. Maybe I can face all that challenges soon if I already have the guts. Also, I can call myself as a professional one if I can already share my learning and knowledge about my course, if I am able to teach other people base on my career, or just simply to say to be an instructor someday, like my instructors, I can call them as a professional one, or they are really professionals, that’s why they are called professors. And who knows? I become one of them someday.
Technology helps a lot in our society and it is one of the reasons why many countries have a wonderful economy via this technology. Why there are many researcher and scientist nowadays. As technology goes far the nature is being abandoned they cut trees in order to make a plantation. But as we all now that in the past there is no modern technology like this. God only creates environment, inside of this environment are animals, trees, other living and non-living things and especially the human who would take care of the Gods creation. People are not contented what they have in that time so they create things through their imagination and make it possible they invented a wonderful and useful technology. Now in the age of information and technology, many innovation and invention have been created. In order to make life easy but I think life is not easy as 1 2 3. Because life needs a lot of things like dealing with other people and using the things that surrounds you in order to survive.

Creating innovation or invention is hard since I am not yet a researcher or a scientist or even an inventor. The technology or innovation I want to invent or contribute is a technology where in a certain waste or garbage can be a source of electricity and other things that will help the people and those that cannot affect the world climate. I think that invention was made already. But I mainly focused on the environment since it was the sources of human life and even in the beginning the environment was our first technology that we used. I am a type of person which is contended what are the things that surrounds me. And even the technology that surrounds me because innovation of technology always focuses on the creation of things that will life easy. I want to invent a robot the robots’ main task is to always remind what are the things need to do to his master. As I observed nowadays the life span of the people around the world is getting smaller and smaller because of the technology. Like the radiation of the computer which can cause infertility among the man. And even the disability of the baby inside the woman’s womb when they work in a place where there are lots of computers surrounds them. I want to create a machine that will convert the radiation into carbon dioxide. That carbon dioxide will help or make the plants grow. In order for us to maintain and live in a world where there is no pollution at all. That’s all maybe if I become a scientist or inventor that’s the time I have lots of ideas in my mind.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 2:51 am

Considering myself as an IT professional, I can say that there still something I should obtained to be considered as one. IT professional is not just you’ve got a degree on Information Technology and probably have plenty of ideas on innovations and inventions that one can contribute in the future. As of now that I’m still a student, I’m still confused on what the role I’m going to perform in the future to be considered as responsible IT professional, though I know that I have technical knowledge and skills as an IT, still it needs to be improved and develop. In terms of my character, I still need to be responsible in all my actions. For me to be considered as IT professional is one not only knowledgeable enough on IT but also responsible enough on the innovations one can contribute. This is what I need to comply to be worthy enough to be called as one.

As IT we are intended to contribute innovations on present technologies that primarily would improve the quality of life. In our Future Tech meetings, there are a lot of technologies and innovations presented. The timeline of such technologies where it originate and the concept as the basis of its creation and how relates to present technologies. From that we can really say that innovations happen as technologies passes from one generation to the next. Future technology is innovations on the present technologies and due to competency among inventors excel in the world market. And because of this healthy competition among competitors, sad to say that not all future technologies are invented to improve the quality of life, a lot of it is for war and destruction. From that, I can’t help myself to imagine a future that I don’t want to come, but who am I to stop it?

Thinking of what innovations/technologies I can introduce to improve the quality of life, I considered the E-Waste Management which presented by the group of Gorgonio and Orquillas. I personally have been a user of electronics products that cause of electronic waste as million of people around the globe do. And some of the products that I have used before (which of no used) are just stocked in one side of the house. Looking on that, realization comes into my mind on how it would properly dispose so that it will be less harmful as its number is rapidly increasing.

E-waste management would be of great help not only today but especially for the future. This will not only help protecting the environment but the human race as well. E-waste is an electronic equipments/products such as computers, televisions, VCR’s, stereos, copiers, and fax machines. Most of these can be reused or recycled, but due to advancement in technology, styles and status, these products can easily become obsolete. That’s why e-waste or electronic wastes have become the fastest growing segments of almost every nation’s waste stream, that cause a very alarming effect on human health and environment. E-waste are considered and proven to be dangerous because of its hazardous content.

Improper disposal of e-waste have been everybody’s practice. User’s concern is only on how to maximize the use of these electronic gadgets but hands off on responsibility on properly disposing it, not realizing the threat in can cause. Improper disposal of these materials such as computer waste that are landfilled can leach toxins into soil, air and groundwater which later enter into crops, animals and human body system causing entire contamination and pollution. According to experts, personal computers contain components with highly toxic substances, gases, and heavy metals. Trash from other electronic materials such as refrigerators, mobile phones contains lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and barium among others which can are very harmful to human health and environment. Melting computer chips can cause acidification of soil if disposed in the ground. Water and food resources will eventually affected and shortages on associated need will come after.

E-waste management that bring about proper disposal of electronic waste would be of great contribution not only in the field of IT but all the countries around the globe that have been affected by fast increasing number of e-waste in one way or another. This innovation on e-waste management will focus on how to lessen and prevent the rapid increase of e-waste. With these, guidelines and promotion on proper handling of electronic waste will be advertised globally for all to have awareness. E-waste management would probably pass into re-design, reuse and recycle. Redesign because at present electronic materials are designed to last only in short period of time probably 4 years, and after that those products would be obsolete and considered to be of no use leaving the consumers of no choice but to junk the old one and have to buy the new and latest one, maybe of its usage and capacity as well as not being left behind by the current trend. This kind of settings encourages the rapid increase of electronic wastes. From that, we already aware on how its number be multiplied with on the next ten years, for instance. But if we left it as ease and do nothing about it, its number on the next future is more than we can imagine as of now. With that the threat in could cause would also be more than we can imagine. Can we allow that to happen? No, of course, all of us had wished to have a better world to live in, in which contradicts on what the worlds turn into. Inventors and developers will be encouraged to redesign their products to have a long span of usage time and contain reusable and recycled materials that are easily disposable and cause less harm in the environment. With these, if properly implemented in every place in the world, the effect would be very beneficial, from the human health alone, unexpected body system damages and illness can be avoided as well as natural resources and environment contamination and pollution. As an IT professional, this is the least that I can contribute to improve the quality of human life and preserve the environment.

There are so many that one can contribute to improve the quality of life, I just can’t explain it in detail but there’s a lot where innovations can be applied. In medications and healthcare for instance, we are all aware that in this technological age, there so many illnesses that come out, which have not encountered before. This is due to the high technology substances that our body is interacting and forcing our immune system to adopt to the threat this technology brought. Innovations on the field of medicine that provide possibility to uncurable illnesses to be cured in the future, such as acute cancer of some part of the body. Early detection of such illness in human body has be made possible, which is second to prevention. Medication and treatment will be done at early stage so the chances for the patient to get well be achieved. Furthermore, innovations on hospitals facilities particularly in emergency section be designed to respond on possible fastest capacity cause time matter most in saving one’s life in this room.
Another innovation would be a disaster detection technology that would detect the natural calamities such as typhoon, landslide, tsunami, earthquakes, etc. With this, the country would prepared enough and have enough time to escape from the huge adversity cause by that calamity. Innovations also on rescue operation technology, in which is always in the state of emergency cause life or lives is the issue and the most priority. Say for instance, in fire brigade, its technologies should respond on their need to get the information on what and where is who needed their help as soon as possible. As well as the gadgets that would enable them to get there in the shortest way possible and time consumed. Availability of such machines that would perform their task in a situation that they were advised not to perform their task job to waited danger. That machines will serve as their substitute, with that their job is still performed without risking volunteer’s life. The way of transporting all the help and relief goods for remote areas primarily affected by such calamities have to find no hindrance on sending those help even if in a signal no. 4 typhoon, still it can travel by air, water, land or by any means.

Innovations also on the building architecture and engineering that their standard of design would be able to stand in a very strong typhoon or earthquake. As I have heard on news before, I cant remember the date, its all about the earthquake that strike China and making several buildings to collapse and cause many lives to death. I just think of possible innovations that can be applied in the field of engineering and architecture. Maybe in the near future, no one building will collapse because of the same natural calamities. All its design will not only focus to stand a very high storeys buildings but its resistant on the calamities that might come.

As I have mentioned several times, there’s a lot of innovations one can think if we say improving ones quality of life. However, these innovations have not to retain in our imagination but have to be implemented to make use of its benefits and advantages. As of present time, we can say that the need of those innovations is urgent, primarily for the objective to prolong the time we have to spent in getting into the future the we don’t want to reach.

We have been in the stage in which all our concern is to have all the innovations and technologies
we want to satisfy our unending gratification on technologies, without considering the effects it would cause in the environment and human health. Because of that attitude that we’re used to, we are on the alarming stage on the threat of these technologies bring about. But still most of us though aware are pretending to be unaffected and doesn’t even care to give their attention and cooperation.

These innovations if not implemented can be considered as worthless, the true challenge is in there. How one may able to make it possible and implement it. This will be reflected on what character we have as an IT. Back on the sermon that Sir Randy have given, its true that knowledge and skills in contributing those technologies are worthless, if we are not responsible and matured on our actions (thanks sir for making us realize..we’re so grateful). That’s why responsibility is the primary requirement. As IT, the responsibility is in our hand to make it possible. We’ve got the knowledge and skills to start it, so there’s comes great responsibility for us to finish it.

Anyways, most of us are little bit scared of the future because of undesirable effect of technologies that we foresee that might happen in the several years. What’s in our mind is that based on our observation and awareness, all the innovations that takes place in technology are bring about by the active competitions of inventors and developers of technology to excel in the market and can get over from one another. This scenario ends up with war and destruction in the future. However, if there a chance to change of direction and leading to the path where biggest competitors whom have a bigger contribution on the field of Information Technology compete on making their product or technologies innovative in a way of improving the quality of life, not to destruct one’s life. They will be competing on how to make their innovations human and environment friendly. In this situation, there’s bigger chance to regain what have we lost because irresponsible usage of past and present technology, though we won’t be able to regain it all, its still a big achievement. What’s going to be important is, there is a bright future awaits for us, not the kind of future that we don’t want to come. That if there’s a chance to change a direction.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:10 am

Worthy, I have heard this word a million times before but yet, I really don’t know its real meaning. What is the word worthy? Why does this word exist? The word worthy, is it merely just a word? Or is there something deeper meaning beyond its word itself, can any anyone narrow its meaning? It has been used by most people. It is the mostly asked.

Are you worthy? Am I worthy to live in this vicious world? Or am I the total exact opposite of its meaning? Could we measure a person’s worth in this world? Probably I’ll in the lowest rank. These are some of the many questions that came to my mind and keep asking my self, “Am I worthy enough to live?” A question that is too difficult for me to answer. A question that leave someone in confusion. A question with a very unsure answer.

Is there someone among the million of people in this world knows that they are worthy? If there are so, I envy them. I don’t know my worth in this world. For the reason that I don’t know if I am worthy enough to live in this world. Moreover, I don’t even know if I am worthy enough to my chosen career, to be called as an IT Professional. I just don’t know.

However, on the other hand, the word worthy just what is it? To define the word worthy, according to the dictionary, it is somebody who is good or morally upright or a respectable person. Am I fit to what the word worthy defines? If yes, I don’t know why and how. If not, are there ways to make my self praiseworthy? To be a worthy person, a respectable person, or a good person, they say it starts with small deeds. However, if a person fails to do so then, how could you do big deeds just to be called a worthy person?

I remembered a preach from a priest back in our hometown. It is about doing good deeds to be a worthy person on the eyes of God and in the eyes of man. The preach was about a jar filled with different sizes of stones from the smallest stones to bigger ones. A person was asked to clear the jar by taking out all the stones to another place one by one. A jar full of stones, the person tries to take out the big ones first but is having a hard time because the smaller stones blocking. So, later, the person realized that taking out the smaller ones first would make it faster and easier. Thus, the person succeeded in clearing out the jar.

The story foretold above is just like in the real world. To become a worthy person starting from small contributions will lead to bigger ones. To become worthy, it is impossible to do big innovations. It is just impossible. Also not everyone is able to do so. Small deeds will lead you to something bigger. Although it is just small and simple however, if its value is more worthy than the things done by big people then it is worthy enough, more than enough.

There is a saying that the only thing constant in this world is change. If you found your self not worthy then, change for good. Changing for the better is a difficult thing to do. As I have said before, I am not sure if I am a worthy person. How could I possibly be? I can’t find my self to be called a worthy individual thus, change is needed. By starting from doing deeds will surely make me a better one, someday. Being a worthy individual is not as easy as you thought. It impossible, not everyone is able to be. Step by step I will.

Everything around us is changing. Technology is one of the most ideal examples of change. There has been a rapid pace of change in technology in these past years. New technologies were introduced to improve the quality of our life. It is for our own comfort. It is for ease of getting things done. Technology has change the way of our living. And it makes me wonder, “Are there still things that are needed to improve in our life?”

From the past until today, mankind had developed various things to make it easy for us, the new generation. Wherever you look you can see the overflowing river of technology. Technology, technology, it is now the language of our generation. However, on the other hand, despite of the presence of new technology does our life? Has it really made our life improved? I am talking about something personal. Isn’t technology has made mankind very lazy? Is that what improving quality of life meant? People can’t even throw or segregate their garbage properly. They even use technology to abuse nature for personal greediness. These man’s greedy activities that result to a more horrifying situations. Just for example, deforestation to flood, and various other activities. Can technology prevent these things to get into worst? Yes, if we all have the will. Definitely it will.

Technologist had contributed a lot in the society. Most goal of all Information Technology enthusiasts apparently to improve the quality of our life. They are creating, modifying, and innovating new technology one from another. Most of all inventors meet in one goal. All are fighting for one goal. It is to improve. It does not matter whether they improve a new technology for personal interest or for everyone’s benefits. Thus, as one of these so-called Information Technology enthusiasts, I am also aiming of improving one’s quality of life. I would be starting to small things until I am able to innovate and contribute to something better and bigger. It is best to start on small things, then in that time, my learning and experience will be wider leading to bigger contributions and bigger technology innovations in the future.

Neil Armstrong once said that one small step from a man; one big step to mankind, starting to small technology is a good small step. As an IT professional, if I were to contribute something in the society to improve the quality of life I would like to innovate something that will be useful to mankind. A technology that will serve as a guide people and thus, will be a great help to people’s daily living.

We can foresee some simple problems that are needed to be address, if we look closely and carefully. These problems are simple that may have been addressed by the government however; it doesn’t give a positive effect. This only means that a strong solution is needed. Just for example, the disposing of garbage. It has been one of the major problems in our country. It has been unstoppable. Day by day, tons of garbage is produced by Filipinos. There are various solutions and alternatives presented to address the problem but however, it seems like nothing happened. Since technology has been almost running our lives, one of the causes of the problems some say thus, technology is also the solution. A saying says that the root of the problem is also the solution. I wanted to create a technology that will address this problem, the garbage disposal problem.

Firstly is a garbage bin that has the capability of automatic segregation, it will segregate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable. In addition, it will group non-biodegradable in accordance to their similarities. All bottles are group together, Styrofoam in one group, and so with others. Also, the garbage bin will have a weight calculating ability; calculating if the garbage weight has exceed to a maximum weight. If it has reach the limit weight the garbage bin will send a signal that the garbage has to be collected right away.

In addition to the garbage bin’s capability, if the signal is from the biodegradable the signal will be received by a biodegradable department that manages the biodegradable for other purposes. The same goes to non-biodegradable. The signal will be sent to the department that manages the non-biodegradable for the recycling purposes. In this way the garbage disposal will be managed well. The segregation is well assured.

Another proposal regarding the garbage problem is that there are some people who are too lazy in throwing their garbage in the garbage bin even if it is just 10 steps away. Thus, this will result to untidiness and it is not a very good sight. Also, it will only contribute to pollution leading to another serious problem in the future. Since, among the study about technology, robotics has been the primary focus of research among the information technology enthusiast and thus, I wanted to create one that will maintain the cleanliness of the city. It is called the “Street Sweeper.” A question suddenly pops up in my mind, it is that isn’t this technology will spoil people? It will make people to just throw their garbage everywhere? Well, this technology will be a helper for those who clean the street everyday. And also this robot, street sweeper, has a camera attached that will record those who throw their garbage inconsiderably. It will take pictures and will be recorded automatically in the database for punishment later.

The robot Street Sweeper and the proposed new garbage bin will work hand in hand to keep the cleanliness of a city and thus, will hopefully eliminate the garbage problem in the future.

I have wanted to help those who are impaired, especially those who are visually impaired people. Although they can walk freely in the city however, when I see them I am really curious if they have that 100 percent sense of security, walking in busy places, riding public vehicles, even crossing roads. I really wonder if they could feel security or assurance that after they cross they are safe. Thus, I wanted to create a technology that will be their helper in going to busy places. It will be their eyes. It will inform the owner what is ahead. For example, crossing the road it will calculate the speed of cars passing by or will inform the owner that the street safe to cross by. The technology has a biometric attached capability that will recognize its owner. It has a fingerprint biometric, face recognition, and body temperature recognition of its owner. It has also wearable computer along. It is attached to the owner so that when the owner wants to go somewhere it will just press the button that will signal the robot to come near the owner, to turn off and to turn it on again. With this, the owner will have a sense of security and an assurance that they are safety while they are in the public, busy places. Shall I call it Eye-shield Robot? It is a robot that will serve as the eye of its owner who is visually impaired.

The garbage bin, Street Sweeper, and Eye-shield Robot these proposed technologies of mine are considered simple and small. It only addresses simple problems in the society. Although it is just a small contribution however its value is not lacking in any meaning that would give purpose to life. These small things could possibly change the world. No matter how small it is if I would contribute to society to improve the quality of life it not important whether it is small or not. Its value is what matters the most and it is worthy despite of being small.

