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 E-Commerce Module and Sked of Presentation at random

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PostSubject: E-Commerce Module and Sked of Presentation at random   Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:20 pm

Course Objectives

The specific learning objectives a student will obtain from this course are:
1.the basic elements of e-commerce
2.differences between electronic commerce and traditional commerce
3.advantages and disadvantages of using electronic commerce to conduct business activities
4.the international nature of e-commerce
5.the ways in which the growth of the Internet and WWW has stimulated the emergence of e-commerce
6.economics forces that have created a business environment that fosters electronic commerce
7.the ways by which business use value chains to identify e-commerce opportunities
8.changes in the organization of products, firms and markets
9.strategies of pricing, customization, bundling
10.implications for marketing, selling, and customer retention strategies
11.intellectual property rights
12.specific sectors: e.g., retailing, music, financial services
13.public policy implications: e.g., taxes, money, privacy

Unit I. Introduction to E-Commerce/Elements of E-Commerce

Unit II.Guide to Copyright Recognition Online

Unit III.Competitive Advantages & Disadvantages in E-Commerce

Unit IV.E-Commerce Business Models

Unit V.Online Shopping

Unit VI.E-Learning

Unit VII.Guidelines for E-Commerce Merchants

Unit VIII.Inter-organizational Transactions, Business-to-Business (B2B)

Unit IX.Mobile Commerce

Unit X.The E-Commerce Law

Unit XI.E-Government

Unit XII.E-Commerce and Business Strategy

Unit XIII.Accepting Payments Online

Unit XIV. Implementation of E-Commerce Security

Schedule of Presentation : December 11 and 12, 2008 (09:00am-05:00pm)
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E-Commerce Module and Sked of Presentation at random
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