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 MIS 2 Course Module and Sked of Presentation by Group

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PostSubject: MIS 2 Course Module and Sked of Presentation by Group   Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:49 am

Course Objectives

Information systems (ISs) play a critical role in the products’ creation, operations, decision-making, and learning of modern organizations. In the service industry, for example, almost half of all new capital investment involves information systems. The topic is therefore of considerable interest to senior IS executives, managers in all functional areas of business, and students. Understanding the strategic potential of information systems is arguably the key to obtaining significant value from information system expenditures. This has been, and will continue to be, one of the most significant challenges facing IS personnel.

The specific learning objectives a student will obtain from this course are:
1.Understanding of business success factors and the role ISs can play in shaping and/or supporting business strategies.
2.An appreciation of the fact that the benefits of information systems can only be unleashed when one understands a company’s internal strengths, the external environmental challenges, its vision, strategies, tactics and management style. This includes an understanding of the competitive environment and the competitive forces within an industry.
3.Understanding of the relationships between a company’s vision, strategy, tactics, business plan, and how the information systems plan fits in.
4.Ability to analyze where strategic use of information systems in a company can bring competitive advantage.
5.Ability to apply and develop an Information Systems Plan base on the National Computer Center (NCC) Framework.
6.Ability to compare and contrast different strategic information systems planning methodologies and specify the circumstances under which each methodology may be more useful.

Unit I. Evolution of Information Systems Planning
(Melgar John Gascal, Jaymar Melecio, Maria Teresa Abellana)

Unit II. Problems of Information Systems Planning
•Alignment of the IS Plan with the organizational plan
•Design of an information System Architecture
•Allocation of Development Resources
•Completion of Projects on time and according to budget
(Jonard Laganson, Jalil Paniambaan, Riza Eve Gador)

Unit III. Basic Four-Stage Model of Information Systems Planning
(George Dan Gil Duran, Jade Mijares, Davemar Tabanyag)

Unit IV. Strategic Information Systems Planning
•Competitive Strategy
•Customer Resource Life Cycle
•Future Perfect
•Strategic Planning Retreat
•Strategy Set transformation
•Business Systems Planning
•Critical Success Factors
•The Stages of Information System Growth
•Ends/Means Analysis
(Thomas Tangian, Ashbury Alcordo, Harley Lovitos)

Unit V. Organizational Information Requirements Analysis
•Building an Organizational Information Requirements Analysis
•Use of the Organizational Information Requirements Analysis Planning results
(Simon Ed Lusan, Robert Marvin Lee, Michelangelo Macaraeg)

Unit VI. Return of Investments
(Hanah Rhea Hernandez, Angel Mae Brua, Karren Adarna)

Unit VII. Justifying IT Investments
•The Cost-Benefit Perspective
•Management Accounting Perspective
•Financial Analysis Perspective
•Information Economics Perspective
(Kate Mariel Dizon, Ymreb Momville, John David de Peralta)

VIII.Project Planning
•Critical Path Method
•Gantt Chart
•Project Priorities and Properties
•Project Properties and Techniques
(Sheryl Caguimbaga, Cherry Ann Montejo, Mary Rossini Diamante)

IX. Guidelines for IS Planning
•Stage Assessments
•Selecting a Methodology
Mariechelle Alcoriza, Lorena Gonzales, Kristine Mae Adlaon
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PostSubject: Re: MIS 2 Course Module and Sked of Presentation by Group   Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:55 am


Why am i not on any group? .... hehehe

Pwede sa VII - Justifying investments nalang ko?
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MIS 2 Course Module and Sked of Presentation by Group
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