On the other hand, still, I don’t know if this will help me a worthy person or a worthy IT professional. It is just small and there is nothing special. However, it will be a good start isn’t it? I shall end this with a quotation by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt saying that far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
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As far as I can remember the past, I never really thought of becoming an IT student. Since in early grade school, I am only thinking of becoming an astronaut (as every child would be dreaming to be). Then, later I realized I want to become someone that can identify a certain stone (that would be a geologist, I suppose) and descried its properties and etc. However, when I enter high school, my mind have become much open and overt where there are broad possibilities of what will I become, so many knowledge and interesting things that are adding in my befuddlement upon my decisive decision. Then, senior year came where the real confusion started. In this stage, I really don’t have any idea what course I will take up. Nursing? Education? Engineering? ….blah blah blah! And then, I made up my final decision (I was wishing it could be final). I will become a chemical engineer. Well, I am really good in chemistry (I just thought I am). But, when I heard my classmates talking about IT, I kind of like to change my decision. Yes, the Information Technology course. Almost quarter of the class decided upon IT, so I just followed the flow of peer pressure. If I will lost my luck with my direction, I have an option. Then, the series of what-so-called unfortunate events happened. It started when I took the USEPAT (University of Southeastern Philippines – Admission Test). The entrance test was quite fine. I got a rating of High Average. The following event – the interview. Hmmm? I am not quite prepared for the interview but fortunately I turned out good in answering the questions. I was very nervous that time because I really am not used in being interviewed. The questions were casual and I answered casually but I was anxious and my hands were trembling. Finally, I ended up enrolling in the BSIT (Bachelor of Science in Information technology) course. At first, the college approach was a bit confusing to me and it seems that I have been having difficulties in adjusting. But as time pass by, I am getting used with it.
Now, I am a 4th year student and getting ready to face the real but cruel world. As of my state of knowledge, it is rather in the most basic stage. Apparently, since I am just starting, I am still learning. I know that after I graduate, the true and surreal beginning of my journey will just start. Am I ready or not? Yes I am. But I still lack of something. Something important that if I will not acquire of such, I will be nothing. I guess it is for me – but just me – to find it out.
If I would become a successful and productive IT professional (daydreaming…!), I am obliged to contribute in technology and for the innovation of it. The contribution should be to meliorate the quality of man’s living. Eventually, I cannot tell that I could really accomplish such obligation. As for now, I really cannot think clearly what I could possibly do. I am not that kind of person that could easily finish a task easily and flawlessly (on the process and in the application). I need to reciprocate fairly in order in massively attest this factual conception onto my very own self as if it had been made as a habit for within the ego of me.
In today’s trend, there have been a large number of innovations on technology. Scientists and technologists are striving their very best in order to contribute and share their knowledge and learning upon each noesis and cognitions. In lots of field, there are innovations, These includes agriculture, motor cars and automobile, computer hardwares (printers, CPUs, monitors), computer accessories, softwares (application and operating system), computer services, gadets and PDAs, medicine and health, bioscience, robotics, aeronautics, defense and security, engineering and innovations, and energy and environment. In recent months, the concept of ‘cloud computing’ was all the buzz. European researchers think about another name, the World Wide Grid, which could run on top of the Internet. In an article to appear soon, ICT Results will report about the g-Eclipse project. As the scientists said, ‘the g-Eclipse project aims to build an integrated workbench framework to access the power of existing Grid infrastructures. The framework will be built on top of the reliable eco-system of the Eclipse community to enable a sustainable development. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of ‘computing clouds’ these days. Once you’re working with one like Amazon, it’s not easy to interoperate with another one such as Google. Even if these ‘clouds’ merely exist in 2006, this was this lack of interoperability which created the need for the g-Eclipsea project. The Firefly mission is the second project under the new U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) CubeSat program. The goal of this program is to provide a low cost access to space research. Firefly will be launched in 2010 or 2011 and will try to ’solve the mystery of the most powerful natural particle accelerator in Earth’s atmosphere: TGFs, or terrestrial gamma-ray flashes. TGFs are short, powerful bursts of gamma rays emitted into space from Earth’s upper atmosphere. The gamma rays are thought to be emitted by electrons traveling at or near the speed of light when they are slowed down by interaction with atoms in the upper atmosphere. These events may occur much more often than realized and may be associated with a significant fraction of the roughly 60 lightning strokes per second that occur worldwide. They could have a large effect on the upper atmosphere and near-Earth space, scientists say. U.S. researchers have developed an integrated blood barcode chip which can identify what’s in your blood in less than 10 minutes. Instead of going to a lab, having a shot, and waiting for results for a day or two, this new chip will allow physicians to practice sophisticated exams in their offices by using a single drop of your blood. And these tests will be very cheap compared to existing procedures. If this chip becomes widely available, you might one day enter your physician’s office and learn a few minutes after that you have a cancer. Of course, such blood chips are a good thing, but they also are frightening. This blood chip has been developed by Caltech chemistry professor James Heath and his colleagues, and by Leroy Hood, the president and founder of the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle. Hood is already known for his participation of the invention of the high-speed DNA sequencer that made the Human Genome Project possible. wireless experts estimate that our personal networks will include about a thousand devices in 2017, including dozens of sensors checking our health and our home. This is why European researchers have launched in 2006 a networking project called ‘MAGNET Beyond.’ The name is an acronym for ‘ My personal adaptive Global NET and beyond.’ The article suggests that the researchers have in fact built the Smart Personal Network, which integrates the concepts of Personal Networks (PNs) and Personal Area Networks (PANs). But first, where does this number of a thousand devices in a personal network come from? “In reality, it is hard to know what kind of devices or technology might be around for sure, but one thing is certain… there will be a lot of them. The first satellites were launched about 50 years ago as a way to conquer space. Now, satellites are essential for our civilian and military communications. But they remain large and expensive, some of them costing several hundreds of millions of dollars. This is why researchers from the University of Florida are building small satellites able to work as a team to take multiple and distributed measurements or observations of weather phenomena for example. These small satellites should cost only about $100,000 to produce. The first one should be launched next year by a NASA rocket and should not be larger than a softball. The goal is to mass-produce these satellites to even reduce their costs. The northern lights are beautiful when you see them from the ground. But they can be dangerous for your life if you’re in a plane crossing an area where they are active. This is because your plane can lose radio contact for a long time when flying above the northern polar region. This is why a Norwegian professor of physics is about to launch a rocket to discover the mysteries of the northern lights. The 9-meter long rocket should be launched between November 28 and December 7, 2008. It should reach an altitude of 350 kilometers and its flying time will be only 10 minutes. Let’s hope that the embarked sensors function correctly. Canadian scientists have recreated a famous painting from Vermeer on the microscale by using a new protein patterning technique. In fact, they’ve used a new laser method to draw protein pictures. And to illustrate the precision of their protein patterning technique, the research team reproduced ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring,’ a masterwork of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The technology landscape may be going through a period of change at a pace not ever witnessed. The Internet’s expansion helped drive what we have called “a boom ! bust ! boom-let period for new-company creation and a boom-let ! bust ! boom period for wealth creation.” That said, the underlying trend of technology investment has remained relatively constant. The unrelenting stream of private investment may be one indisputable data point - not only has venture capital remained healthy throughout the past ten years, in the midst of the bubble bursting, technology actually increased as a total percentage of all venture capital investments and has remained above levels seen during the ncreased attention in the late 90’s. But the real goal of this work is to replicate the brain’s complex cellular environment. The research team said their new laser method is ‘a major discovery, since the new laser technology can encourage and guide the growth of finicky nerve cells.’ According to New Scientist, engineers at Carnegie Mellon University have modified an unmanned commercial civilian helicopter to fly fast and low while avoiding obstacles such as buildings, trees or power lines. The unmanned aerial vehicle from Yamaha has been adapted to integrate a sensing system able to see obstacles — and to avoid them. The article said that ‘the helicopter’s eye is a custom-built 3D laser scanner, which sweeps an oval path ahead of the 3.5-metre long craft. The scanner can detect objects as hard to see as power lines from 150 metres away.’ Imagine a nuclear reactor small enough to be carried by truck and buried in a garden… According to The Guardian, a U.S. company based in New Mexico, Hyperion Power Generation, has designed mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes. The company has already received firm orders and expects to deliver about 4,000 ‘individual’ plants between 2013 and 2023. It also said that it has a six-year waiting list. So if you want such a micro nuclear reactor, don’t expect to receive it by 2014. There are multiple other data points that suggest we are in the midst of a groundswell of technology innovation and growth. It is our intent to use these specific trends to identify some of the potential winners most impacted by these emerging trends.
My goal is to contribute but not to exploit. I will rather lose myself than exploiting each of these innovations. I merely cannot call myself worthy as an IT professional and should be suitable for it. It could be worse if my contribution turns out on endangering others. It is unforgivable. IT professional’s contribution should be for the better living of man’s course of life and not to hinder it.
But however, even though I can really achieved such goals and objectives, I am still fresh and preparing myself to face the true challenge in life. Still, it is an obligation as future IT professional, to contribute and introduce learning and knowledge for the betterment of tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:11 am

The war against hunger is truly mankind's war of liberation
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Among the first necessities of man, where it greatly affects the processes inside the body: to be able to make man effective in his day to day living: To meet physiological needs for growth, to maintain all body processes, and to supply energy to maintain body temperature and activity, FOOD is needed. If ever that I could put to practice the learning’s that I had been experiencing for the past 4 years, it would definitely contain FOOD into it. Not how to make it look beautiful but more than that. It would be for the better for those people who felt the scarcity and the pain when hunger calls out. The stomach who growls for every second that passes by. And even more pain when thinking of food for the rest of the day without even tasting one.

Considering myself an IT professional, and having great influence to the world, it is to my highest priority to share and act on any ways to help those people who are in deep hunger. Hunger to the point where, the people are only skin and bone. The chronic food shortage is one of the most biggest problems in the world. If given a chance to make plans in answering to these problems, I would do it wholeheartedly. I am being influence to the film that I recently watches, which is entitled “Beyond Borders”. It mainly shows the organizations that act within their own calling without minding the compensation or salary to serve and care for others. This film was being starred by Angelina Jolie, I forgot the name of the leading man who she is with. Anyway, back to the story, the part where I was really struck was mostly in the beginning part. There was a conference where the most powerful people gather together to have a fundraising to support the NGO’s where it has its camp in Africa. It provide food supplies and medical support for the people there. It was then being crashed by a grubby-looking man carrying with him a very malnourish kid. He then started to talk about how expensive the dinner was but the organization that started the dinner backed out its support for the team of the doctor, which had been a very terrible news for all the people that rely on their support. The kid whom the doctor was with during the crashing of the party was definitely not the who is greatly affected by lack of food. Angelina was then touched by the words of the doctor, and decided to answer the calling of those people who hungers not just for food but also for attention. She then went to the camps where the doctor had been doing his work, carrying 4 large trucks of food and medicine with her. On her way, she had witness the most cruel thing in the world. People are dying and no other people seem to tend them. Not because they don’t care but because they are experiencing the same thing. Angelina even bothered to save a mother and a child. The mother was started to be a food for the vultures even though its not dead yet. Their was also a scene where the bird of prey is positioning just in front of a child ready to attack. It was a horrible scene that the instant reaction of Angelina is to save. When she was inside the camp, the doctor scold her for bringing another patient. It was then she realized that the camp had more patient than it could handle. They were so many sick people and the hungry ones. They were so depressing to look at. When she asked how many days would the supplies lasts, she was amazed to know that it could only lasts 3-4 days. Thinking that the 4 large trucks would only last for only a few days. How could these people survived? This is where my proposed technology came into view. In my standpoint, I was thinking providing and giving them food for the rest of their lives would not help them in the long run. Yes, it would definitely cut the pain momentarily from their hungry stomachs, but could they face the same hunger for the rest of their lives? Would they still have the same experience every day, no homes to have shelter with and no food to fill their own? Would they rely on the organizations that support for their needs or act something about it.

Last Saturday, when we had our reporting about future technology and presenting our proposed technology, we were being asked by our professor if the future frightens us. This was somehow a tricky question considering that most of my classmates have theorizing that technology had been evolving and under fast development because of the threat in the war zones. War, as they say is the basic motivation for the development of these technologies. Somehow I cannot disagree to their observation, it also have basis which could not be neglected. If I would propose a technology that could help the quality of life, it would be the equality of all. How could everyone in the world spend almost the large part of their money buying gadget to where other could not even buy rice or single bread to feed themselves throughout the day? Others are eating a very small amount of food in restaurants but it could buy many food for the people who needs it. But, they are not that aware of how the world faces hunger.

I had been researching for the current statistics of the world that could compare the state of those people who are suffering from it.

The world produces enough food to feed everyone. World agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per person today than it did 30 years ago, despite a 70 percent population increase. This is enough to provide everyone in the world with at least 2,720 kilocalories (kcal) per person per day. The principal problem is that many people in the world do not have sufficient land to grow, or income to purchase, enough food.

Poverty is the principal cause of hunger. The causes of poverty include poor people's lack of resources, an extremely unequal income distribution in the world and within specific countries, conflict, and hunger itself. As of 2008 (2004 statistics), the World Bank has estimated that there were an estimated 982 million poor people in developing countries who live on $1 a day or less . Extreme poverty remains an alarming problem in the world’s developing regions, despite the advances made in the 1990s till now, which reduced "dollar a day" poverty from (an estimated) 1.23 billion people to 982 million in 2004, a reduction of 20 percent over the period. Progress in poverty reduction has been concentrated in Asia, and especially, East Asia, with the major improvement occurring in China. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of people in extreme poverty has increased.

Every year 15 million children die of hunger. For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years. Throughout the 1990's more than 100 million children will die from illness and starvation. Those 100 million deaths could be prevented for the price of ten Stealth bombers, or what the world spends on its military in two days! The World Health Organization estimates that one-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is under-fed one-third is starving- Since you've entered this site at least 200 people have died of starvation. Over 4 million will die this year. One in twelve people worldwide is malnourished, including 160 million children under the age of 5. The Indian subcontinent has nearly half the world's hungry people. Africa and the rest of Asia together have approximately 40%, and the remaining hungry people are found in Latin America and other parts of the world. Nearly one in four people, 1.3 billion - a majority of humanity - live on less than $1 per day, while the world's 358 billionaires have assets exceeding the combined annual incomes of countries with 45 percent of the world's people. 3 billion people in the world today struggle to survive on US$2/day. One out of every eight children under the age of twelve in the U.S. goes to bed hungry every night. The technology options appropriate to rural food producers and herders include, for example: improved soil usage through drainage, terracing and intercropping of food crops so as not to exhaust the soil; conservation, management and development of 'agricultural biodiversity', to make use of the vast range of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture which farmers themselves have developed over centuries, such as the thousands of indigenous varieties of staple food crops which are adapted to particular local conditions; sustainable use of wild foods and medicinal plants; irrigation and water harvesting; and many other techniques appropriate to their circumstances. Practical Action does not impose technologies upon farming or herding communities but seeks to build on local knowledge, secure community partnership, and help the producers themselves to build their own capacity to achieve sustainable livelihoods.

This is when I realized that food is not a problem at all, but its distribution is. Food is not equally allocated to all the people in the world. I also know that food production is business to mostly all people. If the organization providing support to these people could give the appropriate technology to prolong the help they could. I would suggest that the technology would be related to the environment. Since most technology now are somehow responsible to the deterioration of the world. Thus providing a new technology to improve the environment would be a great help, not just for the living world but also for the people living in it. If the problem would be the land cannot hold plants then the technological team could provide a way for this to happen. They could create a manipulated or controlled environment. I can only describe the looks and what are the feature that should be present in the environment. There would be soil that could handle plants and other vegetables. the sunlight would be regulated so that the plants can only have the necessary sunlight it needed. There would also a proper irrigation for these plant sites. The plants could also have a different style of growing. The production must have a new technology that consists of faster yielding of foods. If these is not attainable due to the worst agriculture structure of the land, maybe crops that could live with these situation can help the people. The people helping the less fortunate ones should give out support of crop seeds that are able to adopt the certain climate or situation of a specific area. If not, then the Manipulated Plant Environment could only be the answer, these could be achieved by doing some manipulation in the environment of the plants to where they grow. This kind of environment could handle numerous crops that could feed thousand of hungry people. There could also be a disadvantage to this proposed kind of technology since it would require a big amount of money to start it, but seeing the positive sight of it, it could help thousand and even millions of people in the world. Organizations that are helping these people would not continually think of supplies since they can provide it for themselves. These people could maintain the inside and processes of the Plant Environment and if it could reach where people can use it for business purposes, they can have another fund to create another Manipulated Plant Environment to even provide their necessities. People who are supporting them could then stop, and leave it to them and start to other areas to help. Both could not be stagnant but are dynamically being productive with their everyday lives. As the saying goes “Give a man fish and he could live for the day, but teach him to fish and he would live for a lifetime ”
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Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, what innovations/technologies would you introduce/contribute to improve the quality of life.


Am I worthy to be called IT professional? Hmm…. Frankly, I don’t bother myself to ask this kind of question. I’m sure that whoever will read this answer of mine would probably say that “why she took IT, if she never wish to be an IT professional someday?” My answer is this. I am an IT student but I never aim to be an IT professional in the future. I believe that there is no such profession that will improve the quality of human life or even the animal life. ^_^

Yes, our parents send us to school to attained education. An education that will lead in to a profession. To gain a profession is the highest compliment that I can pay to my parents. Taking an IT course, it is expected that someday I will become an I.T. professional. Maybe deep within myself there is a longing to be an expert in IT, a contradicting thought in the first paragraph. You know why I said those things? It is because I think I cannot be the same with others who are very good in IT. I am a computer science student, but I am not good. A little knowledge that I cannot be proud of as an IT student. However, I know that in the other way around I can be a productive citizen.

IT what does it means? Information Technology is a broad area which deals with technology and other aspect of processing information. Technologies are used by human such as machines, hardware, etc. A lot of contribution that a technology has given to us. And undoubtedly the innovation of technology brings social change. But to have a technology is very expensive, so how about the people who can’t afford to buy those technologies? Do they can never have the chance to live life comfortably and do things easily? How pity they are because they can never feel how to live life happily. Sometimes, I said to myself that life is so unfair. Not all people in the world had the chance to enjoy the technologies. Therefore, Advances in Technology, is generally not shared within. People with money have the opportunity to acquire technology, which make them possible to acquire even more wealth. As observed that almost technologies are intended for war, they inventors of this kind of technology always anticipated war. The development of weapons has evolved throughout the history. By that war has been and will continue to be the driving force for technology and innovation. Though not all technologies are intended for wars, there is also technology that has been used for peaceful purposes. Like the invention of the telephone, internet, and other communication devices that allow people from different part of the world to have an access to each other. Aside from the automotive cars, that helps human to travel very fast. There are number of ways that technology has affected our society and our surroundings. The question is whether technologies improves the human condition or worsen it? Well, my opinion is technologies improve human condition, of what I have site above however it also worsen other human condition. Like what I have said that wealthy people can have those technology, but how about those unfortunate? Consider this example; if you are wealthy you can buy any technology that you wished, which you think that it improves your way of living. On the other side, poor people can lose his/ her job because manpower is not needed anymore. From that example technologies worsen human condition. With these technologies the traditional norms are replaced. It can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture. Technology is known the arts for the benefit of life.

Professional what does it mean? It is a person in a profession. Profession involve the application of specialize knowledge of a subject or field. You cannot be called professional instantly, whenever you wish because being a professional person you must acquire knowledge, which along with the skills are the knowledge. I look at a professional person as a person who had done a lot in his/ her life. Accomplishments are overflowing and of course the he/ she have all the knowledge. Commonly professionals are engaged in creative and challenging works. They are expected to be independent and handle responsibility accordingly. People are different. There are professional people that provide service in exchange for payment or salary. They will not give there service unless you pay them according the amount that they asked for you as there talent fee. But there are also professionals that give service for free. Talents and skills of professional are important in any forms of work be it paid, unpaid, volunteer or any other works. I make some research of what is a true professional.

According to wiki, A true professional must be proficient in all criteria for the field of work they are practicing professionally in.

1. Academic qualifications - i.e., university college/institute
2. Expert and specialized knowledge in field which one is practicing professionally
3. Excellent manual/practical & literary skills in relation to profession
4. High quality work in (examples): creations, products, services, presentations, consultancy, primary/other research, administrative, marketing or other work endeavors
A high standard of professional ethics, behavior and work activities while carrying out one's profession (as an employee, self-employed person, career, enterprise, business, company, or partnership/associate/colleague, etc.)

Based from the criteria above, a professional must possess a large body of knowledge derived from extensive academic study with the training almost always formalized.

An IT professional, is a person in a profession who possess a large body of knowledge in the field of Information Technology.

As if, I am worthy to be called IT professional. I must possess the expertise to be an IT professional. Being an IT professional is a big responsibility because whatever innovation/ technology that I invented affects the human life. I am accountable of anything that will happen as an effect of my invention whether it improves or worsen human condition.

Of course, if I am an IT professional, I want to be useful IT professional. The technology that I will introduce/ contribute to improve quality of life would be advance technology of solar panels. Today our main source of energy are fossil fuels, we import it from other country in order to obtain them and we pay for it for a high price. But when will it last. Does the SUPPLY of fuels in other countries enough to sustain the NEEDS of the WORLD? We all know that others (scientists )are still searching for other source of energy other that fossil fuels. But can they last for CENTURIES? I think NOT. The BEST source of energy is the SUN itself. Sun gives us many benefits. Energy from the sun can be used for many practical purposes, including generating electricity and heating water. In fact, using solar energy instead of fossil fuels to meet some of our energy needs reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.. And it will last for CENTURIES. In the future there will be an advance technology of solar panels. Solar panels are no longer installed inside the earth but outside the earth, SPACE. There will be humongous solar panels floating in space that are installed in a space station. It can charge instantly cause it is a direct sunlight. It does not enter the earth atmosphere anymore because the sunlight energy is somehow reduced by this atmosphere. So when the SOLAR panels are converting the sunlight to solar energy, the energy converted is now then being transported/linked to earth. HOW? By building an orbital elevator. Orbital elevator is a tower that is connecting the earth and the space station. From the word “elevator” it can transport something. It can transport the solar energy from space station to earth. It can transport people through a shuttle running inside the orbital elevator. So by this technology, man can somehow relax for the supply of energy being given by the sun. Because If sun runs out of energy then that will be the only time that we no longer have a source of energy. So as long as it is there were happy. I want this technology to be available to everybody. Because technology is for people. With the advent of technology, the lifestyle of many people changed. People want their lives to be better. That’s a usual reason. To be worthy to be called as IT professional, I will do my best to do some innovation of technology that would improve the quality of life, thus the main concern is to make people happy. Though things are changing faster and we always face different challenges in our life it is so difficult to compete with the continuous change of the world.

Another innovation of technology that I will contribute is a separator of hydrogen and Oxygen. This will separate the elements of the water, the hydrogen and oxygen. With this technology pollution coming form the vehicle will be eliminated because using the hydrogen from the separated elements of the water, the vehicle will release a clear smoke that will not harm our health. There is also a high tech screen that will filter the smoke that comes out from the steam engine of car. If the smoke is now being filtered, the smoke will not anymore be dangerous. This means that hydrogen is an alternative form of car gasoline. Then the other separated element which is the oxygen will also play its role. With this invention it is not only the human that will benefit but also the environment. We can preserve all the living things here on it.

Another technology is a machine that will help the farmers. This machine will sip the unwanted pests that will harm the plants. I want it to be 100% eliminated. The harmful pests will be grind into a new technology that will make those grinded unwanted pest into a fertilizer. I want it to be like this so that everything is recyclable. Everything is useful. Nothing is wasted. So if harmful pests will be eliminated the burden of the farmers towards the pests will also be eliminated. The plants in the fields will grow healthy and bountiful. By this there will be no shortage of foods, no hungry people in the street. If everything is good, the possibility is the market price of the food is low and everybody can afford to buy. Hope so. However, all of these technologies are useless if anyone will abuse it, and they will not use it properly. Therefore the real secret to improve the quality of life of people is in the hands of people. Even though, we have a lot of invention to improve the quality of living of mankind, if people will not help themselves, there will be no improvement.

Everything in this world comes form our father God, so we must value everything here on earth. Like on how we value our life. Some other IT professional would think that weapons improve the quality of life because by this technology nobody will bully us. But God says that we should value our life, so for me lets not join to any war, because if we join, it is just the same that we don’t value our life. We strive to live, right? But always remember that the whole thing here on earth is temporary, all our effort is useless. When our Father God will judge the living and the dead, there is no escape. So to fully acquire what we are longing to live an improvement of life, we should get knowledge from God, then work according to his rule and by that there will be a chance that you can have an eternal life, as well as you can live in the paradise, and I’m sure the longing of mankind to have a quality of life will be fully experienced. There is no such technology invention of any types of professional that can give human the quality of life. It is only Father God.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:10 am

Being an IT professional as far as I’m concern means that you need to have enough knowledge and able to work in the areas such as Computer Programming, Database Administration, Web Development, Computer Engineering, Electronic Commerce and in other related works that talks about technology and information. As what I have known, IT professionals were the one who creates and operates and do program a computer as well as maintaining the program that they create. An IT pro must have the skills and have the knowledge required to carry out specialized task in the field of Information Technology.

At this very moment, I can not consider yet myself being an IT professional since I am only a student and as a student I am still learning and I have to learn more things related in the field of Information Technology to become worthy to be called as an IT professional. But I am hoping that someday I will get in to that and will be proud of my self to be called as one of the IT professionals in the country.

When that time comes, I will practice more towards business ethics. For me, whatever field you may be in, talking about ethics is the most important above all. Why? Because there are many intelligent people in the world today and so sad to say that most of the smartest people today does not know what having ethics is all about and is not practicing it. And I guess you already know who I am talking to. I am talking about the HACKERS, the VIRUS DEVELOPERS, and the FRAUDSTERS. There are two kinds of hackers. Before as far as I’m concerned, individuals who are skilled software developer are called hackers, and for those who do computer programs. But lately many big organizations are paying these hackers to intrude to someone’s system and break its security measures. And currently many still hacking computer systems for awful reasons and some are doing this just for fun. And even at the early age, many are now intruding the security measure of a system. These Virus Developers are the one who construct and make virus that if we have it unintentionally it would harm of computer software and so the hardware. And we all know that these viruses do not do good on us. In this day and age, we are open to be attacked by these viruses because there are many kinds of it that is already spreading in the cyberspace. We hear lots of news about scams. And this dreadful act is extensively open in the internet. Everyday we always get emails from persons we don’t know saying we have won a lot of money from a raffle promo which in fact we haven’t join in. These scams are also known as internet fraud. Internet Fraud does not only refers to unknown emails that we receive every other day but fraudsters have many ways on how to catch up a victim in the cyber world. We should also be aware that fraudster are anywhere, they can be present in a chat room, message boards and in many websites. But sometimes there are people who are still deceived by these schemes. It is really dispersing in the cyberspace at this time.

We can not deny the fact that they are included of those who are worthy to be called as an IT Pro and the smartest guy in the field of information technology. But they use their skills and the knowledge they for doing some destructive activities. They have the greatest gift of being smart but they do not use those skills to help our society. To be really worthy to be called an IT Professional or a Professional in whichever field you belong, you have to be dependable, trustworthy and be responsible in your work is the most important factor. To have duty ethics is very important.

The truth is, I never have dreamt of me being an IT Professional. I just want a simple life, to finish my studies, to have a good job with a high salary and I also wanted a job that is not very stressful. But I guess that would be impossible. Because as what I have observed like those small paying jobs or those what we call the blue-collar jobs (more on manual labor but with minimum hour wage), you allot very back-breaking work for long hours yet you still get a low pay, unlike professional jobs or the white-collar jobs, you just literally sit in your air-conditioned office and get the luxuries you want. But as we all know, usually all those professionals started from below until they have reached their proficient level, and it is rarely that others got to the top because of their bloodline. And some individuals who became professional in their fields are also having stressful jobs. But when I grow older and gets more mature, I have realized that being responsible on everything you do is your key to success. You may be a professional or not you still can contribute something that would improve our quality of life. For example, if you doing something but you do not have the materials you need you just have to be resourceful to finish what you are doing in that way you can improve the quality of your life. And in that way, it would be the starting point and so on you can now contribute on how to have a good life.

When I become an IT Pro, I want to at least contribute a technology that is environmental friendly. It would be a great achievement for me to have created a technology which is I know that will benefit not only for my own interest, not only for the benefit of a group of people, not only one country can benefit from it but all the living species in this world. Even before my creative and not so very realistic mind has always been thinking of, what technology could possible help all the people in the world. And sometimes I have thought of a question that until now I don’t know if it would be possible. The question is; “What if there is a technology that can help us restore back the earth from its most perfect form?” I wanted to create and produce an earth-friendly technology and I have come up with this idea because of the most problem that we are all facing today, Global Warming. Global warming is the term that is used to illustrate the continuing increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans, this change is believed to be a permanent change the Earth’s average temperature forever. Because of the occurrence of global warming people are already making ways on how to take care our environment, from little things to gigantic things that they can do just to protect and help our environment for much worse effect of global warming. Researchers are doing a lot of study about this matter because it is very important and our individual lives are affected and it is indeed the greatest threat in our environment. Because of this global warming the sea level have rise dramatically for the reason that the earth is heating up and is the biggest danger that all of us is facing right now. Many have predicted that global warming will keep on and get worse much more rapidly than was expected even till now. And everybody is thinking of different ways just to solve this biggest problem today. And so I have thought of my own futuristic, earth-friendly technology that I think I can contribute and would help our mother nature. I do not have yet a name of it but what is sure about it. If possible maybe someday there would be a technology that would be put in our atmosphere. This is a very thin, just as thin as a paper, invisible shield that will become a shelter of our ozone layer from the harmful pollutions that and other factors that leads to causing our ozone layer and from being destroyed by these harmful pollutions. These pollutant damages our human health, plant life, and the animal life and other common materials in our environment. Thus, this will help maintain our climate today and will not become worse in the near future. This kind of technology is intended for protection of our environment. This will also give us a clean environment because the sullied air when it reaches the protector will stick on it become solid. When the time that the protector is very thick with dirt it can be cleaned and removed. (lol..) Or maybe a technology or to be specific, a machine that would generate a clean and fresh air that its major feature is to restore back our ozone layer. We are all been affected by global warming and we are aware that warming of the earth’s atmosphere is because of the disappearing our ozone layer. The ozone layer is important to us because it protects us from the harmful ultraviolet light of the sun. Because of the damage of our ozone layer and the occurrence of the so called ozone hole, we are now in danger of having a skin cancer. And we are already been affected by the other effects of the damaging of the ozone layer in our atmosphere. Therefore, we should make our environment clean and protect it from the many different factors that would cause to damage not only our ozone layer but as well as our environment. People have already different ways on how to prevent the damage of our environment. And we should also help them because we are all still beneficial on protecting our environment. I have read an article in the web about the top effects of global warming. Global warming kills the animals. According to Reuters, the latest report from the World Conservation Union says that a minimum of 40 percent of the world’s species are being threatened, and global warming’s one of the main culprits. Polar bears have become cannibalistic. Because of lack food in the area are now eating each other just to survive. Many Polar bears are also dying. In a recent study completed by the U.S. Geological Survey, it shows that cannibalism—while brutal—may be the least of the bear’s problems. Many are also drowning, unable to swim in the increased spaces between melting sea ice. Global warming does not only harm polar bears, gray whales are also dying. “Emperor penguins ... have dropped from 300 breeding pairs to just nine in the western Antarctic Peninsula.”, according to an article in the national geographic channel. Global warming also kills our planet. Melting of ice is currently the most threatening events in our world. Greenland is melting down, and there is less ice now compared before in the arctic. The African rivers are disappearing, said on the article on national geographic channel. The rising sea levels because of climate change mean that we could lose half of the mangrove trees of the Pacific Isles by the end of the century. The Oceans are already turning into Acid and according to the United Nation; the Great Barrier Reef will disappear within decades as “warmer, more acidic seas could severely bleach coral in the world-famous reef as early as 2030.” And also, global warming makes us sicker. People are dying because of climate change. Warmer temperatures are also responsible for sudden deaths, such as strokes and heart disease. More allergies and asthma are obtained specially by the kids. “The World Health Organization has identified more than 30 new or resurgent diseases in the last three decades, the sort of explosion some experts say has not happened since the Industrial Revolution brought masses of people together in cities.” Why? Global warming “is fueling the spread of epidemics in areas unprepared for the diseases” when “mosquitoes, ticks, mice and other carriers are surviving warmer winters and expanding their range, bringing health threats with them.” according to the article posted in Washington Post. That is why it is very important for us to take care of our environment with the help of technologies or not.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:30 am

Information Technology is a broad manner. It can be associated to education, person, business, socialization, technology and to any other matter. Information Technology pertains to many things. IT is also used a tool for development or life change. People become better through IT and can do better to others with IT.
Today, Information Technology is a huge field of learning. People acquire and share the knowledge in IT. Some people chose it for personal reasons and other people don't. Some people don't excel on Information technology but others do. IT is everywhere. It is a field of learning and/or process that came out from the desire and need of people. Now, it is up to the people to maximize it.
Professional as they call the person who is good enough on a particular profession or career. They passed formal education and where able to conduct researches. Being a “Pro” is already a great achievement in life. The one who's expert on IT is the IT professional. IT Pro’s can contribute “IT goods” to the community. He is the one who knows best regarding IT. He knows when is the right time to use IT, the reasons why using IT and how to maximize the advances on IT. One IT Pro truly understands what is Information Technology is all about.
At the first place, I dream of becoming professional but until now I am not exact what kind of professional is I’m wanting. For me, becoming professional is not only the one who have finished a degree or so. It is also developing oneself. An individual that is righteous and respected. I think it is not easy to become a professional. When the right time comes when someone becomes a Pro, it is where he truly knows how to engage with people. He knows how to act and how to use his skills. He is confident and has self-control. He knows what is the better or not in a particular situation.
Right now, I am a graduating student of my course BSCS or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The course is full challenges and the experience was great. I have learned a lot but surely not enough to call myself as an IT Professional base on how I define it above. But this doesn't mean I am already a loser. It only shows that if only I have the spirit and the will, I will become a Professional sometime, soon. But in the case that I become one true blooded IT professional, I have a lot of thing that I want to have in our industry today. Maybe it will become a great deal for our industry.
First of which is a new technology for the visually differently-able. Most of the technologies offered right now didn't consider the users who have disabilities like blind and mute. Hence they truly look forward for the mass consumers that are capable of using (not disable) and needing their technology. Like so, there are dedicated technologies to aide this type of people. They call this dedicated technology as assistive technology since these products are created to assist people who are differently-able. But the problem today is, these technologies are not as user friendly as they were made. Most of the expected users are finding hard of using this technologies which results not to maximize the usefulness of such technology. So if I where as capable as such IT Pro then I would create new software application dedicated for the visually impaired regarding the use of computer. It will become another type of screen reading technology. This technology would become a better assistive technology with improved user interaction. Like any other assistive technology, it features not only the major functionalities which are text-to-speech and image-to-speech but also additional functionalities letting the computer users to become comfortable enough of exploring such technology. Thus, they will enjoy and appreciate the computing technology created for all. The aim of the technology is to establish fairness or demote discrimination in the sense of utilizing and receiving benefits from the technologies today. Of course we can’t please every technology developer to create technology as if created for both able and disables, but at least there other technology that can do assistance like screen readers.
One issue today regarding computing technology is computer security and this pertains to unwanted files such viruses. As to the present, according to an article regarding viruses by Markus Hanhisalo stated “There are lots of viruses in the world and new viruses are coming up every day. There are new anti-virus programs and techniques developed too. It is good to be aware of viruses and other malware and it is cheaper to rotect you environment from them rather then being sorry. There might be a virus in your computer if it starts acting differently. There is no reason to panic if the computer virus is found. It is good to be a little suspicious of malware when you surf in the Internet and download files. Some files that look interesting might hide a malware. A computer virus is a program that reproduces itself and its mission is to spread out. Most viruses are harmless and some viruses might cause random damage to data files. A trojan horse is not a virus because it doesn't reproduce. The trojan horses are usually masked so that they look interesting. There are trojan horses that steal passwords and formats hard disks. Marco viruses spread from applications which use macros. Macro viruses spreads fast because people share so such data, email documents and use the Internet to get documents. Macros are also very easy to write. Some people want to experiment how to write viruses and test their programming talent. At the same time they do not understand about the consequences for other people or they simply do not care. Viruses mission is to hop from program to other and this can happen via floppy disks, Internet FTP sites, newsgroups and via email attachments. Viruses are mostly written for PC-computers and DOS environments. Viruses are not any more something that just programmers and computer specialist have to deal with. Today everyday users have to deal with viruses.” The extreme problem today are these viruses, worms and any other malwares copied in our storage devices can be triggered as soon as we inject it to our computers. They automatically infect our computers.
In relation with the issue above the next stuff that I really wanted to have as our technology for today is an external peripheral or a device with ports and rooms for external computer storage that can perform scanning and featured with other capabilities that better remove viruses. Such handheld device is dedicated to scan external storages such flash drives and disks. The device can be installed with virus scanning softwares. We haven’t yet opened and scanned those storage devices but the viruses are already starting to infect the personal and system files in our computer. Today there are a lot of viruses that are so powerful that can damage the hardware of our computers. If these are the type of malwares that will automatically infect our computers, the bigger chance of totally losing our PC’s and this is a truly big problem. So now, we the aid of this technology, we can do scanning and removing virus out from our computers. No more risking of automatic infection since the scanning is performed outside our computers. Like a usual computer, this device has system software but has different software structuring which making the device itself not easily infected. This technology will surely be helpful to all.
The third technology I wanted to make a break for present as an IT professional is a text editor that has language syntax analyzer for our own language which is Filipino. It also has the database of probably all Filipino words that is also commonly used. As we observe, the mostly supported language with syntax analyzer in all word editors today is English. Although it is fine, but because of this most Filipino users are tend to use the foreign language instead. As a student, I am always asked for some computerized reports and/or reviews out from films, articles, stories and others. In such case, I always tend to use English language since there is available analyzer for this language making me easier to create such reports and/or review in English language. This shows that although we are able to learn English we are somewhat rejecting unintentionally our own language which is the Filipino. So I where to add new functionality for words editors or introduce new editor, I would add a language syntax analyzer open to many languages in the world. By this way, we can promote our own national resource which is our language in a simple way.
Another technology that I wanted to start and involved with is the body scanning technology. These are devices that functions like physicist. By reading our own blood, the device can identify what is in our blood or tell if we have a disease. The machine can tell what kind of disease occurring in our body. In this way, we can less from going to expensive check-ups to medical doctors. But still it is better to have double check-up to make sure and not risking our own health. There are few technologies like these that were made but most are expensive since creating such device is complex. This complexity could tell that the result might not be reliable the same way. If I were able to produce such device, I wish the government will give its support and soon, the device will be free of use for the common people. The goal of this technology is not to un-employ our physicist but to create new helpful technology for the most people.
As a student, it is a great achievement if I were able complete my own study. And it more elevating to feelings if the school truly supports and recognize your paper. For me, it is the responsibility of every school or university to support every paper works or researches conducted by every graduating students. It is so wasteful, if we just reject the effort of every student to finished one paper. One way I think is to create a management that is dedicated for researches papers and other publications that are student-made, or a research repository.
With this, I so looking forward to create one good online research repository for our university. This online management system is dedicated to handle all papers made in a university. In this way, all papers can be easily seen and referenced. All papers have greater chance of being utilize further.
These things are the main technologies that I would like people to have for today. With these great and simple ideas, I believe that a lot people will surely benefit. As IT Pro, we are equip with the right knowledge sufficient for us to create some helping tool that makes better living. Truly, there are so many technologies that I want this days specially those that are mentioned above. I fell that there are no perfect technology and each of it must be changed and improved due time. I see that there are always technologies that must be created since it is a fact that the need of people doesn't stop. There are a lot of incoming technologies in the future.
All the technology are all made by people and made for the people. The technology development never stops. Every developer of IT technologies or group of IT Professionals has their own aims of making their product. Of course it is already part of it in helping people.
It just so amazing to think on how IT professionals become so ideal and clever enough to produce new technology for the people. Every IT Pro have their own personal, generous reasons why they wanted to create new technology and change the technology.
Becoming an IT Professional is not that we just stop because we already become an IT Pro but we need to use ourselves as an instrument to help others. We strive to become a better someone, so we need to make use of it.
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PostSubject: 2000 words from a future IT Professional   Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:37 am

Honestly, I am not yet ready to be called a professional specially in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) because of the underlying pressures on this field. Everybody seems to expect a lot from you knowing the fact that the world today, regardless of what culture, races, interests and field you are, seems to be attached and connected by a single word “technology”. But what really pressures an Information technology professional is that he or she needs to cope up with the fast pace development of technology. I think every information technology professional is aware that we are all living in an era where obsolescence comes in an instant. Technology becomes obsolete way before it has reached the market. It is safe to say that technology has become a commodity. People will not live without technology and no one will disagree with me if I say so. People are really obsess with technology. As of this moment, a single day will not be enough to name all the technologies developed for the past 8 years. I always believe in the saying “ necessity is the mother of all inventions”, technologies were created to serve human needs. This reason somehow makes me excited to become an Information technology professional, I want to be part of this roller coaster ride of this technology development and also to serve for the good of mankind.

But the reality speaks to itself and I cannot escape the fact that I will soon belong to the world of Information and Communication Technology. But the toughest challenge for the Information Technology professionals in the future (and that's include me of course) is that what makes us unique from the present professionals with such brilliant ideas? And what will be the innovations and new technologies should we introduce in order for us to fully compete or even outperform the current technologies? These questions could provide very interesting and very imaginative answers.

The world that we are living in nowadays is facing huge and serious problems in spite of the technology advancements. These problems needs to be solved to save human from total destruction. Yes technologies were created to improve the quality of life, but it was later discovered that technology itself is the number 1 contributor to the number 1 problem the world is facing right now, the climate change or the global warming. Technology side-effects were later discovered through frequent usage of technology that inventors and developers have not anticipated and didn't expected to happen. This side-effects has forced every professionals to an option, a trade offs between aiming to improve the quality of live of every single human being and also to prevent the total destruction of the world because of these technologies. With this dismal findings, I agree with one of my classmate's idea in our Future Technology class. He said that “ technology that human created will also kill humans”. This fact is very alarming. But come to think of it, with this huge problems we are facing, Information Technology professionals will have the opportunity to think of the immediate solutions to minimize and even eradicate this problems. This will provide a bright future for the Information Technology professionals who will be the next in line to combat this problems that is the legacy of the technologies that once used by everyone to improve quality of life but now already part of our long history.

Now, if I assumed that I am an Information Technology professional already, what will be the innovations and inventions I will introduce and contribute to improve the quality of life without even compromising the life of our mother nature? This is my chance to broadcast to the world what are my ideas regarding the features of this new technologies. There's no need for me to wait for the future to speak up my ideas. Among of the technologies which I would like to introduce and innovate are the following.

All in one body check-up machine – the first technology will be in the field of medicine. This is one of the fields where technology development was in total focus. As of this moment, a lot of new technologies were proposed to be able to detect and recognize variety of human diseases without being manually checked-up by a doctor. This technology was introduced by our classmates in our technology class. The concept of this present technology proposal is that the technology is in a form of a microchip. No doubt that the main advantage of this technology is the portability and its size. But it has the disadvantage of putting human life at risk. Since it is embedded inside the human body, proper placing is very crucial. Microchip also contains silicon and other elements which are also poisonous to the human body.
Now, the technology I have in my mind is somehow an innovation of the said microchip technology. This time, the technology will be using laser effects to capture an image of the human body through scanning process. But this is not just simply capturing an image of the human body. The laser will penetrate inside the human body to capture and analyze the image and generate a printed report which will serve as the diagnosis results. The doctor will simply interpret the results to the client. The entire consultation or check-up process will last only for 20 mins than the traditional where you wait for a day or more. The advantage of this laser technology is that it is very safe to use and the generation of reports will be very easy also. The disadvantage of this technology is that it is bulky and more expensive since it needs a lot of hardware.

Cell sites as wifi hot spots – the next technology will be an innovation of the current state of wireless technology. Wireless technologies has been the most famous invention of the millennium. Many networks has migrated from wired to wireless technologies. This wireless technologies has been commonly known to the term wifi or wireless fidelity. But the current wifi technology or hot spots as we called it has a lot of limitations. First, is the distance. The signal from a wifi hot spot or access point could reach to only few meters. And this hot spots are not for free of course. Most wifi hot spots are commercial establishments, coffee shops and fast food chains where you need to buy something from them before you gain access.
Now this technology will use cell sites from different network companies to become a wireless access point (WAP). This will provide a wide range of wifi signals to allow users to stay connected over the INTERNET wherever they are. With this innovation, an entire city or geographical location could become a wifi hot spot. Although it is a little slower than the current wifi technology, this will provide greater accessibility to users. With this you can bring your laptop or other wifi ready gadgets anywhere without any worry of signal problems. But the best thing with this technology is it is FREE.

Artificial Intelligence for Solid Waste Management Problems – artificial intelligence is one of the well loved field in computer science. Everybody seemed to be interested in this subject matter. To date, this field has reached a lot of milestones when it comes to the capabilities and abilities that artificial intelligence can do. Lots of A.I projects were developed with a certain level of intelligence. The best example will be the deep blue machine by IBM. This A.I defeated the world's no. 1 chess player Gary Kasparov of Russia in a chess game. That are more to imagine when it comes to level of intelligence a machine can contain.
Proper garbage and waste disposal on the other hand is one of the worst problem here in the world specially in the Philippines. People are becoming lazy in segregating their garbages. And the result a lot of garbage dumped and becoming useless in the dump sites. People throw tons of garbages and waste a day both the biodegradable and non biodegradable, but our dump sites are not unlimited and time will come it cannot accommodate wastes anymore. This will be a problem that must be given a high priority and machine intelligence could help a lot on this matter.
This proposed technology will be an artificial intelligence (a robot or a machine) that has the capabilities to identify and segregate garbages and wastes. This task I believe is impossible for humans to perform but the intelligent machines as we called it could do so. If wastes are properly segregated, then good things will come out next. Biodegradable wastes could be used as a natural fertilizer and even used as an alternative to fuel through a form of methane gas. Upon thinking of this technology, I recalled the debate or the arguments that took place in our Future Technology class. The debate has something to do with could A.I eliminate humans?. This technology will be one of the answers. Why we think creating intelligent machines to destroy us if we can make them work for the betterment of mankind?
Actually, the capabilities of this technology is way way low from the level of intelligence the present machines could do. But what more important here is it serves a lot of purpose to improve the quality of life.

Automated electricity consumption controller for homes – this technology will be in a form of circuit installed in every home to control the electricity consumption of every home. This will function like a bandwidth manager in a computer networks. This technology has features to limit the maximum consumption of every home. A person can do this by setting up the average kilowatt per/hour consumption. Then this technology will control the consumption ensuring that the consumption will not exceed the ideal power consumption. This technology also is intelligent enough to do such things. For example, if it is morning, this technology limits the usage of lights and gives a high priority to other important appliances. This technology is flexible enough to cater the unexpected needs of users. This circuitry also acts as a circuit breaker in case of short circuit occurs in any appliances or wirings at home.
I am doubtful if this technology will materialize since the needs of everyone is dynamic. But the main reason for creating such circuitry is to fully maximize the power consumptions in every home also to prevent energy wastes. This is one of the ways to help lessen the cause of climate change.

The above mentioned technologies has a common denominator and that is to improve the quality of life without even compromising the life of our mother nature. We cannot deny the fact that everything in this world are balanced. Yes technology could change human beings completely; its lifestyle, its culture and its way of living. But exploiting technologies to the extent that it will destroy human race is injustice. I always recall one of my classmate's idea with regards to technology, technology was created in preparation for war. At some point he was right, but it people will just open their eyes wide and look around their environment, they will see the bigger needs of technologies to the improvement of human life. Now its not easy to become an Information Technology professional in the future. Not just invent and innovate in your mind. You also needs to think the consequences your brilliant ideas could create. Its a matter of life and death. Life because you create technology because there is a need. But death because you will never know that what you have created to improve your life could also be the reason for everybody to suffer. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. It is need that drives every human to create technology. But everything in this world needs to be balanced. This will be the toughest challenge for us in the future. How are we going to balanced or job with our responsibilities. Always remember that “technology is useless if human don't know how to use it in the right way” - RSG
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PostSubject: Assignment 2   Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:42 am

The Mystery Case File of Uncle John!

Our world faces a new era today we have seen lots of innovation and new technology trends. We enjoy engaging with this new gadgets like cellphones, ipod, laptops and other stuffs, yet people are still not satisfied in what they have and possess thus upgrading takes into place. Man, life today is very easy you just need to press a button and bingo you have already send a message or simply swipe to pay your bills wow! that's good, but as what they say with great technology comes a great consequence. looking back in the other side we have seen the deteriorating environment and we cannot deny that the main contributor with this environmental change is our technology today. happy and sad that's how we feel today were happy with this new technology but were sad because of our environment but Green Computing takes into account in order to save the environment. We have seen lots of strategies in order to protect the environment but many people still do not abide on it including myself sometimes i fail to follow it. Being an IT is very hard especially if your task is to make an innovation that can contribute to the community and at the same time it has a least consequence.

Crime Scene Investigation, you can run but you cannot hide! be aware, Watchmen is watching!

We have seen so many crimes today and we have seen that it is one of the major problem not just in our country but globally, If I were to make an innovation it would be a "Watchmen Satellite" It is an AI in which it is coded with lots of probability that a crime will occur in a certain area thus the crime will be stop before it will take place. I get this idea from the film Minority report and it is a cool thing to know a 0% crime rate... hehehe Although I know that this thing is very impossible but with globe everything is possible... just making a joke here! hehehe. Anyway through that satellite it can also solve crimes that happen a long time ago just input the crime scenes situation and every possible angles of the that crime when it is done you input the possible suspects of the crime that is identified. For example Uncle John has been murdered in his house and his Last Will and Testament is missing, who might have thought to steal the will? in this case, through this information the watchmen satellite will watch every moves of the suspects involve thus, it will know who steal the will of Uncle John. The satellite will serve as a brain of every crimes that took place and the more crimes he solve the more probability that his IQ will increase because in every crime people have motives in making that crime thus their is a chance that their are two motives that are similar, in this case the satellite will have an idea in solving it through his past similar crimes that had happen. This Satellite will serve as a Secret Agent in every police department and I get this idea from watching the anime Detective Conan. Base on that anime this innovation came in to my mind but we cannot deny that if you are a possible suspect you will be on a surveillance mode. thus every move will count even you are in CR, taking a bath every thing is being recorded in order for him to get the smallest detail in the crime but you must not worry because your confidentiality will not spread and your photos in taking a bath will be erase if the AI will see that their is no detail in that aspect. The job of the detectives is to analyze the given conclusion of the machine and if they see that it is accurate then the Mystery case of Uncle John is solve!

Grudges in your Brain! watch out! Clean it before it is too late!...

My next innovation that will introduce is somehow has a connection on the first but this time it is called a "Brain Scanner" through this scanner it will serve as a lie detector test it will be use to reassure that the conclusion made by the watchmen Satellite is really accurate if the possible suspect has already been identified by the watchmen satellite it will send all the information of the suspect including its residency. If it is already identified the brain scanner will take place this how the machine works in my own perspective view.

Example you have Identified two suspects named "Suspect Alice" and "Suspect Sally" they have the same motives to kill uncle John thus the thing to know who is the real culprit is to use the brain scanner it will record all your memories in a certain situation. So to identify the real suspect it is very hard since they say you can pass easily the lie detector test today by controlling your heart beat and your emotion and we cannot deny the fact that their are many who bypass the lie detector today, but with this scanner if you ask a question about the crime scene we cannot deny the fact that with a second glimpse everything will flash back in our mind and the brain scanner already identified the real suspect before he change his mind and think about other things to avoid remembering what have he done in the CASE of UNCLE JOHN. Wow, that's a very good thing to hear a 0% crime rate and to know that the death of uncle John has been given a justice and the real suspect is really identified! The law of this machine is never to harm man and keep the privacy of a person involve in the surveillance and lastly never make a conclusion without a real evidence.

Great things really Happen!

For me, it is very fun to solve some mystery case and I dream of becoming a great detective but it is only a dream who knows for they say that if you have a dream it may come true if you have a mission and vision.. hehehe.. Hmmm, I guess pushing this kind of project the suspect will think twice if they will pursue their crimes or not for God is not the only one watching the suspects but also the watchmen.. I guess people will appreciate this kind of thing but as I said this "PROJECT WATCHMEN" is a confidential it means only the tough people in the police department knows that PROJECT WATCHMEN exist and we cannot also deny the fact that some hearsays will arise in this project but as long as its in the outer space and rockets will still be expensive in that time PROJECT WATCHMEN will remain confidential and mystery in every lives of man.

My Conclusion!

Hmm, having read and making this assignment it is really fun, and being an IT student and to come up with this innovation it is really good and a great challenge for me to pursue this kind of innovation. Their are lots of innovation that we can think and some are already mention by my classmates just read their story in case you have time and you will be amaze on the ideas that came up with their puzzled minds!! hahaha .. na puzzled bya jud ko ani!! kamo gi sunggo pud mo noh? Imagine 2000 words! hehehe..

Case is Close!

that's all for to now, and I have given my own innovation and ideas regarding this assignment and I think that everybody enjoys and will read all the articles that was publish in this forum, remember don't make a crime for Watchmen is watching your crime moves, that's all for today case is close! Kudos! Have a blessed Day today!
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:53 am

Technology already existed hundreds of years ago. Because man never satisfies on what it had, it seeks for grater knowledge and information. Through this, man created technology. The contribution of idea each and every individual fabricate and innovate technology. History stated that technology exist even before Christ. In Egypt, the construction of the pyramids of different pharaohs shows that there is technology. It is very mysterious and remains a puzzle on how did they built those huge pyramids consisting of large and big boulders of rocks. The construction technology back then is very impressive even that they do not have much knowledge compare to today’s technology. The way they engineer and the technique that they used for assembling those structure is very remarkable. In china, their medical technology was also very outstanding. There knowledge in medicine is far more advance than any other country in that time. They had known many alternative medicine that had been a vary great help in their community. Herbal medicine is one of the thing that they had used for curing illness. Another alternative medicine that they use is the acupuncture, where they pierce the patient’s body with a pin on some key parts of the body stimulating it and improves the well being and energy of the patient. These technologies where the result of man searching for the better living and enhanced the quality of life.

Today’s technology is not far from what was its origin, but because of some advancement there are significant improvements compared to the old technology. We are always evolving as our knowledge is also improving. Man has a mutual relationship with technology. Through technology, we progress and through our minds technology also improve.

There are many things that can be improved through information technology. As man searches for greater knowledge, it also seeks for bigger and larger problems that the technology could solve. Every one of us has its own contribution in the development of technology. We all know that technology helps people in their day to day living. Technology contributes knowledge and makes our day by day household task much easier to do. There are many things that technology gives to mankind. Like what I have mentioned earlier, other examples are employment, as research for bigger knowledge in technology, it also invited jobs for people. It also affects the business world where some of it are dependent on these technologies. Political issues and matters are also affected by technology. Another thing that technology bring to us is that it help us understand how thing work in the universe. Like what the first astronaut said “and a giant step for mankind”. Because of technology, man had gone places that had never been seen nor discovered.

In spite of the things that technology offers to people, there are also bad effects that technology gives. For instance, military powers are improve through technology, leading the country to be more prone to wage war to other countries, thus endangering the safety of mankind. Artificial intelligence is also one of the issues of technology; some say that robots and android will walk through the earth replacing humans. Like what other movies that I had seen where a different earth shall exist and human are one of the endangered species and android rule the earth. This maybe sound crazy but I could not stop asking my self, are these things possible in the near future? or man are just creative enough to make things that are irrelevant. Another problem that comes in improving technology is the use of any living things in the experimentation. Conservative groups are opposing and condemning these kinds of acts, like using rats and other animals for testing drugs and other chemicals. Cloning animals are also opposed by these groups; they say that only God could make life, humans like us should not do these things.

Being an IT professional there are many things that I want to contribute in the realm information technology. As what I learn in today’s environment many of these contribute on what would be my goal as an IT professional to help widen my knowledge so that I could innovate and give my part in the area of technology. There are many problems today that needs to be deal with. It is very alarming that these troubles should be given a reaction. Some of them are problems in education, food, energy, health, corruption and many more

If given a chance, I would like to improve the health care technology. Since in the earlier period, man is concern in maintaining a good health and body. Ancient artifacts are found proving that people in the past are looking ways to improve their health care. Today, where many diseases are coming out not just because of the deteriorating environment but also the careless life style of man. Health care are important more than any other things. Detection of viruses resulting to air-born and water-born diseases will be detected. A high tech gadget that could eliminate these viruses before they come contact to man. Scan and purifies the surroundings to reduce the chance of getting these illness. These devices will be given to each place so that scourge of sickness will be greatly reduce. Another thing that I want to improve in the health care technology would be a device that could heal incurable diseases like cancer and aids. A machine that examine the patient and destroy those harmful viruses that are detected through nano technology that will be injected to the patients body, a substance programmed to raze cancerous viruses.

Another technology that I want to improve is the transportation technology, from the time when cars and other forms of transportation technology were created, problems rise due to these development are not properly solved. Since in the past decade, these problems where not that severe as of today. Here in our country, different system where introduced to solved these problems. The color-coding scheme that were implemented in metro manila to reduce the number of vehicles on the street. I would like to propose a technology that would help lessen problems in the streets. Teleporting cars that would get you to your destination with out the hustle and bustle in the highways. These cars in the future also minimized the problem in road accidents. It will be implemented in the near future. A machine will be place in designates area where people mostly set off. These machine are equipped with high technology warping capability that any car that would enter the machine and set the destination will be teleported to the place selected. A further more advantage of this new transportation technology is that farmer in the province will have a greater income in their crops, for their products will have less damage and transportation time and cost will be lessen. As what I have seen nowadays, farmers are experiencing crisis due to the increase of transportation cost and other profit diminishing problems like corruption. This technology also minimized these problems.

House hold security technology will also be a good technology that can be improved. These days, there are many problems concerning in security at home. In almost all countries in the world are trying to develop house hold security technology. Accidents due to electrical fault, fire and explosions are one of the apprehensions in today’s technology. Some research shows that most of the deaths of children came from household accidents. It is very important to secure our selves and our family with these accidents especially to our children. Here in our country, where the weather is hot, houses are more prone produce fire. One other problem in house hold security technology is theft. Crooks that ransacks houses to find expensive and pricey personal belongings should bring to an end. This new technology will have features like sensor alarms incase of fire and automatically send a distress signal to the nearest police and fire department in the location. This technology offers a fire proof material and emits a fire extinguishing substance when the alarm is activated. Another quality of this new technology is the burglar proof feature. A heat and motion sensor detection that signals the nearest police post incase there are thief caught. Shots a tranquilizer to the crook disabling it for some time. Through this new house hold security technology, accidents and unwanted events maybe eliminated or at least minimized. Because home should be one of the most safe place that an individual should know.

My last proposed improvement of technology would be in energy. We all know that most technology need energy. Even in our daily life we use energy, at home; appliances like television, radio, air-condition unit and many more uses electrical energy to function. In transportation, we use fossil fuels so that our vehicles will run. But today, energy is very expensive, gasoline and diesel fuels prices are starting to get more expensive. Even the electric bills also tend to increase. Pondering to these dilemma, I address my innovation of the energy technology. There are already some technology that are answering to these problems. Like in the electric energy, it tend to get high because plantation of electric uses thermal energy and fuels. That’s why prices of electricity go up. Remedies to these problems are the use of solar energy, where the light coming from the sun are converted to electric current through the use of some devices. They catch sun’s light through a solar module and then runs through an energy converter, stores the electric current to a battery, the battery then is used to power appliances. This was also implemented in cars, where these cars run through electricity in it’s batteries, and was proven to be effective and emission of harmful carbon dioxide is zero. Truly this is a great technology, but what is there is no sunlight available?, this would be a big problem. Another solution to the energy crisis is the wind energy, they will place turbines to some places where wind is strong enough to propel the turbines to produce electricity. As the propeller rotates due to the wind, the turbines also rotates thus creating electricity so powerful it could serve as much as 10000 homes. This was already implemented in some part of America where they place their wind plants off the shores so that wind coming from the ocean passes through these machines. But what about those places where they do not have a strong wind that could power these wind plant? This could also be a problem. My proposed innovation would be a conversion of carbon dioxide in the air into electricity. A machine that collects carbon dioxide in the air process it and then convert it to electrical energy. Because every place here in the world has carbon dioxide, all of us has the chance to lessen global warming due to the over supply carbon dioxide. This innovation not only help the crisis in energy depletion but also help to reduce the effects of global warming on earth.

As IT professional, it is my duty to help people in enhancing the quality of life through technology advancements. Like what the early pioneering inventors, each and every one of us should take pride in all that we do even if it is small. Technology did not come at large but as a small idea improving and evolving until it serve its purpose to help the people. We must also remember that there are also consequences in the use of technology, bare in mind that the technology that you want to create do not harm the people however ought to help the people in their day to day living. We should use the technology wisely so utilizing its maximum potential can be achieved, and by that we can aid in the advancement of value of life. We have to embrace technology with an open mind because everything about technology is change and we must not be trapped in the old ways, thus challenging our selves to create and innovate our little own idea, for technology is all around us.
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PostSubject: Me as an IT professional!   Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:02 am

Life is indeed so beautiful that through living we could enjoy and achieve all our dreams. Many people just enjoy life as it is. They don’t seen to realize how special we are having the things we have and enjoying the happiness of living because we are living in a world full of things and stuffs. The innovation had seems to come to a point of increase. We tend to create stuffs and gadgets to compromise those works on a snap of an eye. The development of technologies is now increasing that we could only realize its existence when we are using it. Different kinds of technologies evolved that we could not even realize how useful it is in our daily activities. Really man had made his way of living through innovations. We tend to develop and innovate something new for the purpose of ourselves and others, thus giving us the opportunity to work with ease on our jobs today. From the past centuries, man is in the age of what we call Industrial age, thus having to manually work on his jobs. No computers that could automatically calculates computations. Helps us on storing files and databases, create software that would ease the jobs from storing, encoding, printing and as well as a tool for sending e-mails. Accessing websites and even communication through the chat technology is also its main help. Truly the way of storing files was through folders and sorting them on cabinets for ease access. There were so many jobs that are manually done and the time to finish is so very big that is ten times slower of compared to today’s technology.

No cellular phones that would help us in communicating with each other. Also helps us on calculations and even on creating notes. The way of communication through different places is by means of mails that were sent by the postman. That there comes a time that we could not eventually receive those mails and the time it takes is very much long.

The way of transportation at that time was also an issue since today we now have planes and railway transits that are use for fast transportation. Before the cars are not meant for public vehicles and horses and wagons are mainly used for transportation.

Today, as a well-modernized world, we are engage in an instant way of living making things so easy and at a full speed. We now have computers and internet on pair. We could easily surf on internet for news on different fields like sports, entertainment, educations and etc. We also have access to web files n an instant. Automations and calculations are easily done. We also engage in different communities enabling us to work hand on hand, share and even an easy way communication with each other was being made through networks. Computers and the internet really made a benchmark on our daily living. It makes us more productive and the nature of the work was made easier. There are so many of our software right now that are very much helpful in our jobs. Financial, banking and inventory are among the well known systems that are very much of use right now. The existence of cloud computing is also an example that truly computers and internet is engage with. Through the cloud computing, services on software were easily distributed to different cloud clients and even to internet users. This deployment was very much useful to us and now become part of our life since we are engage on computers and the internet.

The world of medicine right now are engaged on curing many kinds of illnesses and disease, thus is it good if to continue living is the main goal of ourselves. We have discovered many technologies that help us treating patients with different kinds of sickness. But on the filed of cancers, we have the inability to cure it when the stage is on the highest stage. We al know that many people had died due to cancer. And we forbid since we are unable to cure them due to the inability of our technologies. And on the field of AIDS, the inability to cure was also the reasons why there are so many people right now are dying. There were the issues that should be address in the field of the medical technologies.

Since we are engage in the world of technology, we don’t even realize the existence of electricity that serves as the main source of energy for technology to work. We use electricity for our lights like bulbs and fluorescents. We use electricity on computers, televisions, fans, rice cookers and even charging our batteries on cellular phones. Without the electricity, there maybe a world of darkness since most of all the people in the world uses electricity to power houses and establishments. Electricity really is an important entity on our lives since we are engage in the electric powered technologies. What if there would come a time that we could not produce electricity anymore? How could we handle this kind of events? Technologies today are powered by electricity, thus the loss of electricity will be the uselessness of our technologies. The past will tend to go back on how we handle our jobs having those jobs without technologies involve.

We are engage on technology innovations and not realizing how our environment is now getting so polluted. We don’t even think of how to conserve our forest and nature. Really a big part of our lives is the nature. Today, global warming had increased due to damage on our atmosphere. Ultra violet rays tend to create illnesses that could even kill us. If we want to live more then we should continue to conserve our forest and the nature itself. Then discovering and innovating technologies following the laws of the environment.

In order for us to live, we eat and drink water. But us technology innovations has further arise, many of our food technologies are now less nutritious compared to the early food we eat ad that there are many kinds of beverages are now also give us some nutrient that our body should not of need. And in order for us to live longer, food and beverages should be deal with.

Information Technology Professionals are term to those people who are engage in Information Technologies and have enough knowledge in hardware and software technologies. Nowadays there comes a time of different innovations on different areas of technology. Because of this, the world today have engage in vast developments of information technologies and the IT Professionals are one of the main factors involve in this kind of transformation.

If I were to become an Information Technology Professional, I would suggest innovations that are very useful to our daily walks in life. Those innovation that are very useful to our works, transportation, companies and even in our personal activities. We all know that today, even we are using different technologies in offices we could still prove that the there are also some jobs that technologies does not exist. Office works right now should be done involving technologies to make sure of the output that you want to obtain. Engaging technologies in our office works really make our jobs done so ease and really a big matter. Using technologies to the work but not on the sense that man could not be called as a useless person that only does nothing.

On the field of transportation, I would like to contribute on the implementation of the water powered vehicles that would really help us on transportation. Really one of the major problems today is how we transport and the cost of transportation. Many years have pass and the increase on fare have truly increased. Even there are decreased that happen, we could conclude that the cost of transportation today really increased. Many students and public workers today are really mad with the increase of transportation. Even other countries are engage with this kind of issue since the production of oil was really the main problem. We could say that the fare would be lessened and the pollution would surely be decreased.

In the field of medical technologies, I would suggest those medicines that could help cancer patients in curing. Many people had died because of cancers. I agree to the previous presenters of the future technologies idea of creating nanobots that would be injected on humans and that would help humans in curing their cancer illnesses. It would eliminate those cancer cells and transforming if t normal cells to continue humans to live more. A technology that would lead to the cure of HIV should me deal with. There should be a technology that would help humans against HIV viruses. A gadget that would easily eliminate HIV viruses when injected to humans or even a pill that should be take to cure it. If this would happen, the way of living would truly be treasured since medications are all answered. Means of living was truly changed due to cancer illnesses and HIV viruses. If we could work on this, the growth of human would really increase. Millions have died due to cancer and millions also are dying because of cancer. If I could contribute to the development of this kind of technology, then I would really be of help as an Information Technology professional. Many kinds of studies have evolved right now and the discovery is really far from the implementations. I hope that this kind of innovations really of big help to humans specially those with cancer illness.

In the field of communication, I would suggest to have technologies that enabled us to communicate with each other with the help of a cellular phones but having the no cost on sending text messages and even phone calls. With this kind of technology, our communication process would really be of ease. I agree that the communication industry will truly be mad of this but it would really of big help if this would truly become available to us.

In the field of education, the innovations of learning should be focused on creating virtual centers for students to learn in virtual reality. Having a disadvantage on this kind of technology since there is no personal interaction between the learners is an exception since learning is the main goal of the technology.

On the health area of our life, there should be a new technology that would help us on our nutrients that we should take. Food technology should be contain the necessary nutrient that we our body should need in order for us to live more.

On the environment side, I truly suggest the previous topic of Abrenica’s group since vertical farming really a technology that would help us. It would ease the jobs of our farmers and as well as the environment is fully protected. There would be enough stocks of goods and because of this the cost of living will truly decrease. And I agree to the previous post that there should be a technology that would help us in our waste disposals. A technology that would extract different waste disposals and the recycling process would next be generated in order for our waste to be lessened.

We tend to develop technologies that are electricity enabled and we should try to develop technology not to be more reliable on the electricity alone. Even when relying on the electricity, the energy to power it should be lessen to conserve more in terms of electricity.

Even as an Information Technology professional, we could make some developments that would really of big help to humans. Even an idea would really be of big help. We could create and achieve what we are planning for if continue on searching for answers on problems and issues on humans. We all are students right now and we are the one who will become the professionals someday that would really of big help to human industry. Even as a student we could also help in creating ideas and improving present technologies that we are using for.

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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:37 am

Before, when I heard of technology, all I can’t think of are cool weapons of war, laser guns, robots soldier etc. so when they ask me what I want to invent in the future, I sure answers them: “I want to make a weapon of mass destruction so that people will be afraid to create war”, this is how I think before. I really wanted to use the wonder of technology to make weapons. Because of the movies I watched in televisions, I am exposed to the technology in terms of using it in war. I believe that because of the fast changing technology, greedy countries would abuse this technology by using it to create weapons of war to conquer another country. Using the advance technology, weapons of mass destruction can easily be made, more lethal, more massive. Some of those weapons are the atomic bombs, nuclear bombs etc. which are not only lethal on its explosion, but also lethal even without a direct contact. So by making weapons that are more powerful, more destructive, maybe the leaders of a country will think twice in engaging to war. Who would like to rule a country without anyone living on it? With this, if the leaders would think that way, maybe, war can be avoided for a very long period of time. Then I realized, making way to avoid war is impossible for us human who can’t get easily satisfied on what we hold in our own two hands. We still want more to fulfill our need of power and fame, and to have those things, we are not afraid to take a risk and have a sacrifice. Even if that sacrifice are the lives of those innocent people. Even though now we are living on a peaceful world, I’m afraid that war, is still right there sleeping, waiting for someone who will wake it up. Before, war are only made by two countries at a time, now, because of the advancement of the weapons because of the technology, even one strike, multiple countries can be destroyed. So with this fear, I imagined making a barrier that can deflects any attack so that when the time comes that the war is unavoidable, there is a place that innocent lives can run to.

But then again, these kinds of technology are not the technologies we need today. We don’t need technology that answers a problem that is not even occurring. In short, we need a technology that can help us with our situation today, in this kind of time where world war is far from happening. So when I am giving the intelligence and resources to create a new technology, I would like to create something that can really be called as help, not just a technology that will help us become lazier, but something that will help us survive in this harsh world. First I would as myself, “what do we really need?”, “do we really need this?”, “can it help us become a better person or help us to become totally lazy and useless?”. This kind of questions should be answered first before making something. This can help us to focus our time, idea, and most importantly, money to a technology that can be used for a long time and not on something that just can be used for a couple days because the users realized that it is not necessary. Even though, I believe that “a nonsense, simple invention is the basis of the greatest breakthroughs in our technology”, still, aiming for a technology that makes sense is the best choice.

To continue, I would like to create a recyclable power source, because this is one of the problems of our country today, source of energy. Though we have a power company providing electricity for us, we all know that it is not properly distributed to all the islands of our country. Also, we can experience a power cutoff when something went wrong to a line even if it is far from us, and the most hurtful fact, we pay to have this energy. We pay for it over and over again, so we must use it in a proper way because we are paying for every single drop of energy. So having a recyclable power source, the energy we used can still be used in the future. So even though you waste it unconsciously, it can’t really be called a waste. An individual rechargeable power supply is also one of the things I want to make if ever I have the capacity to do so. Just like I mentioned above about the power cutoff, imagine having your own power company just lying in your own backyard. Since we can’t avoid paying for our power source because power companies need money to maintain their generators and stuff , unless we have our own power supply like a solar panel, a windmill etc of your own, why not pay it after a long time. This technology works this way, we apply for the power supply, so we need to pay the distributor, once the power inside your power supply run dry, we ask for the companies to recharge it, so we need to pay again. This is better than paying your bill monthly. We just have to pay, aside from purchasing, for recharging the power. I find it useful because we don’t have to pay monthly electric bill and we can budget our own power usage. If the power supply is not emptied for a year, you can pay your electric bill after a year.

The question is where can we get a source of energy that is cheap? We already know the answer and we are currently using it. By using the natural resources, sun, wind, heat, etc. solar power plants are one of the examples of a power supplier using the gift of nature. It uses the sun’s heat to produce electricity. I also would like to do something using this concept, a revision which maybe can become a help to utilize the real potential of the power supply, the sun. I don’t know if there already a technology or this idea is available nowadays, but I want to make a solar panel that can be placed on a higher altitude to capture the heat of the sun without the problem of a cloud covering its way. Not only it is made to capture the heat of the sun, but also, in some ways it can lessen the heat that reaches us. Because we all know that global warming is obviously occurring now. I don’t know if this kind of idea is even possible to happen, but incase there is a way to make it happen, it can really be a help for us human, and also for our planet.
So all of the technologies I mentioned above are the ones I really want to make if I have the capability to do so because it really can help us. But if I can only make one technology that can help us, I would like to make all those technology in one. Aside from the power source of our people, I would also like to focus on another fact that installs fear inside me, “Technology outbreak”. Because of the fact that technology today are booming with its breakthroughs, I feel uneasy of the possible thing to happen if it goes out of control. Let’s take this situation as an example, military scientist made a military aircraft that doesn’t require a pilot in flying. In short, it is run by AI. What if it carries a bomb that can destroy a whole country, with a simple malfunction of the AI’s logical thinking, it might drop the bomb without hesitation. I know this kind of situation is impossible to happen at seems like a nonsense one. But with this we can say that there is also a possibility a technology can be lethal to us. For another example, let’s take the nuclear plant explosion in Ukraine long time ago. They wanted to have a power that was powerful enough to power their whole country, but just because of a small leak, almost have of the country where damaged. Even if we say, our technology today is so advance that almost it is near to perfect and impossible to go wrong, it can’t still defy the rule “If it has an advantage, it also has its disadvantage”. This is not related and based on any facts: because technology is near perfect, human is not perfect, technology were made by human, using a simple mathematics, eliminating same terms “perfect” will give us “not near” . Going back to the topic, with this kind of fear, I would like to create simple software, just simple, small software, so small is can fit to a floppy disk, a software that can shutdown all the technology in this planet. I know it cannot help in improving our lives but it can help us, in a certain situation, not to ruin our lives when technology gets out of hand. Modern technology
Owes ecology An apology. ~Alan M. Eddison

We all know that the main source of our information today is the internet. We do our research on the internet, study, watch a movie do anything on the internet. Yes indeed, internet is considered heaven on earth in terms of information sharing and gathering. We need information to catch up the fast moving technology today. But not all of us can experience this heaven on earth. Because internet as we all know is not free. So If ever I would like to have a internet provider that is free of charge. But as I mentioned earlier, theirs nothing in this world that is free. Of course companies need money for the maintenance and of course for their own sake. A free internet connection would be nice for all of us. But again it is impossible, so to make this possible, I would make an internet connection, a wireless internet connection that can cater all those who needs internet. But of course theirs a restriction, data gathering and sharing are only possible, other stuff made online like gaming, entertainment are not allowed. In short, I would like to create an own internet provider, own database, own server that is different from the usual internet connection we enjoyed today.

I hope that in the near future, our technology will focus only on the things that we really do need. Because according to Mark Kennedy, “All of the biggest technological inventions created by man - the airplane, the automobile, the computer - says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness” which is in some ways true. We say, we need technology to lessen our works, because there are things that we can’t do by our strength alone, we can’t build skyscrapers and large structures without the use of technology (tell that to the people who made the pyramid, great wall of china, etc). We can make everything if we want to. it is true, that’s why we make machines by the use of our modern technology to make what we want to do. For us human, our technology today is just only a fraction of what we can really do. We won’t be satisfied until maybe a time that we can do almost everything by the use of remote control. We just sit down and relax and the rest is made by machines, even cleaning our own body. Because of technology, human lives are prolonged but became useless; also technology can shorten our lives and still make it useless. Technology will really help us, we really need it, but having to much can be no good. As John F. Kennedy says, “I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours”. It is not wrong to make something that can make our lives easier, it is not wrong that we show the world how smart you really are, the only thing that is wrong is when our technology progressed very fast, but we humans don’t. Don’t let machines do all the things for us, because we are greater than machines, remember this saying according to Elbert Hubbard,” One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.” . Just a simple observation, all of the quotation and sayings i read about technology always points to same obvious facts, "technology is making us lazy and man should be grater than the technology it made".
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PostSubject: Assignment 2   Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:13 am

Before the innovations and technologies I will clear first that being a professional of any field is not an easy as that and based for my view to myself I really do feel that I’m a professional in the field of Information Technology and not been considering myself as one of them. Because before you get yourself into a profession you must first try to master all the subjects or any kind of works. But I still believe that someday my wishes in life will come true just like this assignment that even in the words we have a chance to make ourselves become IT professionals and try to give or contribute some new and unique innovations or technologies that will give a good effect or impact to the people’s life. And after I read the assignment my mind directly come up some lots of ideas because the chance that been give to us even though is it only a future expectations in making some technologies. And this technology or innovation I thinking is still the same with the others that making a technology you must take down first the lifestyle to have some quality, good, easy and simple life but not for the purpose or result of making the people become lazy and useless because of try to depend always, because also in the end the technology we created for improving the quality of life will be the one to kill us. And I wish it will not happen in the near future.

The following technology that I will contribute or to implement if I have a chance will be in the field of medical technology, in the field of nature or environment technology and last in the transportation technology. Many of us today are been sighting up or imagining already what will be the future is, because of the futuristic movie we’ve seen, in the futuristic image of the magazine and with the peopled say with a large imagination mind just like me. In the first technology which is in the field of medical technology, I have some idea which is like with the other people that giving a possibility to make some medication that become easy, safe and painless for the patient. And one of this futuristic idea in medical technology is their will be a technology that can now detect and recognized of what kind of illness it is in your body and this can cure fast with no therapy or findings to take, others idea is some time not good with the law of nature that their will be some study and innovation that if you apply this technology you become ageless in the term of slowing your old, that you fell close to immortality, and I disagree with that because it feel like your cheating your life, your ordinary life span that give to us by the top. But for my own innovation or technology in the medical field I will invent some one of a kind of laser that has some special ray of light that can directly go through to your body with no pain will feel. And this technology can totally control with a single person by having some navigation keys that can track or find some cancers I think and can see it quickly in a holographic screen. This technology can now perform in the hologram and view it the condition of the cancer that been inside the body with no process cutting the flesh or skin that only the light of the special laser will try to wipe out the cancers, that your like in a simulation game. And this technology can execute to other place, other place in the mean of where the person can control the gadget even he/she is not in the in attendance of the patient’s body that their will be no meeting place or travel to taking in that the only thing they will do is to way in or access through internet with a camera that been place and this is a good comfort also for the people who have a critical condition to make their life convenient. Another innovation that comes up to my mind and still in the field of medical technology is some kind impossible and weird technology and I don’t know if it will possible is like a capsule with full of laser that person can rest it just like a bed. This technology can reconstruct the fractured bones and redo the sliced hands or any part of the body that exclude the part that make us alive like the heart, brain and etc. as long the person is still alive when he/she lost some body parts. That it will have some kind of laser and an incubator style that make the body parts back or restore.

For the second technology which is in the field of nature or environment technology, I will create some kind of technology which generate some new particle that will help in the global warming we experiencing right now. This innovation will try to make a new screen in the atmosphere of the earth every time the sun is flashing to our planet, that the heat of the sun will be replace into a new particle, I don’t know what kind of particle it is as long as it will generate and go to the sky where the atmosphere is and undertake the lost or skinny screen and attach the new particle to the hole so that the beam of the sun will not pass all the way through the earth. Because if this situation which is the Global Warming is not seek to serious out, in the future planet earth will become hot and polluted in water and air and for the worst thing their will be no living things like plants, trees, animals and human can manage to live in and their will be a risk that we will evacuation will made, evacuation to planet to planet. Another idea in the field of nature again is the artificial food technology. Foods in our daily life is the most important gift to us by the nature and it is the main reason were still living because food like vegetables, fruits and meat which we get in fish, cow, chicken and pig is the another factor in giving life. That’s why many people in a practical reason and make it to their first lists are trying and dreaming to eat three times a day to make his body in a good condition and have an energy in daily works. But many issue today are occurs about in food crisis that some country are been experienced this crisis because of the reason of lack of food to have because of the uncontrolled rapid population growth that the sources of food are cannot sustain or support anymore the big population, like in the place of Africa many children today are suffered in malnutrition and the worst case of it in handling the starving body is the death because of no food to eat. And this is also an issue that they try to fight the starvation by eating the mud to make their body not to be empty. But with this kind of artificial technology there will be a possibility that it can lessen or can now sustain the hungry body and battling the malnutrition. Artificial in the sense of making the food become many in the same nutrient and taste to achieve or obtain by just getting some portion of the real food. Example a slice of pork chop divided into ten pieces can now become ten pieces of a slice of pork chop that came from the divided parts, that their will some kind of technology the pieces of pork can grow or produce another one of it. So with this technology you can now serve and help the people with the food crisis we also save the nature by not getting some lots of resources, that there is a ration of one pork chop is equal to one cow. And this kind of innovation is similar to my idea with the medical technology that it can restore the fractured bones by process it with a special laser. And for the water their will be a technology that you can now turn the sea water into a distilled drinking water or even the dirty lake and river that today it can’t attempt to drink because of lots of bad bacteria. This technology will have some kind of chemical that when you pour it in to the glass of sea water or in a glass of dirty river it will separate the bad bacteria through the natural water and evaporate the dirty one in the water substances and filter it again to a new machine for totally cleansing the water.

For the last technology in the field of transportation which is also in the idea in our project proposal for the subject. That we will invent a kind of aircraft that can fly using the only the natural energy like the solar energy that get from the sun, that in our aircraft we will place on the top of the deck some solar panel for alternatives source of energy, another way of energy source is the lightning absorption that when their will be a lightning and hit the aircraft it will directly absorb the lightning and transfer it into a generator. We will also include the technology of levitation, levitation that their will be no long runway to land just to drop down an aircraft and this is the help of levitation, that the aircraft can take off and on vertically. Another thing also is we also take in amphibian technology, which the aircraft can also float in the water because of the displacement model like in a boat. So this aircraft can be use all around that it can be a personal aircraft and can try to take place the common land transportation like cars, train, bus and motor. Another technology in transportation too and this is for the people only is some kind of air tube passage way just like a typical pedestrian lane. That this kind of tube passage can replace the now ordinary pedestrian lane with still have danger when you crossed. It is a passage where the people can now go to another place end to end by go through inside the tube and their will be some air that breathe in you through another side. With this air tube passage way or lane it can minimize the risk of danger in the street and can fasten your transportation with no vehicle to use. And when no vehicle to use we can now save some energy and gasoline that always we use too. And both the technology I used in transportation technology is the reservation of our energy.

And with the all innovations or technologies that I’ve introduce in the field of medical technology, environment technology and transportation technology is so much hard to meet the terms, that there is also a factor of impossibility to accomplish or complete because of very futuristic thoughts and dreams but even though I am happy that with this text I’ve tried to become an IT professional with a good vision for the future. That all the ideas or the technology I’ve bring in can absolutely help the lifestyle of a person or the quality of life, our country and our planet by making the life easy, good, natural, and always have a feeling to live. And making a certain innovation or technologies is not easy way that theirs lot of condition and situation to think and make in order to have a perfect technology. In making our future becomes a good age in preserving our natural resources in the oil, water and land for the next generation who make also a futuristic idea. So keep moving forward!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:17 am

Let’s say that I am worthy to be called as an IT Professional, what technology or innovation that I will introduce or contribute to improve the living of many people? If I had given this wonderful chance, the following were the technology or innovation that I want to introduce or contribute into our community.

Nowadays, there were many technologies that are available to all. Maybe if I am an IT Professional now, I think it will be a very hard challenge for me to create a new technology or to innovate a new one. But as I dig deep through the Internet or World Wide Web, where information and data are very open and accessible for all people, there were many innovations that are currently on way for development. As I browse through their web sites, I am kinda inspired and amazed by the people behind this innovation. I mean, they were great and genius! They invent things to make the lives of people easier and get better. But of course, there are consequences behind these innovations. People are now getting lazier because. They mostly rely on this technology so that they can just rest down and leave the things up to the gadgets around them. Not just that, some technologies are hurting or worst, destroying our Mother Earth. And it is really really bad because in the end, it will just affect us. Especially in the issue of Global Warming, this big issue had a great impact to all of us, let’s admit it, it is because of us, it is our entire fault.

So, if I am an IT Professional and have a chance to introduce or contribute a technology or innovation to improve our life, I want it to be eco-Friendly, I want it to be as energy-saving as possible because I know that overusing of energy is one of the factor for the increasing Global Warming and I want to support the campaign for helping to less the factor that brought Global Warming to life, I want it to balance the way people live, I mean I don’t want people to be lazier than they are now. I believe that once you introduce a certain technology or innovate a new one, it should have goals that help people improve the way of living and not the other way around and it should be friendly to the environment as possible.

At the present time, people are all now into the famous and most known gadget, the mobile phones. Mobile phones or also known as cellular phones, wireless phones or cell phones are known to all people because of the convenience it brings. I got a definition from of the mobile phone from the Wikipedia: “A mobile phone is a short-range, electronic device used for mobile voice or data communication over a network of specialized base stations known as cell sites. In addition to the standard voice function of a mobile phone, telephone, current mobile phones may support many additional services, and accessories, such as SMS for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, gaming, Bluetooth, infrared, camera with video recorder and MMS for sending and receiving photos and video. Most current mobile phones connect to a cellular network of base stations (cell sites), which is in turn interconnected to the public switched telephone network.” These mobile phones are very famous to people because of the many services it can gives. Of course, these gadgets need a power to run its system, well; this is the same with cell phones. Cell phones are equipped with a battery that needs a charging every time its power drains. It gets its energy from power supply in our homes, in the office, in the school, our every where the power supply is available. Every time we charge our cell phone, of course we used energy to bring back its power. By the thought of this, I am thinking of a way that can help people to save from using energy from power supplies. It is a way where they can use the environment without hurting it but also helping it because of the less-energy consumption. Helping the environment in a way it can lessen the use of energy, because as I said, overusing of energy will just make the Global Warming worst. Well, I want to introduce a cell phone that is equipped with a special battery and a very special casing. This special casing is equipped with solar cells that can get energy from the powerful energy of the sun. The energy it gets will be then stored to the special battery. So the special battery can be used as the proxy for the normal battery that gets it energy from a power supply. In this way, energy consumption from recharging those normal batteries will be then less. It will help us contribute to the campaign of people from saving our planet form the Global warming. So how does this work? Of course, we know that the casing of the cell phones serves as its dress. So this special casing that is equipped with solar cells will also serves as the dress of our cell phones. We can just put our cell phones under the sun so that the solar cells will do its job to get energy from the sun. This special casing that is put under the heat of the sun can get the enough energy in just a small span of time to supply the need of the special battery. So that’s what I want it to be. At least we can help in a small way to save our planet because it is eco-Friendly and it is an energy-saving device. I hope one of these days, or maybe I can make this one soon (Hehe) after I am truly worthy to be called as an IT professional.

Second of what I want to introduce will, hmm, let’s say help some bikers or bicycle owners from the thieves. Well, of course we know that thieves is just everywhere, waiting for the right timing to steal things that are not theirs. Every thing that they seen that can be steal is their big chance, even small things. So, I just wanted to help bikers to secure their precious bicycles. Honestly, it’s also because I was once a victim of bicycle thieves. Let me just tell a short story about it. My mother asked me to go to the market to buy something she needed. Of course as a good daughter, (Ehem) I obliged her. I used our bike because the market in our place was somehow close, you can also walk but of course I prefer to ride in a bike to also save time. When I got to the store in the market, I placed the bike in front of the store. I was confident to place it there because it is just in front, maybe anyone can notice if someone stole it. As I was buying what my mother needs, I am not looking or watching for the bike because I am facing back to it. After a few minutes, I am through buying what I need; I was shocked that it was gone. (Sigh) So, that’s it, and enough for it. Well, I want to create a bike where it can be transform into something hand carry gadget; a bag, or attaché case look. Honestly, I somewhat read this kind but of course I don’t want to be accused of plagiarism so I will just add or change some feature. The one I read to the Internet was called a Folding Bike. From the name itself, it is a bike that can be folded. It is actually a somewhat 2 in 1 type. It can be a bicycle and when you fold the front wheel, it can be a unicycle. It is somehow like that kind. Since it is some kind of a folding bike, I want to make a bicycle, that can be folded into a bag or an attaché case-like so that it can carried by the bicycle owner. So that, he or she won’t be anxious of thinking if his or her bike was still in its place or the bike was not stolen. I want it to be light as it can be so that the owner won’t be also anxious of its weight. If again, this can be created by other, or I can make it (LOL), I’ll be very glad, because thieves won’t have the chance to steal again.

Third on the list is what I read from a Tuvie.com site. It is called a “WaTree” technology. It is a tree-look-a-like that can store water and can be used by people. It is a rain water harvester and it has a size of a big tree. People can also use its shade against the sun. The “Watree” is like an umbrella-look placed upside down that acts as a shade in the rain. The water that it gets from the rain is stored in a tank that is in the underground that can be placed on the areas that are away from the playing surface, the water that was stored can be used during the summer months though series of underground pipes. It is a practical way and a self sufficient solution in these times where water is very important. Over the last few years it has become more apparent just how susceptible our planet is to the ever changing climate. This research or design based project explores the challenges of what our community faces today and how certain strategies may be used to combat these climate changes. The aim of this project was to further develop water conservation strategies within the environment and design a device and system that would be used in the collection and storage of rain water. The Watree concept is for urban sporting rounds, like a big baseball or football stadium, and based around the idea that almost all of these reserves have buffer zones around them. A buffer zone is more common around ovals due to their shape, but can be found around tennis clubs and soccer pitches as well. A buffer zone is essentially an area of land around these sporting reserves, unused. Often they are just grassed areas or areas dotted with a few unsightly shrubs, sometimes used as car parks. These buffer zones do not provide any particular use to these sporting organizations and when rain falls, its seeps straight into the ground. So a researcher proposes using these buffer areas as location points for open air rain water collection. The Watree concept is to have a number of these points around an oval, with the collection unit to be in the centre of these buffer zone areas. The idea is for these devices to open up when it rains and create a large surface area that would then collect and funnel the rain either into storage directly beneath it, or along a pipeline to central tank storage for the ground. The water would pass through a filter accessible from outside of the Watree structure on its way to storage. This water, previously wasted, would be stored and used during summer periods to keep the sports surface in a playable condition. Combined with a playing surface converted to warm season grasses, a large storage tank would be a suitable amount of storage for weekly watering of the field over summer. In the case of a tennis club for example, smaller tanks and water collection would be required dependent on the number of grassed and clay courts. So the water that falls into the open spaces of sporting environment can be saved and can be used by people in times of need. I am very amazed by this technology because it helps people in water storage and water consumption.

So that will be the technologies that I want to contribute or to introduce in to our community to help improve or make our life better. Maybe someday, I can make one of those technologies or if not the ones I introduce, maybe the other more useful technology. Someday.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:32 pm

Embedded Computing: Sensors on Fruit Trees and other Crops

There are many technologies today worthy to be innovated to improve the quality of life, and there is also a need to invent new technologies that could also improve the quality of life. But we all know these technologies did not exist before, in the past. The world before was simple and peaceful. Technologies existed because of revolutions, wars or cold wars, if not because of dissatisfaction or other matters. In relation to this matter, I remembered that my high school Biology teacher once said that plants don't need abundant or great amount of water to grow thoroughly instead, even a tiny drop could supplement their need but it depends on the type of the plant being catered.

In the near future when I become one of the IT professionals, I am expected to invent technologies to upgrade the state of the society but for me those kinds of technologies would somehow lead to great mass destruction if not controlled by the creators/inventors themselves. Aside from that reason, many scientists nowadays are trying to help lessen global warming by inventing things to promote green computing. Before I came to realize with what to invent or reinvent, I thought of a lot of technologies that would somehow be useful in today’s fashion like solar batteries for cell phones. I also thought of solar-powered cable cars but I guess it would involve some destruction to the nature, though I know it could help lessen the usage of oil. Because many scientists promote green computing, I would also like to promote green computing by choosing Embedded Computing: Sensors on Plants for innovation. I have read this article in a newspaper and this article was written by Peter Wayne. Unfortunately, I cut out this article from the newspaper so I could not name the newspaper anymore from where I have picked up the idea for this technology. I also read about many applications of sensors to other technologies but I guess applying sensors to agriculture is a new thing. “When nature is much abundant before well, not today!”

Most problems encountered by our farmers nowadays are irrigation systems and pests control. They could not get enough supply of water for their fruit trees and other crops unless rainy seasons would be constant. But it is impossible for that to happen especially when sunny seasons often occur in our country. But another problem arises when stormy seasons hit our country because the plants are destroyed, especially, root crops. When there is abundant supply of water farmers are not able to estimate the correct measure only needed by the plants so the water supply is just wasted then time comes they don’t have the supply anymore. When it comes to pest control farmers used a lot of pesticides to eliminate pests in which most pesticides are not very effective and may cost too much. In return, farmers waste a lot of money and more possibly decreases their yields.

Avi Lulu, the chief executive of Phytech which is an Israeli Company, said that by using the sensors placed on fruit trees and other crops would reduce irrigation cost while increasing yields. One sensor monitors tiny changes in stem diameter, while another tracks size and growth of fruit. These sensors work by measuring the soil moisture then the sensors would send message to the farmers when the soil gets too dry already. The farmers would know that water is enough when the sensors send a thank-you note.

I would like to reinvent this technology by adding up a feature to it. When the sensor only detects enough water irrigation it would be better for it to, also, detect enough application of pesticides. Although there are many benefits to the use of pesticides, there are also drawbacks, such as potential toxicity to humans. It is obvious that too much application of pesticides to fruit trees and other crops would already be harmful to the plants, most likely and again, to our health so there is really a need to control it but not eliminate its usage. Pesticides also can save our farmers money by preventing crop losses to other insects and pests but it needs to be moderated. When farmers get four-fold return on money they spend on pesticides, much more when they are going to control its usage. Others said that pesticides are poison and I do agree with this statement, and that is why this innovation could really help our farmers. There is also a pesticide scare issue about farmers who worked with it but when its usage is moderated maybe I could slowly eliminate this issue. As I mentioned earlier, farmers spend a lot of money for pesticides which is not good. This feature rather than measuring water irrigation it would measure enough level of pesticides on fruit trees and other crops. The sensor would sense the level of pesticide applied by the farmer to their plants. If the plants received the required amount of pesticides applied, the sensor would then signal a red light to the farmer so he would be aware that the pesticide has already reached the maximum level.

Specifically, my innovation is a tiny computer that informs the farmer about the amount of pesticide that the plants contain. It is a small circuit-like sensor where one needs a specialized microscope to view the device. With its micro components installed you would not directly notice the sensor itself. Changes happening to plants could be easily recognized by the farmers since sensors send signals which could be read by an observer or an instrument. Considering that the sensor is tiny it would be able to signal a powerful light in a distance to make a warning to the farmer. It also has the capability to resist water and other chemicals, and too much heat from the green house. Aside from the thank-you note that the sensor would send when water is enough, an additional innovation like light is added to the device. Red light signals an excess of heat received by the plant, blue light signals an excess of water plus the thank-you note, and Green light signals an excess of pesticides and growth enhancers. The sensor is designed to have a lifetime that could be used for years of farming. When the device reached its maximum period of time, it would automatically explode bearing a sound to warn the farmer about its condition and is then replaced with a new one. But the explosion is not to be worried of because it would just be a minor one, meaning, it would not cause any destruction, even a little destruction, to the plant. Of course, on harvest time the sensors are manually removed by the farmers. These tiny computers are embedded on fruit trees and other crops, and this we call embedded computing because we embed or implant the sensors on fruit trees and other crops without harming the plants. With the help of this innovation, a quality and healthy plants are made.

To address the problem with storms destroying the plants, I believe that incorporating some inventions would greatly help our farmers. It is when in vertical farming we apply the embedded computing. Through this, farmers need not to worry with floods or heavy rains destroying their crops, and irrigation system could be appropriately applied here. But I believe that incorporating these great ideas does not defeat the purpose of my innovation because I know that fruit trees and other crops need some growth enhancers in order for them to grow well. In fact, when plants grow well it is expected to cause an increase in yields. As pesticides need to be controlled might as well with growth enhancers to properly moderate the plants’ in-takes.

My innovation with sensors would somehow help lessen global warming because pesticides and other chemical supplements for plants like growth enhancers contribute to too much pollution nowadays that is too much risk to our health. Also, it would greatly help our farmers because, again, they need not to apply too much pesticide and some enhancers to fruit trees and other crops. It only means that they would be able to cut high costs of such, thus, it would improve the quality of their lives, and a new technology was introduced to them at least they are not so left behind about technologies.

As a conclusion, I would like to state other advantages to this innovation. By organic farming, synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides are somewhat band but pesticide makers need not to worry about eliminating pesticide usage because it is now possible to just moderate it through the use of sensors.

To make these all happen I suggest, first, that the government would provide these sensors to our farmers for nothing and would just take a little percentage from the farmers’ returns after several months of harvest. Secondly, the government must start a project about vertical farming at least one structure for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao for a good start. Thirdly, the government must, of course, orient our farmers to this new technology because we know that if not all, maybe most of them are new to this technology. But I really hope this would not lead to another corruption because these ideas aim to improve our farmers’ quality of life not theirs.

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Anthony E. Catamora


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PostSubject: Assignment 2   Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:13 pm

Since from the start of my consciousness and awareness of this world, I usually think what are those more than great things in this world that lie ahead in the future and what is it like to be shoe of other people. This is just the way how I anticipate things ahead which I have not yet experienced and encountered before. It is also good to anticipate what is like to be experienced the situation of other people. What if I was on his or her situation, what and how should I act about it? As much as possible I always keep my self sensitive to the feelings of other people especially when it comes to my family and friends. Family and studies have been my greatest priority in my life since the maturity within my self has been evolved by mind and heart. During my elementary days, I am very seldom in studying my lessons everyday and I put much took my attention to playing and strolling with friends since my mother was very busy with her work and father was died during my early entrance to elementary school.

Getting entered to high school was quite different since it is a private school and it was an environment of teenage lives where adolescence stage was starting to develop. Since from then, I became serious and focus on my studies. Getting high grades was completely a self rewarding on my part as striving for it and also a self gaining confidence as part of my personal growth. All these things that I have mentioned have established influence and relevance to my personal growth mentally, spiritually and physically as well especially with my endeavors in college as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) student.

Since in my high school days until now, I am very determined to pursue what has been started specifically in taking my course. I am not genetically bright or intelligent one but I am not a passive yet I have the endurance within my self to strive hard, be focus, and take all the responsibilities in school, community, and home seriously within the limit of my very best capabilities mentally and physically. Maybe sometimes I could not help my self to compare my academic performance in high school because I get used to think about getting higher grades among the other classmates just vie for for academic award that awaits at the end of the school year. However, I am trying me best to do my duties in school with all my best that I can. As time gone by, I have realized all by myself that studying far with my family and living far in my own home are very hard in such a away that they become great factors that affect my motivation to put more push on my academic performances. Normally, everything that is part of my responsibilities as student I take it seriously and diligently.

Anything that I have learned in school in both technical and moral aspect as much as I can I put them and sink them in my mind and heart. Taking this course has brought me unexpected events in my studies and greater realizations in and outside of school. At first, I do not know the right and exact description of this course and all I know is this is about computer manipulations such as programming. Eventually, I understand what is this course is all about and how this makes difference among other computer related courses. Upon deeper understanding this course, this gives more reasons and strong motivation to strive hard with studies and to be more responsible son, student, and sooner a IT Professional.

Pondering about my self worthy to be called as an IT professional is such a hard way to do because after all my past behaviors during my past school days and I still have the long way to run reaching that point. Information Technology has wide scope specifications of work in computing and technology. For sure, hopefully by the mercy and grace of God, not later than one year from now I may think worthy about my self to be called as IT professional. I do believe that being IT professional is knowing about what is right in your chosen field and you know what your are doing. Professionalism must possess an ideal of maturity in his works and actions in his endeavors in fields of Information Technology.

Sooner or later I may become an IT professional. I would like to develop a technology that would help to improve the quality of life of the Filipinos. This technology will be called a mechanical rice producer. This technology will feature its ability to produce rice without using the land through mechanical technology. It only aims to strengthen the supply of rice in the country and to support the needs of Filipino farmers in times of unexpected and expected calamities that may encounter the country throughout the year. This technology will be an environmental friendly in such a way that it only need to run through the use of energy from sunlight and water. Since the most of the people of this country is suffering with hunger in food especially those people in the below poverty line. Scarcity in food of poor people right now must have a continuous means in addressing the problem as many people are suffering with higher price of food especially the rice. Being sooner an IT professional I would like bring out the means of acquiring enough and sustainable rice production in the country. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of our Government has to make move with this. Major initiative from the ICT government has great effect in imposing competitions among private and public sectors or industries in developing new innovations and researches and developments in aiming to address the main problems of the country that create a wretched life style of many poor Filipino. This mechanical rice producer technology if ever will be developed in the near future will contribute a great impact to the improvement of quality of life of the Filipinos especially those in a very poor area. The supply of rice in the country will fully occupy the whole area in the country when both land farming and rice producer technology are at hand in sustaining the needs of the country.

One another technology that I would like to introduce that will help to improve the quality of life of many Filipino is electric conserver chip technology. This technology aims to help all the industries that are greatly dependent of using the electricity as well as every home, schools, establishments, and all other bodies that use electricity in monitoring the usage of electricity of all the technologies that have been using. It will also help the flow of the electricity of all the appliance, industrial, agrarian, and other body of technologies in the world that can be seen anywhere from home to school to office and everywhere technology is used to minimize where the performance of the used technologies such as appliances will not be compromised instead it would help them to perform well and maintain their durability This technology will look like an ordinary chip yet very useful in conserving the energy of the mother earth. If this technology will be develop and possible to implement in the future, this will be a great contributor in reducing the Global warming which everyone in the world not only in the Philippines. Alarming air pollution in the country will eventually minimize as this technology goes through the industry in public and private parties. Through this, our country will accommodate many local and foreign tourrists and most especially gaint investors from different countries in the world. Thus, great opportunities for many Filipinos will be offered and reaped such as numerous employments, business, and etc. that will help to improve the lives of many Filipino people. The whole Information and Communication of Technology (ICT) industries will be the one in the future to implement this including me assuming that I will be part in the ICT industry of tomorrow.

The last technology that I would like to contribute that will be going part of the improvement of the quality of life of many Filipino is about air turbine absorber technology. This technology also envisions to minimize the increasing air pollution in the country and in the world. This will look like an ordinary speaker box but it has also its own distinctness. This technology will be placed regularly outside the buildings with in the community where polluted air will be encountered. This technology will have an built-in mechanical device inside that will the one to absorbe the polluted air and it will eject the clean air of it ( cleansing of air) and convert it into mechanical energy that will also the technology to run. It is like a cycle of energy, from heat energy to mechanical energy vice versa. This technology is also a environmental friendly and will be very useful in creating a cool environment in the world and bringing back the balance of climate in the world. In effect of this technology to the lives of the Filipino is very significant. It will create a harmonious and cozy environment to everyone in the country especially those people in the large city where they will live in a none polluted air environment. Again, this technology can offer more tourism in the country and offers invitations to more foreign tourists. This will now open more employments to more people especially those who need it the most.

Information technology in the world has becoming more dominant over the years when it comes to management of manpower and business operations. As a becoming IT professional, I should first initiate on my ideas about the useful technology in the future that will be able to address the existing issues and concern in local and in the world concerning the environmental and economical issues that may the norms of people in the world. In terms to environmental issues, everyone in the world is concerned because the whole world will be affected in times of crisis and calamities. The evolution of technology in the world is the number one factor in damaging the balance of the earth which exhibits air pollution, water pollution, and other environmental and human toxic that lead to increasing Global warming. This is because the technology that has been offered to us is not being used properly and it is being taken more for granted and relying the most out of it.

Going back to the subject of this topic, being worthy to be called as IT professional needs more time and efforts to prove what I have got in this field of work. As IT professional, we must possess the ideal of professionalism such as attaining the standards and characteristics of the profession held. As a potential IT professional, I am starting my self as I am studying and learning to explore the things that I don’t attain and achieve in attending classes because the scope of Information Technology is very wide from technology, computing, computer software such designing, prototyping and interfacing, and system management such as retrieving, storing, processing, and transmitting of information using the knowledge in networking. As part of being worthy to be called IT professional, I must also initiate an ideal technology in the present and even more in the future that will accommodate the inhibition of the people about the future aiming to improve the quality of life in the world especially those people from third world country need the technology the most. A technology that will not bring the people in the wrong way instead lead them including me and us to more progressive life which everyone will become more productive and better person, son, daughter, student, and a citizen in the country. IT professionalism is the biggest collaborator of greater and useful technology in the present and to the future where IT professionals are greater medium of success of technology in the future.
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Mary Jade P. Damondamon


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:05 pm

rsgamboa wrote:
Think about yourself worthy to be called as IT professional, what innovations/technologies would you introduce/contribute to improve the quality of life. (minimum 2000 words)

If i think about myself worthy to be called an IT professional, i would like to introduce a technology that could kill an invisible bad bacteria that are found in our kitchen and bathrooms with just one click...

if you want to read more pls. do visit my blog... click the red text bellow
Arrow My Dream Innovation: Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner
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Clenemae G. Galgao


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PostSubject: Assignment 2   Sun Dec 07, 2008 10:11 pm

Honestly, I don't even think myself to become an IT professional as I graduated my high school degree. I don’t know truly what I want to do someday in my life and one way or another I don’t even trying to think about it. I don't even taking a glimpse of what lies ahead in my life and what humans have brought through in this world. And I don’t even know what a virtual world is all about. In the first place, this course was not my choice because I don’t understand what it is, as I take my first step-on to this course I really don’t know what it’s all about, what will be the things I will learn, and what will be the responsibility and obligation in taking up this kind of degree but as times goes by I merely appreciate this course because I learned things that is unusual to me, it amaze me, and until I learned to love it.

Being an IT professional, I really appreciate the things they have been doing, there knowledge about this, the technology, area where truly broaden and very useful in any field of work and specialties. Their ability where truly inspiring and amusement really step on myself. They do and create programs, develop database systems, continuous development of the virtual world where their where use as a tool to help the people use their time in a high-speed work, lessen manually work, creates leisure, give much fun and entertain, building an easiest ways to live life. But somehow because of their skills and intelligence and ability in the field which one way or another turn their thoughts desperately they build things for their own that may cause harm to people and the society they belong. Like use their skills and wisdom to build devices and gadgets that threaten the lives of their own mates.

Now, over the past decades we, people, we’re fully aware of the existence of our lives and in our daily living, we are always searching for something different and new. And as the time continue to roll-on many improvement has been developed and discovered. In these days innovation of technology where very massive and those where made in order to enhanced what the world has given and what the environment were looking for, of course all these things were up to the ability of the people who were concerned the work of others. As we noticed all the things that bring into being were build for the better work of mankind. Like the computer which have advanced, and helpful features like they helped us remember, calculate, organize, or even clarify things. As the rapid changes of technology where persistently going on it will become more advanced.

Many technology have been introduced to aid life in one way to another, the existence of it were evolving from simple to complicated word. Nowadays, technology where involved in the different fields, like technology where involve or used in the field of education, where it helps students or even teachers to find immediate answers to complex problems. Where also students use the virtual world to easily search for information needed it can be used as a library where we can search on anything, a book, an article, a journal, a new paper, or even materials to assist visualize the thought a student or a person to be understand clearly. By using the technology, the quality of teaching of the teachers is high and more productive and comprehensive. The other is for employment, many companies have taken all the possible resources using technology to make their work faster, efficient, and produce a lot of their products spending a little span of time. It gives better work and convenient for the employees or workers. Then it is also spread in the field of entertainment, many devices have been introduce to entertain people and give more fun spending their time in the virtual world. And through the community where even the natural world we are living where they are trying to upgrade it into a better one, more progressive, more convenient, more high-tech which humans live in a world where everything are more appropriate and easy. And through that the existence of it today is huge, continuous and we can’t deny the fact that it is unrestrained and it is vastly upgrading. But as it immensely upgrading to help the people around in their means of living, it is on the contrary that the world, our mother nature where enormously taking the effect of what mankind productively producing nowadays.

As an IT professional, being conscious on the infinite growing of technology where somehow where heading us to find more ways what we can do about it and on the other side we will also be conscious on the effect of the productivity of a particular technology. We used to create somehow things like these and that we don’t fully understand the effect on what we are developing and as what I’ve seen in the world right now developer where not fully aware about that. We must bear in mind that if we’re going to do something we must consider the both side or be sensitive on all side or all the every possible things that will happen if we introduce such things. What will be the benefits and effects when we introduced some technology in the society. The existence of technology where made to bring humans life easier and better but on the other side it help human life existence quick living in this world. As the one who will create and pursue things to help the quality of life for the people around me and for the community I should consider the innovation of technology which concern of taking good care of the mother nature and its resources. Which represents the primarily source of our lives as human and nurture us to continue living in this world. We can’t live life forever and to live it long we seek things to help us remain at least long as we can to enjoy life to the extent that we are satisfied. Many issues have been taking seriously on our place now like the continuous situation about global warming, as we notice today the condition of the earth where somehow at risk, as human we knew that but we are not that totally aware of it. Global warming is one of the greatest threats to the long term survival of human here on earth. If the continuous situation of global warming will not stop or least lessens the situation not just our mother earth were at risk also including ourselves, we humans are also affected by the effects of it like the recent changing of the climate which affect our body that bring us on some disease, it will also cause to the improper cycle of the ecosystem, which help maintain the cycle of life. Also it may lead to greenhouse effects where will cause the changes of climate like it is becoming warmer in most days and it seemed that it will make the world tried out. Also the earth now cannot fully protect its property from things coming from the outer space because the one that is protecting the earth to the things that falling from above will not come directly to destroy the earth is also been affected, which we called the ozone layer. That’s why the earth is warmer these days because now, it cannot fully support the rays coming from the sun which contribute the drastic changes of the climate. The other is overused of resources like energy, water, and fuel, people sometimes mistreated the resources that will help our lives more at risk, the unsatisfactory behavior of people around. Some is the pollution made by human itself whether in the air or in the water, people throw there garbage anywhere, incorrect placement of trash coming from factories which cooperate to continue destroy the earth’s atmosphere that helping humans to maintain and live where cautions are not presented and created, and the other one is the too much released of carbon dioxide around the world because of burning things that may help increase the level of the temperature that will cause more heat and end-up to global warming, and many others which slowly affecting nature.

To maintain the cycle of the earth and its property, at least to help lessen the pain that our mother earth’s feeling right now, maybe the technology that I will be introducing when I will become one of the IT professionals will be all about protecting the nature and it’s resources. Innovation is not for modernization itself, it’s been established for the better ways of living life, to enjoy it but how can we enjoy it if we’re gone because of the effects that we get from it. How can we continuously develop things if where helping our self to lessen others life or even our life. Maybe we should think first, not once but as many as we can in order to find ways not to harm the primarily source of life.

Some example technology that will help the several issues our environment is facing right now is the one we had discussed about, the vertical farming, by developing it, in some way it will help to prevent the further deforestation of the environment, desertification, and other encroachment on nature. It really completely deal to lessen the global warming on earth, where less chemicals where being use in order to lessen the natures pollution, capable to plant and grow varieties of foods like vegetables, crops for the people, and it can lessen to cause pollution on by means of transportation, from transferring plants or crops from one place to another, also it can reduce or eliminate using more machine which contribute coming out some polluted air coming from the machines. It reduces the conflict about using fully the natural resources which is water and the other. It will create sustainable environment toward the rural areas, it will aid to back the old and green scenario of environment from the past, continuous development of nature will definitely increase, the cycle of the ecosystem will now be back in place, its functions and services will return as like before.

All the possible technology devices that we will create, produce, and build for the future will be helpful and beneficial, but we will be considerate not just to people or humans like us but also to the other living things that surrounds us. As we become aware of, innovation of technology are at its strong foundation these days, nowadays people are really subjected to increasingly more diverse and complex influences coming from the society. Because of that we must all be ready to understand as the innovation continues, compromise, and to change our ways in everything that is happening, and put in mind that everything was created with every purpose held on it. And also we must always bear in mind that those technologies being created and presented where made by the people like us.

Now, majority of the people are already hooked up on the beliefs of technology or the machines generation which it leave the people’s feeling confused about their values and priorities. Sometimes because of the fast changing environment there will exist some problems and difficulties but it is unfortunate that when huge changes where required, instead of beginning the process, many people prefer to deny the problem. And because of that people will failing to appreciate that there are sometimes that we need to make some movements for our body and sometimes sacrifice things and they fail to understand the truly meaning of life.

In order to make our lives more productive and convenient and as an inventor, creator, or producer our self must learn to act accountable in every step we takes, we must learn to value everything and it’s up to every individual if he/she will going to waste it or make it better. We can live life one’s.
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Nate Jordan Castillo

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PostSubject: assignment 2   Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:15 pm

Being an Information Technology student and a future IT professional i would like to create something in the future probably a software application that will solve or lessen the problems that we are facing now. Technology today, as we know it, provides us almost all the convenience that we need, from communication, transportation, entertainment and many more. Today the world is really moving at a very fast phase and this is due to the interconnection of different systems. Sometimes we might say that this interconnection is a little bit too much. We can not deny the fact that these interconnections really help us a lot in terms of saving energy, time and effort. Because of these advantages somehow it cloak the dangers and problems that were created or should i say embedded with the creation of these different technologies.
According to Temple Information here are the top 6 issues right now on the internet which what I consider one of the technologies that brought many problems with it.
“Censorship & Freedom of Speech: The Internet raises issues of censorship and freedom of speech. Should governments or other institutions be able to censor the content available on the Internet or does this interfere with an individual's rights? With people from different countries and of all ages on the Internet, should there be consideration of what is appropriate for everyone?”

Since internet is flooded with too much information it brings forth debates about its contents which I think will never be resolved due to different moral issues.

“Global Communities: The Internet has enabled cheap, fast communications on a global scale, forming communities with radically new boundaries. Some people use email, chat and discussion lists to talk with people they may never have met. How will the online community deal with spamming, flaming and unwanted solicitations?”

Internet has been a virtual world for many of us but somehow these feature can be easily abused and create problems.

“Internet Business: The Internet is one of the newest and fastest growing markets. Advertising, electronic commerce, online banking and online gambling have raised debate about the future economy. How are businesses evolving to target the online community and to meet the demands of new technologies? “

“Laws & Regulations: The Internet has forced us to examine how our laws apply in cyberspace. With more people of all ages on the Internet it is inevitable that some information may be inappropriate for certain people. Parents consider filtering software; governments debate laws about online pornography; artists and Web designers consider digital copyright. What should be regulated on the Internet?”

There are too many different innovations in the internet today and somehow law enforcement could not steadily keep up with the developments on the web.
“New Trends: People use TVs to surf the Web, Web cameras to glimpse into other people's lives, the Internet for long distance calls. These technologies will radically change the way we live. Sports statistics and stock quotes are all accessible on the Internet. Some sites will even tailor their information to meet your interests. Will it be a better future or a science fiction nightmare?”

The internet maybe a possible technology killer in terms of dominating communication industry and leading to the fall of many companies.

Security & Privacy: Hacking into corporate networks and the spread of computer viruses has risen proportionally with the increase in Internet use. Some information is "shared" unexpectedly as email messages are forwarded to people you may not intend. Is there privacy in an online world? What kind of information is safe to share over the Internet?
This has been the most talked about issue in the internet. There is no assurance that we can 100% protect ourselves because of the interconnection brought by the internet.

There are a lot of technology out there but what technology do you think brought a lot of advantages and at the same time many problems? For me personally i think its non other than the internet. Internet, who does not use the internet? These technologies seem to be a must today and for the future. Almost all the thing today can be found on the internet. Its like a virtual mall, library, and entertainment center. But with the creation of the internet many problems were amplified some off them were piracy and exploitation. Because of the internet we can say that any form of piracy that can be done through the internet is almost unstoppable. There are many anti-piracy law out there but it seems to be useless when it comes to internet piracy maybe this is because anyone can access the internet almost everywhere even outdoors, thanks to wireless internet technology. This gives internet pirate’s confidence in what they are doing. Somehow the internet is providing them there much needed cover. And much worst is that most of these stuff are free.

These are some statements from RIAA's (2001), "Recent Study Illustrates Internet Piracy's Impact on Music Market"

WASHINGTON-The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced today that the
number of units shipped domestically from record companies to retail outlets and special markets
music clubs and mail order) fell 10.3 percent in 2001.

Specifically, total U.S. shipments dropped from 1.08 billion units shipped in 2000 to 968.58 million in
2001-a 10.3 percent decrease. The dollar value of all music product shipments decreased from $14.3
billion in 2000 to $13.7 billion in 2001-a 4.1 percent decrease, according to figures released today by
the RIAA.

"This past year was a difficult year in the recording industry, and there is no simple explanation for
the decrease in sales. The economy was slow and 9/11 interrupted the fourth quarter plans, but, a
large factor contributing to the decrease in overall shipments last year is online piracy and
CD-burning," said Hilary Rosen, President and CEO of the RIAA. "When 23 percent of surveyed music
consumers say they are not buying more music because they are downloading or copying their music
for free, we cannot ignore the impact on the marketplace."

Judging from the figures it is easy to say that many people are loosing money because of this. And it also affects the economy. But it is not just the economy that is suffering. People who have sensitive videos in the internet are exposed to the public. Thus damaging there reputation and image permanently. Much more because of the speed offered by the internet these videos spread very fast.

For these reason I would like to contribute something like a anti-pirate software or should i say a internet browser plug-in. Since it is hard, if not impossible, to compare files to other files during download this will just record the url and filename of the site from which the file is being downloaded and send the information to different screening boards. The concept is to create several screening boards, which consist of many people, maybe one for a specific field like a music screening board for music files, a video board for video files, etc. The screening board will be the ones to check the contents of the file. They will be the one to judge if the file is copyrighted or not. If they found out that the file is illegally shared then it will send a request to the website to remove the file. The plug-in will be the to send the download details to the screening boards. It may or may not provide detail about the computer which downloaded the file depending on privacy issues. if in the future it is possible to compare different files then it is possible to make the screening automated.
Another innovation which I would like to make is an innovation in the field of communication. We all know that since the birth of the internet there has been the issue of spamming. Spamming posses a little threat to most of us but to others this means lost of income. E-mail spamming is the most common form or spamming we know. This results to memory consumptions and free advertisements. Free doesn’t always sound good. The abuse of e-mail messaging can cause others fortune. Since advertisement is the most important way of getting money in the internet many people are affected. Another problem which is linked to spamming is spywares. E-mails can be infected with malwares and viruses which can lead to access on your computer files. Now, how common are these spam emails? According to FrontBridge Technologies 82-90% of e-mail received is spam. Meaning that 80-90% of your mailbox is a threat to your computer security. Helping stop spamming is like helping stop possible viruses from spreading and reducing trash the internet.
Another thing which I would like to create is some sort of internet sweeper. Most of the content of the internet are duplicated contents and there are contents which can be considered as useless since they are not viewed at all. Internet becomes more like a huge trash can for data because of this. If only there is a way to remove trash on the internet. If only we can identify the useless sites and remove them. By doing so this can make your searches more effective and productive than today. This can make use of page ranks or view counts as a standard for rating blogs and websites. If the websites does not pass the standard they will be given a notice about it. But since you we can not force them to remove their sites we will just inform them about that. For blogs however it may be another story. The following are parst of bloggers terms of service contract:
8. Publicity. Any use of Google's trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features ("Brand Features"), including "Blogger," "Blogger.com," "Blogspot," and "Blogspot.com," must be in compliance with this Agreement and in compliance with Google's then current Brand Features use guidelines, and any content contained or referenced therein, which may be found at the following URL: http://www.google.com/permissions/guidelines.html (or such other URL Google may provide from time to time).
“9. Representations and Warranties. You represent and warrant that (a) all of the information provided by you to Google to participate in the Service is correct and current; and (b) you have all necessary right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to perform the acts required of you hereunder.
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can send a notice to the webhost and they will be the ones who will judge the appropriate actions that must be done regarding the matter.

Blogger: Terms of service
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PostSubject: assignment 2:   Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:12 am

As of this time, I still do not know when will be the time that I will finally be called a professional IT. I still doubt my capability if I can make it till that time since my knowledge in this field is not yet enough to face the real world of IT.

Today, information technology has become very familiar and popular to us. It is because it influenced us greatly in the field of computing and technology. IT professionals developed and executed array of responsibilities and duties. It includes managing data, networking, developing and inventing new computer hardware and many others. It helps us in constructing, controlling, conversing and disseminating information in which as a whole helps us in a great way. These are the reasons that though I am having difficulties in this course, I still want to pursue it (aside from the fact that we are experiencing a critical economic crisis). I wanted to become part of this technology. I want to be one of those folks that develop and invent technology in making life much easier.

As an individual living in this world, I am aware the flaws that is caused by the technology. Though it helps us in a significant way, we can not deny that it has also caused drawbacks. As a concerned citizen, if I were to develop a new technology I would prefer that it would be in the field of re-engineering new computer hardware.

It is very obvious to us that we have come to be heavily relying on high-tech conveniences from cell phones to computers. Most of us now think that we cannot live without it…The technology are very fast evolving and more and more people are going with this flow. Because of low initial cost of new gadgets (though we are struggling in economic crisis) many can now afford to buy on what is hot in the market. The rapid technology innovation has caused so much destruction in this world rising problems around the globe.

I think most of us now are familiar with the word “high-tech trash” (since many mention it in this assignment). Let me give some additional information for the convenience of my readers.. hehe..

High-tech trash or what is popularly known as e-waste is the result of the facts that I mention above. Because gadgets too have its limited life span, time will come that it will no longer be useful to us. As a fact, people around the globe were throwing millions of quantity of high tech equipment a year. Though we are having problems with garbage, this new trash can not be treated as other ordinary trash because this kind of trash can tremendously harm our health. Countries around the world are having a landfill shortage and dealing with e-waste added tons of burdens to the government for a reason that it cannot be dispose easily. Many articles mention that this trash is usually dump or exported to the developing countries like China and India. When treated properly, it can be a source of secondary source of materials because it can be sold again. Also, there is gold and lead in it. But if it will not be treated properly, a big possibility that it can be the cause of the end of the 20th century. Author Chris Carroll (2008) mention in one article titled High-tech Trash that “future archaeologists will note at the tail of the end of 20th century, a new, noxious kind of clutter exploded across the landscape: the digital detritus that has come to be called as e-waste”.

It contains the following list of substances and element: americium, antimony, arsenic, barium, bismuth, boron, cobalt, europium, gallium, germanium, gold, indium, lithium, manganese, nickel, niobium, lithium, manganese, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, selenium, silver, tantalum, terbium and etc.

If electronic waste can be handled properly, it is a valuable source for derivative materials. Demand is strong but the risk is very dangerous. As mentioned above, the markets for electronics have expanded because of higher reuse and repair capabilities. Demand is so strong in China, India, Kenya and etc. Many developed countries transport their waste to developing countries because of lower environmental standards and working conditions.

Trends in disposing and recycling electronic waste was implemented but is banned in landfills.

According to an article, Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist and authority on managing on waste at Natural Resources Defense council that the list of substances above can cause many toxicological effects that extend from the damage of brain to diseases in kidney to mutations and cancer.

It is truly terrifying to know that it is the fastest growing element of waste stream world wide. One of these causes is that the fast changing and upgrading of companies and individuals feeling that they may need to replace their existing computers as soon as a new one is out of the market. Thinking that they need to improve more gadgets faster can make them more competitive can cause gigantic upgrades of electronic waste.

The old computers and other gadgets that we throw in the yard will hunt us later. It is very frightening to know that it is spreading all over the world. Knowing these facts is indeed a very alarming. Managing our own daily trash is very difficult. Solving the ordinary trash alone is very tough to control how much more with this upgraded trash?

I am very aware that IT has played a very important role in this current era where the technology is truly dominating. It helps in a numerous ways and as what I have said; it can also cause negative aspect. Many believe that major source of troubles and dilemma in this world is the technology .. if it is so, then I can also conclude that it can also get to the bottom of this problem (I am referring to electronic waste).

Introducing a modernize quality of hardware in the future is I think the best way to help and improve the quality of life of the people and for the betterment of the ecology. The problem of electronic waste is that it can not be decomposed therefore it could be better if the hardware composition will be re-engineered and re-designed into a new one. A modernize hardware that can be rotten is the answer to this phenomenal predicament. This new technology will revise all the components of hardware like the elements of computers, cell phones, PDA’s and the likes. It will be replaced with an organic computer. It can be decomposed and can be recycled. It may be made with proteins and other organic life since it has also acids (like amino acids) that may replace all the components of the hard wares. Many believe that one reason of massive electronic waste is due to a planned obsolescence, so maybe in the future when a customer bought a particular product, he or she will know when will those products will retire in its service in a specific date. Even if there will be a large number of electronic waste disposed every year or even everyday, it wont be a problem anymore. It would be better if we should use and consider our environment in dealing and solving a problem corresponding to the technology problems. Problems arising that links to the environment is I think can be work out if we will use natural resources in applying methods of solutions relating to this kind of problems. Maybe we should use methods and implementations back to basic.

I have read articles which I think is related to my idea and among the information I learned is that it is very possible to develop this kind of technology!! At present, many studies and projects are being done and develop in order for it to be acknowledged and realized.

This technology is what they call organic computing. According to Wikipedia.org, organic computing is “a form of biologically-inspired computing with organic properties”. It has emerged (according to this article) as a challenge for the vision of developing the future of information processing systems. It is based on the idea that will soon be surrounded with wide collected works of autonomous systems. As of today, there are a lot of studies and researches that are prioritizing this kind of technology in fact (according again to Wikipedia.org) that computer systems are already being undertaken and among the current research studies focused on areas like adapting, re configuration, emergence of new properties and self-organization. Another definition is that it is a research field that considers any specific issues can be tackled in scientific way. The idea and concepts of this study does not rely on the algorithmic division of labor but on the process of progression, advancement, and self-organization, adaptation, knowledge, instructing and goal orientation.

In the future, the basic components of computing systems and other tremendous capabilities of computing systems which contains with highly toxicological effects will be replaced with the organic materials. Since many and many problems arise related in the rapid growth of technology, adapting organic computing is inevitable because of the current condition of its environment. These new technology is very advantageous because it is adaptable, vigorous and is able to adapt the user’s needs.

If that time will come, the problem of electronic waste will come to its end. The traditional way of waste management can be applicable and can be used to all trashes that may be produced because electronic gadgets can be decomposed and can be disposed easily.

Since many research studies and projects are dedicated in this area, it is very possible that when the time comes that I will be a professional IT, who knows I will be one of those that will continue and make it to be available in the market. Knowing these facts, I am very much willing to join these studies in developing this kind of technology. I just hope that our government will support this kind of projects that is truly a benefit to each and every one of us. We should be aware and concerned of what is happening in our environment now. We know that a technology helps us in improving our life and is of great benefit to human. We are very enthusiastic in adapting new technologies but do not mind its negative effects. We should develop and help in finding solutions in any problems that will probably arise. In the mean time wherein this technologies (organic computing) are not yet fully develop, we can at least lessen the harm of electronic waste by minimizing the electronic trash we disposed.

Today, many organizations and advocacy are being organized goaling to lessen these predicament. They are very responsive with regards to movements aiming for the benefit of our mother earth. I really appreciate those that are very willing to help many environmental movements aiming to reduce and handle the downside of the new technology. I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to contribute innovation that can truly help mankind. At present, it may appear and sound too difficult for this to be realized but as long as we are aware and responsive to the current imperfection of the technology, these for sure could lead to evolution to the current innovation.


[2] http://www.hindu.com/seta/2007/03/01/stories/2007030100161700.htm

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organic_computing
[4] http://www.organic-computing.org/whatis/index.html
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Francis Anthony Itucas


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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:03 am

To be considered worthy and be called an IT Professional, I would introduce technologies that would improve the quality of life or make it easier for people to accomplish their daily routines. A way would be introducing a technology that everything would be done through computers and internet. One of which is a newer kind of online education, that ofcourse students need not to go to schools and attend their classes. But let them study at home, managing their own time, using the current technology present, like computers and internet, for their advancements. We could not deny the fact that even nursery pupils knows how to use computers and it would be taught at school. In this sense, the technology starts to be part in their daily lives.

Shall I say that having this kind of education develops the time management skills of people, specifically the students. We should take advantage of the technologies that we have now, a computer is one of the technologies we can use. Communicating to other people is easier even how far he was. Using computers today is one a way that our country would advance and cope up with the world to the fast evolution of life and technology. This kind of education would save every minute that would be spent to travel back and fort to their respective schools. It would mean that those saved minutes could be utilized to other things needed to be done.

Tardiness and/or being late in going to school and delays would be minimized if not eliminated. Our technology nowadays could be or is the fastest and most reliable in terms of facilitating messages. An analogy would be, in the past years like offices or departments would need atleast 5 employees to finish a job but today it would only require atmost 2 people because of the current technology. This is a significant event in our world. In the early years of the industrialization era, the development of technology was considered the main key of competitive advantage. Consequently, companies invested heavily in Resource and Development Projects that produced new products in every sector of the economy. Some of these products and/or technologies were still present and being enhanced to cope with the needs of the consumers. It is still present in some areas like pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies which actively searches for new genes, molecules, delivery systems and medicines; hardware manufacturers, like computer chips, are constantly refining the process of design and manufacture in the endless pursuit of greater performance and smaller size; and scientists in other fields are still searching for higher performance but with lower the cost, the twin hallmarks of innovation. For companies that are heavy users of technologies, that are needed to create new technology or product, technology itself has nevertheless become a significant domain for innovation. It is a technology-driven innovation which becomes the main concern in their competitive position just as it is in high-tech manufacturing. In this context, technology-driven innovation refers to the interplay between technology providers and technology consumers. It would address the complex innovation dynamics that emerge when they work together to bring new capabilities into reality.

Discovering and deploying useful new technologies are serious commitments for technology-driven innovation companies because of the competitive advantages that can be achieved. Managing the supply chain, managing millions of customer relationships or financial transactions, managing massively complex manufacturing sites are all critical functions that absolutely dependent on technology. As an IT professional, there are still a lot of things that I could do and/or share to everybody to enhance their knowledge and experience. Knowing that everybody needs my help because of my skills and proving them that I am unique for having skills and talent as an IT. Therefore, not only in creating systems but also sharing my talents, skills and knowledge would also be a way that I could prove that I am a worthy IT professional. Having those things in mind and doing it would make a difficult task easier specially in college years of a student. Surveying if you have the right technology that you need as well as the knowledge to use the technology denotes the ability to access and use the technology properly for productivity, advancements, enrichments and innovations. To do and accomplish all the challenges and dares that are the students facing, proper time management is necessary. College student should know how to manage time properly and how to consume time for worthy things.

The ability to manage and schedule time wisely makes college life easier. Missing important deadlines and appointments may cause difficulties and complications to both academic and social life of a student. These things can also result to guilt, anxiety, stress, frustrations and other negative feelings. Learn how to prioritize. Proriorization is one of the most important aspects of time management. Proper time management of engagements and responsibilities is very important. There were too many college students that are ignorant and do not know how to set priorities. This can often lead to procrastination. Stop being perfectionist, nothing is perfect. God is the only perfect being. When you try to be perfect, you are only setting yourself up for defeat. Many difficult and hard tasks lead to avoidance and procrastinations. Setting goal is good that are not only attainable but should also be a challenging. Trying to combine many common activities in one; when watching television, try to clean the house; when taking a shower, list in your mind the things that are needed to be done; while doing an exercise, listen to taped notes. These things can save some of your time that could have been set aside for other things. Survey your personal time. Doing so would eventually help in estimating how much time would be consumed to accomplish common activities. This would be very important if you want to manage your time properly. Do these by tracking the time you spent for a day or week. This would give you an idea on how much time you are consuming in different activities. This would also allow you to realize and identify the time wasted. It would also be better to compare it with the automated process. There is an ironic aspect to this – because technology is so pervasive, accessing it would hardly vary from place to place and because its root purpose is almost always to increase efficiency, acquisition and deployment of technology. Technology in this situation would become a commodity. Commonly available technology, includes computers, communication products, methods and operations, are all being adopted and applied globally to improve operations, lower the cost and to drive the process of commoditization deeper into all aspects of economic activity. To integrate technology into all aspects the following gaols are being taken care of:
1.to develop faculty and staff competency in technology
2.to enhance student achievement
3.to promote effective and efficient use of technology by students, faculty and staff
4.to continue to expand and support the network and technology infrastructure replacement

The automobile industry and technology are almost interwoven. Times have witnessed this industry evolve from mechanical scooters to automated aircrafts. Animals were the only modes of transport in the olden days. Technology was the driving force behind the creation and design of the modern-day automobiles. Bicycles evolved into scooters and sports bikes. The idea of having four-wheeled modes of transport gave rise to the creation of cars. Modes of air and water transport came up, thanks to technology.

Hence, having all the work at home. That would literally mean that you do not need to leave your house and family just to do something important outside. As for me, it would be just like happening nowadays; many programmers were into freelancing because they do not need to go to the office and they own their time.
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PostSubject: Re: Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)   

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Assignment 2 (Due: before December 5, 2008, 13:00hrs)
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